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Healthy Cow - Lightly Chamed With Licking Mineral Stone Rose

Formed from 100% from nature, rich in minerals, Himalaya pink mineral rock is a kind of lush mineral suitable for cows to use to supplement trace minerals, especially in the condition of being captive with food of plant origin so often lacking in minerals.

Why with Rose Gold Turtles Beef Cow lighter and healthier?

What is pink mineral lick?

Stone licks mineral pink was pink rock salt made into products stone licked For buffaloes, cows and goats. In analyzing 15 specimens of Himalayan salt rocks traded in Germany by the consumer protection agency called Bayerisches Landesamt für Gesundheit und Lebensmittelsicherheit, scientists discovered 84 minerals with merits. Good for human health. These include 1.2% Sulfur, 0.4% Calcium, 0.35% Potassium, 0.16% Magnesium and 80 other essential trace minerals.

Similar to humans, cows throughout their growing life, they also need these minerals for the metabolism to develop, for meat, milk, ... And because of that, the Himalayan pink mineral rock is into one of the most suitable, safe mineral supplements for licks.

Pink mineral licks provide minerals for the health of cattle

Salt rock - Rose mineral licks are one of the most effective mineral supplements for cattle

Accordingly, each type of mineral will promote the ability to take care of the body completely different.

Iron: This substance plays an important role in the animal's body, because it is necessary to make bonds in the Heme complexes of Hemoglobin and Myoglobin to help form blood, bind to cell membranes, nucleic acids ...

At the same time, iron is also an important component of many enzymes in the immune system to fight bacteria and support the conversion of Beta carotene into Vitamin A to create Collagene to link cells together, produce proteins to help cows grow faster.

Stone lush mineral pink really good or not

Like humans, cows also need a variety of minerals for their growth. Therefore, the product of lush mineral stone is a good product

Calcium: Calcium provides 36 - 39% for the development of bones and teeth, enhances nerve function, muscle contraction and blood clotting, maintains a balanced Acid Base in the animal body. In addition it also helps catalyze biological reactions, creating favorable conditions for development and reproduction.

If cows are in the reproductive period, then calcium supplementation becomes an extremely important need to build a fast skeleton, raise healthy babies with abundant calcium milk.

Phosphorus: If calcium is mentioned, it is impossible not to mention phosphorus, this is also the mineral that contributes 17 - 19% for bone development. When most of the process of converting Carotene into Vitamin A to provide energy for cell activity, Phosphorus is involved.

Therefore, animals will reduce growth; will be rickets, soft bones, spongy bones, leg pain, stiffness, difficulty walking; decreased appetite; reproductive disorders, ... if this mineral deficiency is missing in the daily diet.

Sodium and Chlorine: The cow will not be fat, won't produce much milk if it doesn't eat well and has poor absorption of nutrients. Therefore, the addition of Sodium and Chlorine becomes necessary for cows to have less appetite, but better absorption of nutrients, while also stabilizing respiration, stabilizing heart rate to stay healthy.

Manganese: Starch, Protein and fats can only perform a successful metabolism to strengthen bones, produce more milk in the presence of Manganese. However, there are very few ingredients in green vegetables, it requires you to add as a form for cows to lick rock minerals.

Ps: The above is a shared article about some information about lush rocks that you may need to know. The article is based on analysis from the theory of nutrients and minerals needed to know the body of buffaloes, cows, goats, etc.

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