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Prevention, Treatment: 05 Kinds of Dental Disease In Children

What are the most common dental diseases in children? And do parents know that their child has dental disease? Maybe yes but more is not it? So, you can read the article below to understand the manifestation, prevention and treatment of the 5 most common childhood dental diseases.

How to Prevent, Treat: 05 Kinds of Dental Disease in Children 1 2020

What is the common dental disease in children?

5 types of oral disease in children

Mouth ulcers

This is a very common disease in all people, children often encounter very uncomfortable with children. These are painful lesions in the oral and throat mucosa that are painful and very uncomfortable when a child eats, talks or moves. When children eat hot, cold food with stimulants, they become more painful at the ulcers and surrounding blood congestion. This disease can go away on its own but often repeats.

The reason is that a small mouth injury is caused by children brushing their teeth too much, eating spicy, acidic foods, and biting accidents; severe intestinal disorders; weakened immune system ...

Prevention, Treatment: 05 Kinds of Dental Disease in Children 2 2020

Oral thrush

Tinea is in the mouth of children with white patches appear on the tongue and red sores on the lips, on the roof of the mouth, mucous membranes of the mouth. When a thrush develops, a child may feel burning in the mouth or throat and can cause bad breath.

Children with this disease are caused by external factors or a weakened immune system, such as taking antibiotics for a long time; taking corticosteroids; urinary tract infections…

Gingivitis, periodontitis of children

Manifestations of the disease are inflammation around the teeth, damage around the teeth and atrophy of the teeth ... When infected gingivitis, the baby's gums become swollen red, easy to bleed, especially when the baby brushing will easily leave bloodstains on the bristles. The disease can turn into inflammation around the teeth if left long. In addition, if not treated properly, the bones and ligaments around the teeth are gradually destroyed and can lead to tooth loss in children.

Children's caries and tooth enamel wear

This is the most common disease today, the manifestation of the disease is tooth decay, tooth enamel wear. This is due to the destruction of the calcified crystalline structure of tooth enamel and dentin, creating a bacterial gap that results in pulpitis causing pain and possibly fever.

Prevention, Treatment: 05 Kinds of Dental Disease in Children 3 2020

Children teeth grow slowly slowly

Children up to 6, 7 years old will begin replacing permanent teeth with permanent teeth. However, there are some babies when the baby teeth are gone but after a while they still do not see the growth of permanent teeth. The time to replace a child depends on many factors such as: the characteristics of each tooth and the position of the tooth. Usually, tooth replacement time in children only takes from a few weeks to 1-2 months. If after 4-5 months you still do not see permanent teeth appear, you should take your child to the doctor to know the shortage of permanent tooth germ and estimate the size of permanent teeth in the future.

How to treat and prevent oral disease in children

Daily oral hygiene: show children how to take proper oral care by brushing their teeth 2-3 times a day, especially in the morning and before bedtime. This is essential in the prevention and treatment of dental disease.

Take care of children with proper nutrition: they should provide enough nutrients for their bodies to stay healthy and good components for teeth such as vitamin C, B12, and calcium. Offer plenty of green vegetables and fruits, easy-to-digest foods and dishes that will not cause a fever, ulcers and dental damage.

Teach children to give up bad habits for their teeth such as restricting their intake of sweets such as soft drinks, sweets and cakes, especially in the evening before bedtime.

Periodic dental examinations for children: 20% of dental diseases will be prevented if you have a habit of scheduling and periodic dental examinations in dentistry. Periodic dental examinations for children is encouraged every 6 months.

How to Prevent, Treat: 05 Types of Oral Disease in Children 4 2020

Should see a doctor when?

Usually, mouth ulcers usually go away on their own, but if the ulcer is healing for a long time, it may be a problem to have your child see a doctor. For diseases of gingivitis, oral thrush, tooth erosion, you should take your child to see a dentist for timely treatment to prevent possible worse conditions.

So here you have finished the article about the list The child's most common oral dental disease, as well as the symptoms, the appropriate precautions and treatment Best. Make your child's oral health the most important and the most common children's illnesses. Because of the well-being of the whole child, the child can develop normally and progress further, higher in the intellect and instinct of life.

Parents prepare yourself for the knowledge disease in children It's good to give you a good health.


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