Warranty Policy At DamiLama

Warranty Policy For Products At Himalaya DamiLama Salt Salt

When buying products of Himalaya DamiLama Salt Rock and upon delivery per customer to check When detecting a breakage due to transportation or electrical controller problems DamiLama COMMITMENTS 1 CHANGE 1 for customers.

Note: For the product Salt Stone Light Box Set Foot Massage in Himalaya DamiLama Salt Rock useful himalaya mineral rock type 1 with thickness of 5 cm (20x20x5) so it is difficult to break unless impacted by force when falling or intentionally.

Cases Not Warrantyed:

  • DamiLama no warranty when delivering the product you do not check the product.
  • Damage caused by the use of customers moving, causing broken down, corrosive of the environment (salt rock can absorb moisture if not open the lamp continuously to preserve and will be worn out)
  • Damage caused by customers intentionally damaging products when buying from Himalaya DamiLama Salt Rock
  • During the use process, customers self-dismantle the product many times, leading to changes in the structure and structure of the oil board, resulting in cracks, rock breaks, and problems with the lamp temperature controller.


Support For Customers:

  • Support to the root price is the price at Himalaya DamiLama Salt Rock Buy products like: Filament Bulb (40W), Controller, Lamp Holder.
  • Support to correct box problems with the product Himalayan Foot Stone Light Box Set

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