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Memorize 6 Basic Information About Tongue Fungus In Children

Tongue Disease In Children: Concepts, Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment And Prevention

Tongue disease in children is one of the fairly common pathologies in our country. When children have thrush, they often feel uncomfortable and stop eating and stopping because of burning pain. To help ease the pain and make your child feel better, today, we will share basic information about this disease for mothers to refer.

Tongue Disease In Children: Concepts, Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment And Prevention

Tongue Disease In Children: Concepts, Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment And Prevention
Fungal tongue disease in children causes babies to stop eating and fuss

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A brief introduction about thrush in children

This is a condition known as oral thrush and thrush. Candida albicans is caused by excessive accumulation of oral mucosa. Mesh mushrooms are not contagious and can be treated with antifungal medication. This disease not only appears in children but also adults and the elderly.

The cause of thrush in children

Normally, when children are healthy, they will often have a good immune system, so they can repel pathogens effectively. However, because of the changing weather that makes babies sick and the immune system weakening, this will increase the number of Candida albicans in the oral mucosa.

This can lead to fungal tongue disease in children and make them feel uncomfortable due to burning pain. In addition to the cause of the reduced immune system Mycosis also because they use antibiotics for a long time, oral hygiene is not clean ... Therefore, parents should guide their children how to properly clean their teeth to help them eliminate the causative agent of fungal tongue disease.

Address the most effective treatment for thrush in children
The main cause of thrush in children is the increase in the number of Candida albicans in the oral mucosa

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The common symptoms of thrush in children

When a child has thrush, it will initially appear dark red spots, after a while will turn white. These spots usually appear in clusters and stick to the tongue. Parents can get a piece of cotton to wipe these white spots and know this is Mycosis or not?

When a child scratches, the mucous membrane of the tongue will become red, bleed slightly and he will feel uncomfortable. Fungal tongue disease will make children anorexia, fussy, agitated and sleepless. If we do not take the baby to a doctor for timely treatment, they can spread to the mucosa of the throat and then to the lungs and affect the airways.

Diagnosis of thrush in children

The doctor can guess Mycosis by checking your baby's mouth. From there observed white cream lesions on the tongue, palate, gums ...

Gently brush the swollen area in the baby's mouth and see mild bleeding. The doctor may also perform a damaged cell test to determine the cause of thrush in the child and provide timely treatment.

Information on where to treat Tongue Fever in Children or in Ho Chi Minh City
The doctor will diagnose mycosis through an oral examination

How to cure fungal tongue disease in children effectively

Children can successfully get rid of mycosis when using anti-fungal medications. These drugs come in the form of powder, gel, cream, water ... with the main ingredient is the active ingredient that prevents the fungus from growing. This helps the baby quickly repel the pathogen and feel more comfortable.

However, these antifungal drugs often come with the following side effects: nausea, diarrhea, dizziness ... Experts advise mothers when children with tongue fungus should take to the nearest health center to be Otolaryngologist examines and prescribes medication.

Absolutely not arbitrarily buy drugs, whether topical or oral because it can cause Mycosis heavier. In addition, mothers also need to apply the right medicine to the baby's condition quickly improved.

Accordingly, for infants, please wrap the gauze at the tip of your fingers and then put the medication on the child's tongue twice a day. As for preschool children, elementary school children should tongue tongue four times a day. Guarantee after 1 week, your baby will feel more comfortable, more comfortable and more delicious.

List of Doctors specialized in treating Tongue Fever in Children
Children should be taken to the hospital when they show signs of fungal tongue disease

Some notes that mothers should know when taking care of children with thrush

  • Apply anti-love medicine to your baby regularly according to the doctor's instructions to help the condition of fungal tongue disease significantly improved.
  • Mother should wash her hands clean before applying medicine to the baby
  • Teach your baby how to practice oral hygiene properly
  • Make sure your baby is provided with 4 groups of nutrients to increase resistance and fight mycosis.
  • Do not kiss the baby's mouth and clean the bottle with hot water.
  • Wash your baby's toys every day and dry them in the sun.

Above have shared 6 basic things mom should know about Mycosis. Thereby, this is a disease that will make babies anorexia, stop feeding and have no good sleep. Therefore, moms should set a habit of clean oral hygiene to prevent this fungal tongue disease.

This article has provided an overview of childhood mycosis, and other children's diseases you can see more general information below:


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