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List of 3 Most Common Itch In Children

What is itchiness? How does itchiness in children manifest? What are the most common itchy conditions in children? Is there a way to permanently prevent pruritus in children? What is the secret and basic information about itching to know? You should see the following article ....

Basic information you need to know about itching in children

Children's itching is the name for the type of skin rash that causes the rash or the red spots on the skin of the child. With fragile and immature skin, children are easily attacked by various types of itch. The disease appears in many organs on the body such as the face, hands, feet, neck ... When sick, children appear many red bumps on the skin causing itching, discomfort.

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List of the most common itchy children

There are many causes of pruritus in children, such as:

- Children have a weather allergy or food allergy when eating.

- Children with atopic dermatitis: children easily redness when exposed to environmental impacts such as dust, perfume, pollen ....

- Babies with tinea fungi caused by fungi on the skin.

- Children with ringworm also cause itching on the skin.

- Children are allergic to the drug when used

- Children with liver diseases such as cholestasis.

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Manifestations of pruritus children with food allergies

Rashes are often easily treated when using the medication and separating the child from the rashes. Identifying the cause of the disease will minimize the child's itchiness by preventing contact with those agents. The rash usually does not endanger children. Babies often present with itching and crying due to itching on the skin.

Top 3 common pruritus diseases in children

There are many causes for a baby's rash, including some common itches in the child. May be mentioned as:

Atopic dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis, also known as atopic eczema, is a very common skin itch problem in children. Manifestations of the disease are small blisters on the skin, concentrated on the face and arms. These blisters cause itching, when scratching easily breaks, watery and spread the disease. The disease is easily confused with other skin diseases, so it is necessary to conduct timely examination and treatment.

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Allergic itching caused by atopic dermatitis for children

Topical medications can be used to limit the spread of acne and moisturize the skin with the right products. Keeping your body clean is also one of the ways to limit this disease. The disease is easily cured completely and may recur in some children.

Allergy to food

Each child brings on a different basis. Some children are allergic to seafood, some are allergic to pollen, honey, etc. Therefore, food allergies can be encountered in infants who are breastfed or have been able to eat by themselves. The mother's ingestion of allergy-causing products, secreted into milk and leads to allergy in the nursing infant. All foods can cause allergies depending on the location of each child.

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Is itchy for children with food allergies?

Symptoms of the disease are after eating foods that the body is allergic, children appear more red, itchy rash. More severe may include abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, etc.

In addition to the fact that a child is born with an allergy to certain foods, there is a case of cross allergy between different foods. If your child has frequent allergies, take him or her to health facilities for advice and appropriate diet changes.

However, it should be noted that not all children have food allergies. There are children who can eat all kinds of foods without allergy or body reaction. On the contrary, there are children who are allergic to a lot of foods. The only way to find out about this problem is that parents need to pay attention to the food in their child's diet.

Acute urticaria

Urticaria is the name for that irritating, itchy illness on the child's body. The urticaria often appears dense and quickly disappears within a few hours. When present, urticaria causes itching and discomfort in children. If your child has long-lasting urticaria, it is necessary to examine the cause for timely treatment.

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How harmful itchy and acute urticaria children are

Posts List of 3 Most Common Itch In Children has provided you with the most basic information about the most common pruritus conditions in children. This is also the knowledge that parents need to master, and you can learn more articles to share information about disease in children by DamiLama. Parents need to be equipped with more information to prepare luggage to keep their children better.


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