Feng Shui Stone is one of rocks used in the sense of spirituality and belief - Asians in general always respect the spiritual life, they believe that feng shui can bring prosperity, health, fame and fortune.

Feng Shui Stone How Many Types?

What is Feng Shui Stone? How is Feng Shui stone used? Himalayan Salt Rock
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What is feng shui stone? Why must choose the fateful stone?

Feng Shui Stone How Many Types? 1 2020
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♦ Feng shui stone, simply understand that the rocks contain positive energy, have the ability to change fortune, bring prosperity to the homeowner.

♦ Feng shui stone There are many types like: Tiger eye stone, quartz stone, volcanic stone, agate stone, jade, hazelnut, rock salt ... These rocks are often pure and contain a lot of energy.

♦ Feng shui stone usually chosen by fate, can be made into jewelry or feng shui items such as retirement, statues, orbs, lamps ... to take with you or set up in your home, office.

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The popular feng shui stone

Feng Shui Stone How Many Types? 2 2020
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◊ Quartz stone

Quartz stone is a gemstone which has undergone a process of formation for millions of years, attracts strong positive energy, has the effect of changing the air transport, combating bad energy.

Quartz Very diverse in colors: pink, yellow, purple, blue, smoke brings a lot of fortune for homeowners.

Feng Shui Stone How Many Types? 3 2020

◊ Jade stone

Gemstone is considered a symbol of good fortune, limited risks, and enhanced health and fortune.

This stone is often manipulated a lot into the shape of a buddha, as a symbol of peace and health for the homeowner.

Feng Shui Stone How Many Types? 4 2020

◊ Agate stone

Agate stone is considered a lucky gift because it has the ability to absorb bad energy and bring peace to the homeowners.

In addition, it is a symbol of health and longevity.

Feng Shui Stone How Many Types? 5 2020

Himal Himalayan rock salt

Himalaya rock is a layer of sediment accumulated for millions of years at the foot of the majestic Himalayas, covered with snow all year round.

Nestled in the pure environment, absorbing the strong energy of nature, brings you inside 84 types of resistance Useful, when heating rocks have the ability to eliminate toxins, bring a healthy living environment.

It is this factor that will help rock salt become the most popular feng shui items in the present. And this article is also the last stone in the list of feng shui rocks to introduce you in this article.

Today, the purchase feng shui stone becomes very easy, but to play the stone function, we must study the appropriate stone layout.

If you choose jewelry gems, you should choose the stones of the same color or match your destiny.

If selected feng shui stone For housing, you should pay close attention to the destiny, the direction of the house, the office ... to choose the appropriate shape and type of stone.

Feng Shui Stone How Many Types? 6 2020

The phon Thuy stone used to make bracelets

The arrangement Feng Shui Should not be too greedy, if you put too many large rocks in the same position can cause disturbance of the air field, making the body tired, even counterproductive.

Feng Shui living room, feng shui office, even the bedroom, if properly arranged will bring health, happiness and merit to the fortune ...

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Some general definitions of Feng Shui Stone types:

Definitions and Benefits Feng Shui Stone According To The Newspapers

Feng shui stoneThe simplest understanding is that rocks can increase the owner 's temperament.

Help the owner meet a lot of luck. And benefits of all types feng shui stone When made into jewelry, they bring about special uses and benefits for the wearer, such as helping to increase prosperity, prosperous business, increase reputation, fortune in the home, health. good, nice family ...

Feng shui stoneThe simplest understanding is that rocks can increase the owner 's temperament.

However, to get the ability to feng shui magic that must be precious and semi-precious stones, not any kind of stone. The most popular feng shui stones on the market today can be mentioned as quartz stone, tiger eye stone, agate stone, jade, hazelnut, Hematite stone ... 


Feng Shui Stone How Many Types? 7 2020

Uses Himalayan Rock Salt

Contact Damilama - Himalayan rock salt You will be advised on the best use and usage of rock salt.

Feng Shui Stone How Many Types? 8 2020

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