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Price 130,000 VND / 1 Sign(Get the price of 130k multiplied by the number of lights out the price of salt stone lamp)

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Besides the beauty, health care, Himalayan rock salt plays an important role in the spiritual life of Asian people. Is a sedimentary layer deep in the foot of the range Himalayas, covered with lava and snow ice over millions of years, rock salt almost exists in a sterile environment. This is a favorable condition for rock salt to absorb the essence of heaven and earth, to store a strong source of energy. Not to mention, this stone contains more than 80 different types of useful minerals, after heating it can balance air ions, eliminate toxins, create fresh air.

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Natural Feng Shui Himalayan Salt Salt Lamp DamiLama shop is one of the most popular and trusted products today.

With a simple design, almost preserving the pristine look of the salt rock after exploitation, these natural shape lamps are considered useful feng shui items, which can both bring positive energy. has just helped us purify the air effectively.

Features of himalaya salt stone lamp products

Directly imported from Pakistan (with a clear certificate of origin)

Products are carved from blocks Himalayan rock salt pure

Light orange light brown color, when lighting will emit soft light, not dazzling

The accessories included such as lamp base, plug, light bulb are high quality products, ensuring safety for users.

The principle of operation of the Himalayan rock salt lamp

♦  Light and heat emitted from rock salt crystals (after being lit) will impact the air

♦  The lamp will start to dehumidify, diffuse the negative ions in the air

♦  Perform the charge balancing process by releasing negative ions. Negative ions are generated (which are beneficial ions), while positive ions in the air (generated from electronics or fun hair, pollen, etc.) will be absorbed.

♦  Gravity causes charged particles to fall to the floor in the form of dust after equilibrium

♦  To completely eliminate these harmful agents, we just need to use a vacuum or clean the floor as usual

The most durable way to use himalaya rock salt lamps:

In order to effectively promote himalaya salt stone lamp, we need to note the following two main contents:

First: About feng shui

Lamp should be displayed in the living room, bedroom, desk, near the location of electronic devices, areas with smoke / cigarette smoke

Put the lights in a high position, avoiding moisture

Natural rock salt lamps can be suitable for any destiny

Monday: Use the right technique

Should often turn on the light to create effective dehumidifying air, balance the charge

Use a suitable light bulb (DamiLama note that you should only use 25W bulbs for lamps weighing 4-10kg)

When you want to put the light away, you must cover it with plastic bags, so it will avoid water running

Notes on using himalaya rock salt:

During use, around the surface of the lamp will occur "sweating". This is a normal phenomenon that proves the lamp is being used. You just need to use a soft towel to wipe these moisture off.

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The shop specializes in selling himalaya feng shui salt stone lamps Feng shui salt stone lamps sold where the highest quality


Uses Himalayan Rock Salt


Contact Damilama - Himalayan rock salt You will be advised on the use and usage of himalaya salt stone lamps in a standard and best way to be able to use effectively, as well as preserve longer. And if you are interested, have to learn about feng shui rocks Please share more with us. Or maybe you are interested and learning about rock salt bed or not? Contact DamiLama for full consultation.

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Weight 1 kg

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