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Adding Calcium Does Not Increase Height For Children

Increasing height for children is not necessarily just supplementing calcium

The obvious fact is that to increase the height for children, parents do not just need to add calcium to their children, right? Because the children eat too much foods containing calcium, drink too much milk, medicines containing calcium ... But the actual height has increased much, the parents also know.

Adding Calcium Doesn't Increase Height for Children 1 2020

Therefore, in parallel with the addition of calcium to increase the child's height, parents need to supplement Vitamin K1 from K1 to K2 or Vitamin K2 directly from commercial products to help children absorb well. more calcium, stronger bones, better height development.

Most of the time, according to the old habit, in the diet, children's daily diets of parents have been too focused on calcium supplementation in calcium-rich food groups for children. But this amount of calcium is not enough, because the amount of absorption of the body will not be achieved completely. According to experts, in order for calcium to be well absorbed, the contribution of vitamin K2 is crucial.

The amount of calcium in bones and teeth accounts for 99% of the whole body and only 1% is in cells and blood. The addition of vitamin D is intended to help the body make osteocalcin protein that transports calcium from the intestine into the bloodstream and the key Vitamin K2 that MK7 will help activate the "stray" calcium-bearing osteocalcin that attaches properly to bones from the blood.

Adding Calcium Doesn't Increase Height for Children 2 2020

If the body is deficient in Vitamin K2, calcium is practically not delivered to its essential place in the skeletal system. Therefore, it can lead to the phenomenon of excess body calcium but teeth and bones are severely lacking, while these two parts are where calcium is needed.

Another effect and effect of "water-like substance" of vitamin K2 is that it contributes to prevent calcium deposition on the walls of blood vessels, anti-vascular calcification, reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Children increasing height not only need calcium supplementation is enough

Calcium is necessary but when excess calcium or calcium goes in the wrong place surely creates bad effects on the body and health. Therefore, MK7 is an extremely important factor in creating and keeping balance, reducing the maximum negative impact of calcium "lost". This vitamin contributes to building and maintaining strong bones, reducing fractures, and increasing height growth. So, not increasing the height of children is a calcium supplement.

According to Dr. Hogne Vik, Medical Director NattoPharma (Norway), “Vitamin K2 comes in many forms, most commonly menaquinone-4 (MK-4) and menaquinone-7 (MK-7). In particular, MK-7 shows an increase in vitamin K content compared to other forms, helps activate osteocalcin to bring calcium to the right place, increases the amount of collagen in the bone and reduces the life of the bone-destroying factor. ”

Pharmacist Vu Thi Hong Nhung shared, “MK-7 is a naturally derived vitamin K2, has a long half-life in the body, preserves its long-term effects. If MK-4 has a half-life (halved) of 3-4 hours, then MK-7 is 72 hours so MK-7 is able to contact with body tissues longer and maintain blood levels. longer. Just use MK-7 for children every day 45mcg equivalent to MK-4 45,000mcg. ”

Supplementing the three potions MK7, Vitamin D3, Calcium helps increase the height of children maximum

To increase the height of the child, you need to add enough and sufficient amount of MK7, Calcium, Vitamin D3, most importantly in the first 1000 days and during the puberty process of children. Each day, each child needs about 40 mcg of vitamin K2 content, The demand for calcium will not be determined but varies by age, by each condition.

But it is very important to note that, not to give, calcium supplementation into the body is good, want to increase the height for children to add more calcium to. Not only is calcium, but any mineral, nutritional or vitamin that is redundant is not good and is harmful. The noticeable phenomenon in children is when the excess of calcium gradually becomes tired, anorexia, applesauce, or nausea, etc. If the long-term excess of calcium is easily susceptible to cardiovascular, kidney, urinary.

So what will be missing? Lack of calcium leads to children with developmental obesity, rickets, weak and porous bones, malnutrition, teething delay, poor body protection system, cardiovascular diseases are easily acquired. Recognize simply and quickly through the signs that children are not sleeping well, or startled, crying, losing their hair, sweating, etc. What are the causes of calcium burning despite supplementing with food and drink? Milk contains a lot of calcium, because the main is the unreasonable diet, lack of vitamin D and MK7.

Increasing height for children at the developmental stage of children by supplementing with vitamin K2 is very good. Because during this period, Vitamin K is almost severely deprived because in the development stage of children, the level of osteocalcin activation is 8 to 10 times higher than that of adults. Therefore, the full complement of MK7 during this period will help the skeletal system develop in the best way, the child will achieve peak bone mass. The higher the peak bone mass, the lower the rate of osteoporosis and bone diseases will be reduced later.

Sources of MK7, Calcium, Vitamin D3

+ Food

+ Sunlight

+ Drink

Adding Calcium Doesn't Increase Height for Children 3 2020

At present, too many parents pay attention to giving calcium products and neglecting to supplement with natural vitamins, from food sources which are the things that help children absorb the most. According to nutrition experts, it is necessary to enhance and supplement vitamins from natural sources through eating and drinking.

The alternation of foods in the food group containing calcium during meals in addition to helping children enjoy and stimulate eating to avoid boredom also contributes to the diversity of sources and substances. Children should eat gradually with fish meat from 6 months and up to 7 months will start to increase practice and change shrimp or crab dishes, ...

Ideally, parents can refer to the nutritional needs recommended by the National Institute of Nutrition to supplement a reasonable protein source. The diet needs to balance 4 groups of protein, sugar, fat, vitamins and minerals. Vegetables like sesame, wood ear, spinach, celery ... also contribute to bone health.

Adding Calcium Doesn't Increase Height for Children 4 2020

Infants are breastfed, breast milk is the main source of nutrition and nutrition, so mothers need to improve their diets rich in calcium rather than abstain from praising and fasting to lose weight because of mineral deficiency. , vitamins, nutrition for children. Bathe children early in the morning when the UV rays are not much to help absorb vitamin D helps avoid and limit rickets in children. So increasing your child's height is not just enough calcium.

What is MK7 and where is MK7 created?

MK7 is the only naturally occurring vitamin K2. Mk7 is made up of natural bacterial fermentation and the most common method of fermentation is natto (starting in Japan). To yogurt, cheese, dairy products, fermented soy, ...

Adding Calcium Doesn't Increase Height for Children 5 2020

With calcium supplements, drinking should be consulted and instructed by a doctor, not arbitrarily going to pharmacies to buy and give to children to drink. Parents should consult a doctor about the time, dosage and whether or not to give your child calcium supplements to increase the height of the current child.

Table of calcium needs recommendations of the National Institute of Nutrition in Vietnam

Ages Amount of Calcium (mg / day)
0 -> 5 Months 300
6 -> 11 Months 400
1 -> 3 Years old 500
4 -> 6 years old 600
7 -> 9 Years old 700
10 -> 18 Years old 1000

Increasing the height of children not only calcium is sufficient

Should you use mequib 1 to increase the height of children

MeQuib 1 with MenaQ7 (a naturally derived vitamin K2) has been shown to work by a number of clinical studies.

Research by Professor Marieke JH Van Summeren (Pediatrics Department - Utrecht University Medical Center, Netherlands) published in 2009 in the British Journal of Nutrition shows that vitamin K status improves and increases concentration in blood in children receiving MK-7 supplementation compared to the placebo group in the control study. The study was conducted on 240 children 6-10 years old in the city of Utrecht, Netherlands for 8 weeks.

Products support the body to synthesize calcium and contribute to increasing the density and stiffness of bones, thereby, supporting children's height development and motor health.

Mequib 1 contributes to increased absorption of calcium into the bones, reduces rickets in children, supports the development of infant length, increases length, mineral density and bone strength in the stages from birth, young children, pre-puberty and puberty children.

The product can be used for children with rickets, calcium deficiency or excess, fussy, slow walking ... Children are in the stage of limb development (2-5 years old) and are in the period of pre-puberty and puberty (6-12 years old and over 12 years old). Advertising license No. 01274/2019 / ATTP-XNQC issued by Food Safety Department - Ministry of Health on July 3, 2019 - Confirmation Here.

See more information General News about vitamin K2 - MenaQ7 and product information at MeQuib at

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