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Himalayan Pink Salt Rock: The Savior of chronic insomnia!

Himalayan Pink Salt Rock: The Savior of chronic insomnia!

After a long day at work, a good, deep sleep is the way the body recovers energy. But not everyone can sleep as soon as they put their back on the bed. Trouble sleeping, not sleeping deeply, staying up late at night is the shortest path to chronic insomnia. Prolonged condition not only makes the body tired but also creates many difficult complications.

Himalayan Pink Salt Rock: The Savior of chronic insomnia! 1 2020

Numbers you know ... to speak

The statistics from a recent World Health Organization (WTO) survey show that they are coming 27% People with this type of sleep disorder 25,916 patients were asked in 14 countries with 15 health facilities. Which in the US accounted for 32%, in the UK have 10 -14%, Japan is 20%, in France has to 30%.

Vietnam is not inferior, when recently a statistics also showed that up to 33% population suffer from insomnia with many symptoms. Of which, up to 18% are not satisfied with sleep, 15% is sleepy during the day and up to 30% is insomnia due to mental instability.

The numbers are alarming! What is the cause and what will be an effective solution to treat this "nightmare of night"?

How to Support Chronic Insomnia Treatment For Adults

Do not abuse drugs ... Need to know the cause

Fatigue and depression caused by chronic insomnia led many people to sedate Benzodiazepines as a treatment. But they do not know that the drug can only cure the tops, easily create side effects when used long term, cause addiction and make users dependent on the drug.

As recommended by many health experts, insomnia, especially chronic insomnia, needs to be treated radically. In the course of treatment, you should not abuse modern medicine but rather prioritize natural-based therapies and appropriate diet and sleep.

The body's lack of substance, the imbalance of yin and yang, unhealthy organs, poor circulation of blood, stress, etc. are often thought to be the causes of insomnia. Therefore, need to consider insomnia because where to choose the corresponding treatment.

Supporting Chronic Insomnia With the Himalayan Salt Stone Method

Combination therapy

1. / Lack of trace elements

Lack of substance is the common condition of many people who lead a busy life. The work takes them too much time and does not pay much attention to the diet they consume every day. Lack of micronutrients in the body is very easy to happen.

For example, magnesium is an important neurotransmitter that creates a sense of relaxation and comfort for the body. If the lack of ability to sleep constantly at night is very high, because the amount of magnesium in the body often decreases at night.

Ways to improve: The addition of magnesium-rich foods as well as trace amounts in daily diets is essential. If there is not much time to calculate these micronutrients in foods, then the use of Himalayan pink salt crystals containing up to 84 essential micronutrients such as seasoning spices will also help a lot.

2. / Stress

Himalayan Pink Salt Rock: The Savior of chronic insomnia! 2 2020

Stress always causes the nervous system to operate continuously, tired and without rest. And the more tense, the body can not sleep. That's the cause of many sleepless nights.

Way to improve: The best way to treat stress to balance sleep is to get a good rest, exercise, adjust a diet high in Vitamins, etc. Also let your body relax more with steam treatments. , massage with nature like with Himalayan rock salt.

3. / Blood circulation is poor

Impaired blood circulation function makes transportation of oxygen and nutrients to organs inflexible, especially to the brain, causing headaches, dizziness, restlessness, etc. .

Way to improve: If you suffer from insomnia regularly because of the above signs, you should exercise, build a healthy diet, massage and sauna with Himalayan rock salt periodically is also a useful therapy to improve the situation.

Massaging with Himalayan pink salt stone will soothe tense muscles and help transport oxygen to them. While the sauna heat dilates the peripheral blood vessels, helping the blood to move faster and softer, helping the body recover from its balance.

4. / Yin and Yang imbalance

Dust from industrial production, the magnetic field generated from technological equipment such as computers, printers, phones, etc. are major factors that make many people's bodies imbalance of yin and yang cause serious insomnia. Because positive ions generate a lot from these activities, negative ions are easily lost in enclosed rooms, lacking trees and dusty places.

Way to improve: To absorb more negative ions, let your body relax. If you have time, the tourism in places with pure natural environment such as waterfalls, forests, beaches, ... is very good.

When the time is too narrow, the use of stone lights Himalayan salt put in the office and the bedroom will be a great solution. Contains many trace minerals, when heated to the right temperature, ancient Himalayan rock salt will produce many negative ions, absorb positive ions, return the fresh air, have a great effect to improve the loss. to sleep.

No treatment what consequences?

According to a study done at the University of Bristol, it has been shown that people who are sleep deprived of 30 minutes a day and make up on weekends are at risk of obesity and other diseases up to 72%.

While another study conducted in China showed that people who have insomnia often have a risk of cardiovascular disease up to 11%. Because insomnia the body needs more insulin to maintain normal blood sugar, but it has a negative effect on the heart.

Stress causes many people to lose sleep, if not treated, prolonged sleep deprivation will force the body to produce more Cortisol hormone stresses get worse and can lead to depression.

More frightening, recently published research at Marche Polytechnic University In Italy, sleep deprivation causes brain cells to erode synapses and Alzheimer's disease easily forms.

So treat insomnia right after budding with natural remedies like with Himalayan mineral rock, to keep the body healthy, away from disease.

Some Himalayan salt rock products of Damilama can support the treatment of chronic insomnia such as:

In addition, our health care department will provide free concierge services. Please contact us when needed.

I wish you a healthy life!


Himalayan Pink Salt Rock: The Savior of chronic insomnia! 3 2020

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