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Arthritis In Children and Top 3 Common Causes

Arthritis is also a disease found in many children. There are many signs to identify arthritis so parents should not be neglected, need to monitor the child's development process closely. To find out the cause and how to fix it. To help parents gain more knowledge about Arthritis in children, please follow the content of our article.

What is arthritis in children?

Mentioned arthritis, we usually only know it is a common disease in the elderly. However, arthritis in children is a disease that confuses parents. Children's arthritis is called idiopathic arthritis (or still disease). This is a chronic disease that lasts a long time but can be cured. According to statistics, about 75% children will cure arthritis.

Arthritis in Children and Top 3 Common Causes 1 2020
OA children can be cured

Children with arthritis are more common in children under 17 years of age. At that time, children will face difficulties in daily activities such as dressing, writing letters, playing, running, and so on.

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Manifestations of arthritis in children

The first symptom of still illness is pain and stiffness in the morning, lighter at the end of the day. However, at each stage there will be different manifestations, parents need to pay attention to the health of their children to detect and visit in time.

Arthritis in Children and the Top 3 Common Causes 2 2020
Knee pain is often the most common manifestation of arthritis

Idiopathic arthritis usually has 3 main forms:

Can arthritis less

Usually only affects a few joints such as knee joints, elbows, ankles. 50% children have arthritis in this form, more often in girls than in boys. May affect the eyes (inflammation and swelling).

Can polyarthritis

Affects many joints on the young body. 30% children often suffer from this form. The disease is also more common in girls. Polyarthritis affects the neck, knees, ankles, feet, wrists, hands. May be accompanied by eye effects.

Hidden system

The remaining 20% will get infected in this form. The morbidity rates for boys and girls are the same. Children will have high fever, joint pain rash and changes in blood cells. This case is very dangerous. Parents must not neglect.

In addition, there are many other symptoms. If you encounter unusual problems, you should immediately tell your doctor for timely treatment and treatment.

Top 3 causes of arthritis in children

There are many causes for children with arthritis, such as joint pain in the developing age, due to bacteria, tuberculosis, post-traumatic inflammation, immune disorders or early stage of acute leukemia.

In addition, there are some common causes such as:

  • Due to weather factors: the sudden change of weather makes the resistance of children unable to adapt very easily causing children to suffer from osteoarthritis.
  • Congenital: It is possible that the bone structure is not complete right from the womb. Only at birth and growing will they be discovered and more clearly.
  • A number of causes are due to illnesses such as viral fever, rash or ear, nose and throat disease in the long run will become complications of arthritis.
Arthritis In Children: Top 03 Causes Of Illness
Fever, rash can also turn into arthritis

A common chronic disease in school age is juvenile idiopathic arthritis. This disease belongs to the group of autoimmune diseases, lasting at least 6 weeks, usually in patients before 16 years of age. The cause is a viral or bacterial infection. Although it is common, if parents are too subjective to take their children to the clinic late, it is easy for their complications to be worse and affect their health later.

Restrictions and treatment

As a parent, everyone wants their children to grow up healthy. Therefore, to prevent and limit arthritis in children, the first thing is to care more for children. Pay attention to your daily routines and take care of your baby like:

  • Diet: Let children eat enough nutrients and ensure hygiene. Excessive feeding will affect bone growth. Lead to children with pain, arthritis.
  • Take care of your baby's health carefully, avoid diseases that lead to depression, affect development.
  • Exercise regularly to exercise health, practice gentle movements, suitable for children 's age so that the bones and joints develop more comprehensively, limiting the likelihood of more diseases.
  • Periodic health checkups for children to detect disease earlier, easier to offer treatment options. As the disease progresses, it will be difficult to treat and cause some serious complications such as muscle atrophy, deformity, ...
  • For children who have found idiopathic arthritis, children should use the drug as directed by the doctor.
Arthritis in Children and Top 3 Common Cause 3 2020
Regular health checkups for early detection of arthritis

When there are any abnormal signs, parents need to take their children to visit reputable facilities for timely detection and treatment.

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With the above information, parents have clearly understood Arthritis in children not yet? It is a common disease in children but can be cured if detected early. Therefore, apart from love, parents should give their children the best care for their health for their comprehensive development.

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Arthritis In Children and Top 3 Common Causes


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