Adequate nutrition and minerals will help your cow stay healthy, making more milk and meat

However, when living in captivity with food sources prepared by humans will cause them to face frequent shortage of nutrients, and consequently not high productivity. Therefore, the addition of essential minerals is necessary for good cow development. Because cows need minerals like vitamins, like any other species to grow, grow and develop.

Why do cows need minerals - vitamins? 1 2020

Minerals need vitamins?

The staple feed of the cow is raw green and depending on the age and body weight, a cow can eat from 20 to 60 kg of roughage per day. However, it is necessary to ensure adequate food of nutritional groups.

Cows need minerals vitamins to do

During their growth, cows need vitamin minerals and must absorb enough protein from food to be able to perform the process of imitation into vitamins. Then these vitamins will be absorbed into the blood and transported to organized cells, helping the cow's body to synthesize new proteins to gain weight faster with the amount of meat and quality milk.

For example, cows need the mineral vitamins Glucid and Lipid found in cornstarch, bran, rice, broken rice, sweet potatoes, etc. will be the two components that decide whether the cow has enough energy source so that the cow's organs can function well, increase the resistance during growth or not.

Sharing about husbandry techniques, Dr. Michel Guillaume, Technical Director of Olmix Group, said: “Calcium in cattle production plays an essential role to create, develop and perfect bone structure. Especially when farmers intend to breed cows ”

Cows need vitamin minerals to help the growth process be better

Agreeing, Dr. Nguyen Quang Thieu, Department of Animal Nutrition, Department of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine (Ho Chi Minh City University of Agriculture and Forestry) also affirmed, Calcium is a component that provides 36 - 39% for bone development. and teeth, enhance nerve function, muscle contraction and coagulation, maintain a balanced Acid Base in the body, catalyze biological reactions.

In addition, the phosphorus balance in the daily diet also contributes 17 - 19% for bone development. Helps pets palate and breed well; convert Carotene into Vitamine A; provide energy for cell activity. Deficiency of phosphorus reduces growth; rickets, soft bones, spongy bones, leg pain, stiffness, difficulty walking; decreased appetite; Reproductive disorders in pets.

Other trace elements such as magnesium, sodium, zinc, iron, ... are also essential for the healthy development of cows. Therefore, when raising cows in captivity, farmers need to provide them with a rich source of nutrients. In the case of not knowing how to weigh or measure the dose, it is reasonable to use licked stones to replenish nutrients. Through the analysis and judgment above, does the farmer see the importance of cows needing vitamin minerals for normal growth and development?

Cows need vitamin minerals that are essential for reproduction

Stone Licking How It Works For Cow

Which vitamins and minerals does a cow need?

In animal husbandry, if the preparation of a multi-ingredient feed takes too much time and effort, the price is expensive, farmers can use licked stones to supplement minerals and microelements for cows. captive.

Cows need the vitamin mineral found in himalaya pink salt

Himalayan rock salt Very suitable for making rock lick

The demand is increasing, so there are many types of lick on the market now, be it synthetic or lick rich in the composition of a certain mineral. The problem completely depends on the development of the cow that you choose the right stone.

In case you do not know your cow lacks or excess minerals, trace elements in the body to develop well, you can use licks made from Himalaya pink mineral rock.

Because this is a quite special mineral salt, integrated in it to 95%-98% is Natra Chloride, 2-4% Polyhalit such as Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Potassium, Sulfur, Oxygen, Hydrogen and Fluoride account for 0.01%, Iodine accounts for 0.01%. TP1T is in a completely natural environment, so when we use it, we do not have to worry about minerals will cause cows to poison, grow better.

Ps: Farmers can add breeding knowledge here

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