How to overcome breathing problems and shortness of breath at home?. Shortness of breath or shortness of breath is a difficult condition when breathing air into the lungs. The onset of this symptom may lie in the heart or lungs, making us uncomfortable and unable to perform the normal respiratory function.

Instructions on how to overcome dyspnea simple - effective

Accurately this is the phenomenon that oxygen to tissues will decrease and carbon dioxide begins to accumulate inside the body due to the disrupted normal mechanism. Dyspnea may be a symptom of an illness such as asthma, myocardial ischemia, pulmonary edema, etc.

Top 09 Ways to Remedy Simple Dyspnea 1 2020

Dyspnea is a difficult phenomenon when breathing air into the lungs, so how to overcome breathing difficulties?

Some people experience sudden shortness of breath, but others experience this unpleasant feeling for a long time, from a few weeks or more. If your shortness of breath is not serious (not a sign of a serious illness diagnosed by a doctor), try the following methods and remedies for dyspnea at home.

These methods simply guide you to change positions, ways to relax your body and airways so that air can flow more easily into your lungs.

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1. Breathe with pursed lips

This is a simple and quick way to help you control your shortness of breath (shortness of breath). Applied correctly, your breathing will slow down, breathe deeply and evenly. It also helps to release air trapped in your lungs.

This method can be used at any time if you have difficulty breathing, especially if we have just been exercised, climbing stairs or lifting heavy objects.

The way of breathing is as follows:

Instructions on the most effective ways to overcome dyspnea at home

How to overcome dyspnea by pursed-lip breathing

• Relax your neck and shoulders muscles

• Breathe slowly through the nose, so you need to close your mouth during inhalation

• Create lips that look like you are about to whistle

• Breathe out slowly and gently through your pursed lips (counting silently from 1 to 4)

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2. Sit forward

One way to overcome breathing problems is that Resting while sitting can help you relax and control your breathing more easily. This is also quite simple to do:

• Sitting on a chair, place your feet flat perpendicular to the floor and at the same time tilt your chest slightly forward

• Gently put your elbows on your knees

• Completely relax the neck and shoulders and breathe evenly

3. Sit face down on the table

If you have chairs and tables available, take advantage of them to relax, help your breathing back.

Causes and treatments for dyspnea at home effectively

how to overcome dyspnea by sitting down on a table

• First, sit on a chair with your feet at right angles to the floor

• Move forward, lowering the face and arms on the table

• Tilt your head over your forearm or you can use a soft pillow to underline.

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4. Stand with your back against the wall (or a resting surface)

Standing and transferring weight to a back support is also a way to regulate breathing regularly is an effective way to overcome dyspnea:

This is done as follows:

• Stand near a wall (or some sort of resting surface), turn your face outside, and lean your hip against the wall

• Place your hand on your thigh, relax your shoulders and lean slightly forward, beginning to breathe gently

5. Stand with supported arm posture

You can approach a flat table or object of a height that fits your shoulders. Next, place your hands on the table, keeping your wrists completely relaxed. In the meantime, put your head on your arms and relax your shoulders so that the breath can circulate easily.

Sit upright in a chair with comfortable shoulders. Keep your lips together so that the space between them is in the middle. Breathe in through your nose for a few seconds. Gently exhale through the pursed lips while counting to 4. Breathe and exhale like that for 10 minutes.

how to overcome supportive dyspnea

6. Lie in relaxation

Many people experience shortness of breath when sleeping, making it more frequent to wake up. This reduces the quality of sleep, the body's ability to recover and heal itself no longer as it was before. To overcome this situation, you need to have a proper sleeping position for the respiratory process to stabilize.

When sleeping, lie on your side with a pillow between your legs and a pillow under your head. The back must be straight. Or we can lie on our backs, placing the knees bent under the head and under the knees.

7. How to overcome dyspnea by Breathing diaphragm

Try the following:

• Sitting on a chair with bent knees and comfortable shoulders, head and neck

• Place your hands on your stomach, breathing slowly through your nose. At this point, you will feel your abdomen move under your hand

• When we exhale, let us squeeze the stomach tightly, the belly will squeeze in. Breathe through your mouth in a pursed-mouth shape

• In this way, you should focus on exhaling rather than inhaling. Continue to exhale for longer than usual before breathing in the next time

• Repeat the sequence for about 5 minutes

With just a few tips, you can solve the problem in a simple way without much effort and time.

How to overcome breathing difficulties breathing by diaphragm

There are many causes of shortness of breath, but not all cases require emergency or special medical care. When encountering these cases we can treat promptly at home with the above instructions. In addition, making lifestyle changes will help improve your breathing:

• You should quit smoking and steer clear of secondhand smoke and contaminants

• If you are overweight, make a weight loss plan, keep your body clean and your organs working smoothly, avoiding many negative effects.

• Stay healthy by following a healthy diet, eating the right meals - getting to bed at the right time and getting enough sleep

• Do not exert yourself at high altitude to exercise or do something

• Follow your doctor's treatment schedule if you are diagnosed with the exact cause of breathing difficulties.


Information articles will be constantly updated, sharing with people more ways to prevent, temporary and safe remedies of dyspnea at home.

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Refer to some of the information about the cause of breathing difficulties to easily prevent the cause:

+ Asthma

+ Have Lungs

+ Lung Cancer

+ Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease

+ Pulmonary embolism

+ Lung Emission

+ Severe Heart Failure

+ Anemia

+ Dermatitis

+ Anxiety, Stress Disorder

+ Tuberculosis

+ U Particles

Keep in mind the ways to overcome breathing problems above and join Damilama healthy to succeed!


The following are ways to train to overcome shortness of breath, when ... For people with chronic respiratory failure, relaxation poses

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Shortness of breath is what disease? Effective cure for shortness of breath

How to overcome breathing difficulties is the most effective and safe

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