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Vitamin K2 MenaQ7 Supports Child's Bone Development, Sturdy - More Healthy

Vitamin K2 MenaQ7 It may now be a "leader" in care, helping support the strong development of children's skeletons most notably.

In 1929, Vitamin K verified by Henrik Dam a Danish scientist. But later he discovered the structural nature of vitamin Ka and its chemical composition at university Saint Louis by Doctor Edward Adelbert Doisy. Thanks to the successful discovery and analysis of Vitamin K, in 1943 Nobel Prize in Medicine - Physiology given to you two.

In a number of studies and extremely good clinical results for adults, children and the elderly recently, Vitamin K has further confirmed its importance for human health. And specifically Vitamin K2 MenaQ7 have an effect, how to use the reference.

What is vitamin K2?

Vitamin K2 is a product of 3 types of vitamin K and the f called Menaquinone - MK-7. Vitamin K2 is a naturally occurring form of Vitamin K, in addition to Vitamin K1, also known as Phylloquinone.

+ Vitamin K1 Found in plants and through diet, vitamin K1 is provided by the body.

+ Vitamin K2 In the body it is created inside the body swimming in probiotics group in the digestive tract, with fermentation or conversion from Vitamin K1 to Vitamin K2 although this ratio is very low. Currently Vitamin K2 is a naturally occurring Vitamin K that plays an important role in the human body.

Because they have the effect of improving and preventing many diseases and diseases related to the aging and aging of the body, especially have positive effects on the skeletal system as well as human cardiovascular system. .

Vitamin K2 MenaQ7 helps with the bone growth of young children

According to many studies, Vitamin K2 has the effect of activating proteins closely related to bone metabolism than 3 times higher than K1.

FDA - The US Food and Drug Administration recommends vitamin K levels of 90 -> 120 Mcg / Day which is the amount needed for an adult. With a cup of boiled broccoli or boiled spinach, you have right from 500 to 800 Mcg of Vitamin K but it is completely K1.

And as above, we have briefly mentioned and analyzed, Vitamin K2 is what the body needs to promote all, promote the overall value, effects of the Vitamin K group on health and muscle development. be.

High quality Vitamin K2 MenaQ7 - How old is Mequib 1 for children

Vitamin K2 MenaQ7 in addition to bone development also prevents osteoporosis and protects the skeletal system more strongly

In the past, or even now a lot of information, and a lot of people know about the need for Vitamin D3 and Calcium which are essential for strong skeletal system. Now, combined with Vitamin K2, it has become an extremely effective trio and has a strong effect in helping the skeletal system develop strong, protect and prevent osteoporosis effectively.

In fact, clinical studies of Vitamin K2 have been proven, Vitamin K2 plays an important role in bringing Calcium into the right position of the body and especially here that is the skeletal system.

Review and review of Vitamin K2 MenaQ7 product

Vitamin K2 has the effect of activating the calcium regulating proteins and the most typical is osteocalcin. The Osteocalcin protein builds bone by attaching calcium to the skeleton through the action of Vitamin K2 on it.

That's why there is a situation, the calcium supplement for children is so much, adults eat, drink and take functional foods but still suffer from calcium deficiency in the bones, that's because The body is burning Vitamin K2, there is no "guide" so calcium is almost "lost" is not properly attached and the skeleton. That calcium supplementation when vitamin K2 deficiency will be excreted by the body outside. So the more calcium supplements the more osteoporosis without Vitamin K2?

Now the corporation Natto Pharma Norway is based on a traditional Japanese method called "Natto" to produce Vitamin K2 and it has the brand name of MenaQ7 (Vitamin K2 MenaQ7). Up to the present time, Vitamin K2 MenaQ7 is the only natural curling type that has been proven through many clinical studies.

Vitamin K2 MenaQ7

Vitamin K2 MenaQ7 is protected with numerous patents in the US and globally by specific studies and specific benefits after clinical studies conducted in Europe and in other countries. Advanced medicine throughout the world.

How to supplement Vitamin K2?

Vitamin K2 is fat soluble like vitamins A, E, D. Moreover, Vitamin K2 is not stored and stored by our body. And as mentioned above, Vitamin K2 is metabolized from vitamin K1 but not significantly. The absorption of Vitamin K2 is also hindered by swimming with cholesterol lowering drugs and antibiotics.

Therefore, vitamin K deficiency or vitamin K deficiency is common today. And some tips for you to supplement Vitamin K2 in the most natural way:

+ Because Vitamin K1 can be converted into K2, a vitamin K1 supplement is great. But because this rate is very low, the amount of metabolism in this process will not be enough Vitamon K2 necessary for the body.

+ Add more foods containing vitamin K2 in the diet such as: Foie gras, soy on natural mem, chicken liver, chicken drumstick, goose thigh meat, chicken breast, salami, salmon, ground beef, fish thu, ....

+ Using specialized functional foods providing Vitamin K2 MenaQ7

Vitamin K2 MenaQ7 in soy to natural mem - Mequib 1 review

Japanese fermented soybeans have lots of Vitamin K2

The addition of Vitamin K2 MenaQ7 is the leading recommendation by current clinical and pediatric nutrition experts, to contribute to the most effective absorption of calcium. Currently on the Vietnamese market, there is a product Mequib 1 for children, which helps to supplement the intake of Vitamin K2 MenaQ7 for young children to avoid rickets. Vitamin K2 MenaQ7 can be said to be the premise of the comprehensive skeletal development for the younger generation, increase height, enhance children's health, mobility and flexibility in the best way.

MeQuib 1 with MenaQ7 Imported directly from Natto Pharma helps the body synthesize calcium effectively and enhance bone density and stiffness. From there, support development of children's height and motor health.

Mequib 1 Helps increase the absorption of Calcium into the bones, helps reduce rickets in children, helps develop the length of newborns, increases the length, mineral density and strength of bones in the stages from birth, young children, pre-up children puberty and puberty.

Vitamin K2 MenaQ7 Supporting Child's Bone Development Strengthen - More Health 1 2020

Mequib 1 - Vitamin K2 MenaQ7

The product is good for: Children rickets, lack or excess calcium, fussy, slow to walk ... Young children are in the process of developing limbs (2-5 years old) and are in the pre-puberty and puberty stages (6-12 years old and over 12 years old).

For more detailed clinical research evidence for Vitamin K2 MenaQ7 and MeQuib product information, please visit:

This product is not a medicine, it does not replace medicine

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