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Salt rock construction - perfect choice for unique interior space

Himalayan rock salt For construction, decoration and interior design, they are crafted into stones of different sizes. When you put them together you will have unique works, creating a space different from other materials. Rock salt has a very beautiful natural color, usually pale pink, soft orange or gentle brown. When combined with incandescent lamps, the salt stones will emit a soft light, not causing heat or blinding, but on the contrary, can bring a sense of relaxation, extremely pleasant.

Many people think rock salt is not a durable material that meets interior construction needs such as marble or laterite. However, this is a misconception because salt rock is a sedimentary layer formed over 200 million years so extremely solid and durable. Not to mention, the composition of this stone is more than 80 useful minerals for the human body, especially the ability to absorb toxins, ion balance can help filter the air, create a clean environment, prevent disease. effective disability.

If you want to own a cozy interior space, unique for Spa, beauty salon or home Himalayan rock salt would be the perfect choice for you.

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