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Secret of Soothing Cracked Heel With Pink Salt

Secret of Soothing Cracked Heel With Pink Salt

Cracked heels not only disrupt the aesthetic but also cause pain, hindering movement or labor. So what is the cause of this phenomenon? And how to heal, help you regain heels pink lotus?

Cracked Heel - Treatment of Himalayan Pink Salt Stone

Heel plays an important role in balancing and helping us to walk normally, participate in life activities. For women, this department also contributes to the beauty and elegance. If unfortunately occur on the injury skin heel and activities are not only hindered but also aesthetically affected.

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Cracked heels is the phenomenon of the skin of the heel area losing the softness and elasticity leading to the appearance of stretch marks, peeling skin. If these cracks are exposed to lots of water, chemicals or when the weather is suddenly cold, it can cause further cracking, even bleeding and extremely painful.

Cause cracked heels

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As mentioned above, the heel is responsible for the weight of the body, so the heel area and the cushion under the skin have a special structure than other skin areas. However, due to frequent contact with hard surfaces or movement in “harsh” conditions, the heel may be damaged. Among these, the most common is the phenomenon of peeling, cracking heel skin.

Cracked heels can occur in men and women of different ages. The causes are also quite diverse, both subjective and objective.

Exfoliating Method

About subjective reasons

  •   GCracked feet appear when our bodies are dehydrated frequently, dry skin does not have the moisture it needs to maintain elasticity in the heel area.
  •   Women who wear high heels for long periods of time, or men who wear shoes that are too tight, will rub the skin, which in the long run will cause cracks or scratches.
  •   Exposure to water and harsh cleaning chemicals are often cited as the main causes of inflamed heel skin.
  •   The bare feet stand long on the floor, the ground or not kill death celk The heel skin in the long run will facilitate the growth of bacteria, which can affect the heel area, causing inflammation or chapping.

About objective causes

  •   People who are obese or pregnant will increase the pressure on the heel area because of the extra weight. This phenomenon causes the fat layer under the heel to be stretched to the sides, if the skin does not have elasticity, it will easily crack.
  •   In many cases of people with conditions such as hypothyroidism, Psoriasis, eczema, atopic or diabetic dermatitis, decreased ability to regenerate epidermal cells, impaired skin elasticity resulting in cracked heels

Normal cracked heels make us very sore and uncomfortable, when the weather suddenly changes (especially when the weather is dry), the situation gets worse, making life's activities much more affected.

The Reason You Must Exfoliate Your Heel

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How to treat and prevent heel fractures?

To keep the skin of the heel area smooth, you must first make sure to stay hydrated. Thus, the new body is cooling, adequate moisture to all skin areas. Eating lots of green vegetables and fruits will help the body absorb vitamins A and C to help the epidermal cells get the necessary elasticity.

In addition, we should not wear shoes that are too tight because this both makes blood circulation difficult, and also makes the secret of bacteria under the skin to grow, causing damage to the skin of the feet. If you often wear high heels, prepare cotton slippers or massage plastic to relax your feet at home. Regular exfoliating of the heel skin and applying special moisturizers can help protect the skin effectively.

Dead cells are the outermost layer of skin, on average there are about 20 skin layers (skin cells) depending on the skin area of the body. These cells flake off often during desquamation. This skin is the residence (parked) of sweat glands and sebaceous glands.

Source: Wikipedia

Pink salt Himalaya - effectively moisturizes and soothes cracks

The reason pink salt is recommended as a therapy for the heel area is because it has the ability to nourish, prevent and prevent heel chapping.

Every night before bed, you can mix a little pureed pink salt in warm water and soak your feet. With more than 84 essential minerals and gentle antiseptic ability, pink salt water will soften skin, kill bacteria, help skin more smooth, ruddy.

About 1 to 2 weeks, we should use pink salt to exfoliate the heel skin. Just mix fine salt and fresh milk and apply to the heel, wait about 15 minutes and then rinse. This method will help knock away the old epidermis layer, return smooth pink lotus heel.

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In case you are cracked heel "miserable", gently place your feet on rock salt massage and adjust the appropriate heat. The heat will help diffuse the ions and minerals from the salt, thereby effectively absorbing through the subcutaneous layer. Rock salt massage It will soothe cracks, replenish minerals, stimulate blood circulation, and help regenerate skin effectively.

We often take good care of other skin areas but forget the heel skin, and when the painful "torture" startling remember how we neglected it. Now, just spend a little time and use the extremely simple methods with Himalaya pink salt, lotus heel will be effectively protected. Believe that, pink salt will help your heel skin will not crack and sore in this winter anymore.


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Uses Himalayan Rock Salt

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