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Ganoderma Forest And All The Information Need To Know

Ganoderma - Specifically, the article is here DamiLama will talk about reishi forest, find out specific information about Ganoderma forest to give people the most general, most standard concept of reishi mushroom chi, don't wait any longer with DamiLama will get to the point and find out?

What is Ganoderma?

Always like all posts DamiLama shared about the concept will always be mentioned first in a specific thing, event, product, because understanding the concept so that we can understand the nature of the problem will be easier.

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In simple terms Ganoderma forest was Ganoderma grows deep in old forests, and is determined by their texture, pattern and color. This may be the most easily understood concept. But if more and more then Ganoderma forest is a fungus whose scientific name is Ganoderma Lucidum and other names such as: Longevity mushrooms, Tien Thao, Van should Trung, ... Considered by the ancients and considered as a high-class medicinal herb.

In terms of structure Ganoderma forest or all kinds Ganoderma otherwise, there are two main components: mushroom fan shape fan and mushroom called mushroom. The difference is mostly in the pattern on the mushroom cap, Ganoderma forest there are veins on the mushroom cap running from concentric to the outside and the color from turmeric to dark reddish brown, and the mushroom roll is virtually devoid of branching.

What is Ganoderma

Not like the kind Ganoderma is cultivated for now Ganoderma forest Very rare major. And also Ganoderma grows in the woods but can be in the hundreds Ganoderma to get a mushroom verse Ganoderma. Ganoderma mushrooms are their favorite place to grow and grow in decaying trees deep in the old woods and next to it will have high humidity, with a lot of surrounding light.

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Ganoderma Vietnam Natural Uses How?

Ganoderma forest There are many good uses for health, fostering and fostering for human health. And below will be listed List of top uses Ganoderma natural forest for everyone to reference offline.

Useful information about Ganoderma

+ Use Ganoderma natural forest when the body is weak, anorexia, hair loss or slow growth, used in beautifying the skin for women, poor digestion, .... Especially good for pre-menopausal women. As it will relieve the symptoms, premenopausal syndrome is very uncomfortable for women.

+ Reduce the index Cholesterol, help users use air conditioners to be stable blood pressure.

+ Use Ganoderma forest regularly against lead poisoning, unwanted heavy metals, help the body detoxify and cool the liver, anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory.

+ Helping the user body to improve the whole body, improve the immune system, health for people with cancer, people with diabetes in all stages and HIV, prevent and inhibit cancer cells letters.

+ In beauty, it is effective to beautify the skin, anti-aging, make the skin ruddy, healthier, anti-obesity with the death of using Ganoderma properly, help regulate the menstruation okay more determined, against external allergies skin, acne problems. (See also: How To Prevent Skin Aging With Pink Salt)

+ Along with that Use Ganoderma forest Works very well in specific diseases of the liver, cardiovascular system, and musculoskeletal.

+ For the elderly Ganoderma forest There are also other great uses that help increase hearing and memory, support vestibule and improve and help limit the night urination of the elderly.

Ganoderma forest price

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How To Use Ganoderma Forest

Ganoderma in general and Ganoderma forest In particular, the use can be divided into two, that is used to cook drinking water and used to cook dishes.

+ Ganoderma Forest Boiling Water:

Use 5 to 10 g Ganoderma and color with water, take water to drink every day and can eat the residue (because in the residue there are still active ingredients but this is up to each user, can eat Ganoderma residues or not)

Note More Effective Use: Best use of Ganoderma forest That is in the morning, on an empty stomach, when needed should drink more water to increase the use of Ganoderma because the body's toxins will be eliminated more. Ganoderma is bitter and soft, so it is easier to use then cooked with sweet grass, licorice or jujube.

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Ganoderma Wine Natural Forest - Alcohol Tonic

+ Ganoderma alcohol natural forest work to help people with physical depression improve health, help people with mental breakdown more stable and effective in menstrual insomnia.

Uses of Ganoderma how forest

+ The processing Ganoderma liquor natural forest:


+ Ganoderma is a natural forest, so it is very dry, can be sliced or left intact.

+ 10 great apples + 20 red apples + Longan and 2 liters of fine glutinous rice (If you want to soak for a long time, you should soak more wine and increase all of the above ingredients)


+ All ingredients are washed and dried in a shady place, also called basking. Put all of the ingredients in a glass jar, then make glutinous and beautiful wine. The jar of wine will be kept in a cool place but not directly exposed to sunlight. Alcohol soaked after 7 days can be used.

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Lingzhi Soup Natural Forest

The way to cook this soup is quite simple, we use it Ganoderma sliced forest and cook soup with meat or stew with bone, season to taste.

Lingzhi soup work to improve the health of the sick, new people get up and improve the health of ordinary people. Because this is a nutritious food, it should not be eaten continuously, once a week, eat once or twice a day and healthy people should only eat once a day.

Lingzhi Mushroom Soup With Ginseng and Goji Tree

+ The effect of this soup is to reduce and relieve attacks caused by liver and kidney disease. It also works to help the spirit to be lighter, more comfortable and less tired.

Ganoderma effects should know forest

+ Processing method Lingzhi soup:

Materials to prepare:

• 4 only Ganoderma natural forest - This is definitely an indispensable ingredient in this dish.

• 3 ginseng ginseng - Ginseng ginseng has the effect of helping to strengthen the body on gas, strengthen the immune system, thereby improving the body of the patient.

• 4 Red apples - Red apples have a nutritional effect on the liver and help keep the circulatory system healthy.

• 3 Sentence of Zi Zi - Qiu Zi Zi effect tonic determination, sedation, complement the kidney. 

• 1 Amount of Longan with 0.5 kg of lean meat

Cooking Method:

Rinse the lean meat, then boil it and allow it to cool. Put all the other ingredients that have been cleaned and combine with the meat in a clay pot, then catch on a hot pot for 2 to 3 hours to eat it. Eat corpses and drink water.

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Tea (tea) Ganoderma Red Apple Forest

To make this tea (tea), you need to prepare 4 grams of natural Ganoderma, 5 apples, 3 grams of licorice, 4 grams of dried tea (tea) and add in it without missing sugar and alum.

The method is quite simple, like all the above ingredients, prepared in a pot with boiling water to cool and for about 10 minutes, you can drink, then the substances in the ingredients are sufficiently secreted and dissolved. mixed into the nau to create an extremely great flavor. This is a different type of Ganoderma drink daily for relief from boredom, rather than using Ganoderma to inhibit the taste of water.

Chicken Stewed With Lingzhi Natural Forest

This reishi mushroom stew should be used for the debilitating symptoms of postpartum women, frail elderly, low-lactating babies and newly ill-healthed people who need to recover quickly to continue their work and study. episode.

In this dish, we will be able to prepare in two recipes or we can call two different items as follows:

Formula 1:

+ Ganoderma is chopped and prepared about 15 grams

+ 01 young rooster has been cleaned (note the entire heart is not taken), purple onions, beds and spices used to taste such as seasoning powder, pepper, salt, sugar, ....

The recipe of this recipe has two stages:

Stage 1 is to use raw chicken and 1/2 of the ingredients in a pot of water and boil, along with that, the remaining half of the raw material will be softly cooked.

Stage 2, after the chicken is cooked, remove the chicken and put it in the pot of water and steam half of the remaining half of the remaining ingredients and pour the chicken broth and then continue to simmer until the chicken is tender.

After completion, divided into 2 parts, using 2 meals a day

Formula 2:

This recipe we will do with the evil chicken is prepared 1 chicken, Ganoderma is crushed to 15 grams, then put in the chicken's breast and start putting in a bowl to keep the water, when the water in the chicken can be keep in a bowl, should taste the chicken when cooked, eat and drink with water. This recipe is simple, less cooking and more prepared. The important thing is to find and buy delicious fresh chicken.

Lean Meat Soup And Lingzhi Mushroom, Dien That

This soup is suitable for people who suffer from severe spasms, anxiety anxiety to sedate, effectively stop bleeding. Cure the insomnia and dreaming, help foster blood.


The ingredients to prepare for cooking include: 5 ginseng party only, 4 red apples, 300 grams of meat, 1 reishi forest, 4 slices of fresh bed and 2 only fill.

The chicken is cleaned and boiled to bring to cool to cut slices. Lean meat is washed and boiled briefly to drain blood. Other ingredients are sliced. After preparation, bring all the ingredients into a clay pot and then start the stove to simmer for 2 to 3 hours, after cooking, remember to taste and taste before eating.

Che Linh Chi Natural Forest - Quail Eggs

This dish has the effect of nourishing beauty, beautifying ruddy skin, contributing to reducing wrinkles and toning the blood, so it should be used regularly.


The ingredients are prepared to make these dishes: Ganoderma 1 quantity, 12 quail eggs, 20 red apples and card sugar to make the sweet easy to eat.

Method of processing the egg is boiled and then peeled. At the same time, all the ingredients are washed and put into an earthen pot, add 8 cups of water and then cook for 1 hour on medium heat, neither too big nor too small. When used to add sugar, should eat when the tea is still warm.

Lingzhi Mushroom Soup With Forest

Crab Soup Ganoderma is effective Very good nutritional supplement, health improvement is number 1.


Materials to prepare: Ganoderma, 1 liter of clean water, snow mushrooms, pepper, 2 egg yolks get yolk, crab meat 200 grams, finely chopped cilantro, 1 tablespoon cornstarch to make match.

Start cooking, you need to prepare all kinds of meat, then marinate the crab meat, beat the eggs, sliced Ganoderma and mushrooms are amazing, boil the water and add the ingredients, ingredients and cook until cooked, then. whip the beaten egg and add it to the cornstarch mixture. Tasting and using it while it's still warm is the best.

Ganoderma Mushrooms With Braised Pork

The ingredients needed to make this dish include minced meat, mushroom, purple onion, Ganoderma, seasoning, sugar, pepper, cooking oil, and coriander.

Processing we prepare and marinate lean meat with pepper ingredients, seasoning seeds to infuse spices into the meat, straw mushrooms are cleaned and split in half, Ganoderma wash to drain. Fry the aromatic onion with oil, then stir fry the meat and add the mushrooms to fry. Then cooked then add 1 liter of water and boil until boiling, then season to taste to taste can turn off the stove.

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