Uses of Himalayan Mineral Salt Stones

True Effects and Uses of Himalayan Salt Stone

Is the use of Himalayan salt rock good?? - This is probably your question of interest when starting to learn about himalaya rock salt right? And this article will answer you about the effects, uses of himalaya salt rock fully below. And first they need to understand and know?

What is himalaya pink rock?

Himalaya pink salt rock is kind rock salt can speak purest In the world. Because it is deep below the layers of lava and icy snow himalaya mountain range majestic as a priceless treasure.

Discovered by geologists and undergone serious research by many global scientists, this rock salt is highly appreciated for the useful uses that it brings to human life.

Himalayan rock salt is really surprising to the scientific community because it itself contains it 84 out of 92 types of minerals are healthy, especially Sodium Chloride, Sulfate, Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium, Bicarbonate, ………….

According to some studies, the use of Himalayan Salt Rock is good because it was formed due to geological fluctuations 250 million years ago, plus being covered by dense lava and snow ice. For centuries at the foot of the mountain Himalayas so it is completely sterile and is the "cleanest" salt rock on earth. Because of the large content of sodium chloride (85,62 %) Candlestick rock salt It is mildly salty, smooth and pleasant.

Overview of some essential minerals for human health - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Sodium Chloride (Nacl)

What is sodium chloride?

+ Sodium chloride is an essential mineral for life on Earth. The majority of biological tissues and fluids in the body contain different amounts of sodium chloride.

The concentration of sodium ions in the blood is directly related to the regulation of safe body-fluid levels. The transmission of nerve impulses by signal trait is regulated by sodium ions. (Potassium ions - a metal with properties very similar to sodium, are also the main components in the same body systems.)

 + Sodium chloride, also known as sodium chloride, table salt, salt, rock salt, or halide, are chemical compounds with the chemical formula NaCl.

Sodium chloride is the principal salt that produces salinity in the oceans and extracellular fluids of many multicellular bodies. As the main ingredient in table salt, it is commonly used as a condiment and food preservative.

Sulfate ( Iron sulphate)

+ This iron supplement is used to treat or prevent iron-deficiency anemia (for example, anemia or during pregnancy).

Iron is an important trace element that your body needs to produce red blood cells, helping your body stay healthy.

Magnesium (MG)

+ Organic magnesium is important for both plants and animals. Chlorophyll is a porous porphyrin with magnesium in the center. Dietary intake of adults is 300-400 mg / day, depending on age, gender, weight.

Many enzymes require magnesium cations for their catalytic reactions, especially those that use ATP.

Not enough magnesium in the body produces muscle spasms, and it is linked to cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure and osteoporosis. An acute deficiency is more rare.

+ Magnesium in foods, processed foods too often usually lose a lot of magnesium.

For example, regular white bread has less magnesium than black bread because bran and magnesium-rich embryos are removed when whitening flour.

Green vegetables like spinach provide a lot of magnesium because the central atom of chlorophyll is magnesium. Nuts, seeds, and some cereals are good sources of magnesium.

Potassium (K)

+ Potassium is the 8th or 9th most abundant element by weight (0.2%) in the human body, so an adult weighing 60 kg contains about 120 g of potassium.

The human body has as much potassium as sulfur and chlorine, and only the main minerals like calcium and phosphorus are the most abundant.

Potassium cations have an important role in nerve cells (brain and nerve), and in influencing the osmotic balance between cells and interstitial (extracellular) fluid with their distribution. In all intermediate media in all animals (not all plants) by pumping is called Na + / K + -ATPase.

+ Potassium cation is an essential nutrient for humans and health. Potassium chloride is used as a substitute for table salt to reduce the supply of sodium to control high blood pressure.

The USDA lists tomato paste, orange juice, beets, white beans, tomatoes, bananas and many other food sources of potassium that are ranked according to the level of reduction in the potassium content.

Bicarbonate (Sodium Bicarbonate)

+ Sodium bicarbonate with the common name in life is baking soda with the effect of making foam and crunchy for food and in addition, it has a beauty effect for cakes (baking powder).

+ Used to foam and increase pH in effervescent drugs (eg headache medicine, etc.).

Zinc (Zn)

Zinc is a Lewis acid, is a useful catalyst in hydroxylation and other enzymatic reactions.

+ Zinc content in plants varies depending on the content of this element in the soil.

When the soil has a sufficient amount of zinc, plant foods contain zinc as much as wheat, and other nuts (sesame, poppy, alfalfa, celery, mustard). Other sources of natural zinc-rich foods include: nuts, whole grains, pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds.

Other Minerals ……..

Source By Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

After the scientific research conducted and announced the effects of rock salt, it has become the "hunted" and favored material of many countries around the world.

According to the assessment, this pale pink mineral-rich rock salt has Top 5 groups of outstanding uses and specifically see Uses Himalayan Salt Stone as follows:

  1. Uses Himalayan Salt Stone In Beauty

In the field of beauty, the use of Himalayan salt rock is used as an exfoliating ingredient, Spa, detox for the skin.

The minerals in saline rock can penetrate deep into the epidermis, remove dirt, dead cells, help skin smooth and no more dry as before.

In addition, when taking salt rock bath according to the proper formula, the skin will be deeply nourished, regenerate the cell layer and prevent signs of aging.

Uses Himalayan Salt Stone

What are the uses and effects of the Himalayan salt rock and is it good? Photo Collected From Internet

Currently, the products of Himalaya DamiLama Salt Rock as: bath salts, composted salts, sauna salts, foot baths, preferred in Spa technology by its ability to soothe and cleanse and detoxify the skin. It is considered the perfect care solution for the skin in the most natural way.

  1. Uses of Himalayan Salt Stone In Health Care

Health care is one of the really good uses of Himalayan mineral rock and if daily salt contains 2.5 % of chemicals, 97.5 % of sodium chloride and many other toxins (often caused by bleaching process), the Himalayan rock salt contains ingredients Sodium chloride is lower (85.62 %) and completely pure. Therefore, Himalayan rock salt has been recommended for the minerals that it has, it is true that the use of himalaya rock salt is very great.

Not to mention, Himalaya rock salt also provides the body with many beneficial minerals, supports cardiovascular and respiratory functions, participates in the treatment of hypertension and a number of other conditions.

Is it good to use Himalayan Pink Salt?

What do you know about Himalayan salt rock?

Next Sodium chloride, other ingredients in rock salt like Sulfate canxi, Potassium, Magnesium, Bromide, Bicarbonate, Borate, Strontium... All have the ability to heal tissue damage, regenerate new cells, reduce muscle pain in the case of cramps in pregnant women, calcium deficiency and athletes.

Currently, the product himalaya mineral salts massage feet DamiLama It is very popular with all subjects, because in addition to quickly restoring energy to the body, helping to eliminate fatigue due to stressful work

In addition, it has the ability to effectively support the treatment of chronic diseases: insomnia, aches and pains, hot and cold feet, foot cramps, head nails, dizziness, etc.

  1. Uses of Himalayan Salt Stone In Cuisine

Not only is it used as a spice to replace ordinary table salt, pink salt Himalaya also brings a special flavor to the dish from its strange salty taste.

Currently, many culinary establishments of Vietnam as well as the world have chosen Himalayan rock salt as raw materials in the process of processing to bring diners delicious and safe food.

Among all Uses Himalayan Salt Stone then use Himalayan roasted rock stones A good alternative to traditional grills, to help grill dishes more flavorful, completely eliminate toxic scraps.

Himalaya Pink Salt Stone For Massage Is Good?

True uses of Himalayan mineral salt rock - Pink Salt Rock Good For Health

  1. Himalayan Pink Salt Stone In Feng Shui Decoration

Mentioned Himalayan rock salt we cannot ignore its feng shui decoration role for human life. And this is also a use of himalaya salt rock, a special and unique way to use himalaya pink salt.

Because lying deep at the foot of the majestic Himalayas for centuries, salt rock has absorbed the quintessence of heaven and earth, so it has the ability to balance the charge, absorb and decompose toxic substances in the air. The salt rocks after exploitation will be manipulated into lamps with many different shapes.

Is the Himalayan Pink Mineral Salt Stone Good to Use?

Uses Himalaya Mineral Salt Stone - Feng Shui Salt Stone Cheap Ho Chi Minh City

Set of rock salt lamps This is in places of positive charge (near computers, televisions or other electronic devices), where polluted air (dust, cigarette smoke) will help detoxify effectively, causing people to relax their heads. brain, reduce stress, regulate blood, nourish emotions.

So the rock salt lamps DamiLama Many different shapes are suitable for decoration that combine feng shui in the living room, bedroom or office to create a fresh environment, help you overcome bad things and receive good things. 

  1. Pink Salt Stone Application In Decoration - construction

Construction, is a use of himalaya rock salt that you should kill. Lately year, Himalayan rock salt is used a lot in the field of decoration - construction, especially in interior design of houses, spas, saunas. Salt stones of different sizes can respond well to many construction scales, in addition to the natural color of this stone will create a different beauty for the design. When combined with incandescent lamps, rock salt will emit a soothing, non-dazzling light, giving a soothing feeling of relaxation.

In particular, rock salt beds, rock salt meditation tables in addition to good use for health, these interior products are quite unique and fancy, so they are quite excited by the community.

With the True Uses of its great Himalayan Mineral Salt, Himalayan mineral rock increasingly trusted by many people to take care of their health, beautify themselves and be the perfect gift for those who love.

And you? The article above DamiLama has shared about the use of himalaya rock salt specifically used and how it is used, so have you seen enough information? If not and want more advice on himalaya salt rock usage please contact us via fanpage.

Some Illustrations Using The Himalayan Salt Stone Reference At DamiLama

Ways to use himalaya pink salt

Making a nightlight is one of the uses of himalaya rock salt you need to know

Uses Himalayan Salt Stone in beauty

The use of himalaya rock salt is applied in massage

Effect Of Pink Salt Rock

The true uses of Himalayan mineral salt rock Need to learn and use himalaya pink salt good?

In addition to the uses listed and generalized above, you can view more specifically with the article 14 great uses of Hong rock salt

What Is Pink Salt Used For?

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