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Ultra-absorbent Japanese Doormat

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Super absorbent doormat from Japan do you want to have for your family? Because currently on the market there are many types of doormat, but can make you satisfied about the absorbent and aesthetic use, you can only talk about Japanese Doormat.

So what exactly is super absorbent Japanese carpet? What is the stone carpet made of? What are the most prominent advantages of a doormat that you should buy at least one for family use?

What is a Japanese Doormat?

Super-absorbent Japan-style doormat is a kind of water-repellent doormat. Doormat mats are usually left in front of the bathroom door so they can absorb water before stepping outside. Or stone carpet is an object to decorate your house more vivid, more unique style.

What is Japanese Super-absorbent doormat made from?

Material stone doormat Natural Diatomite 100% (Diatomite is a fossil of algae shells, mosses and ephemeral sediments deposited in the bottom of rivers, lakes, and the sea).
The Japanese doormat has a lot of tiny lithium holes (with dimensions of 0.1 - 0.2 micrometers) on the surface, so the water-absorbing capacity of the Japanese doormat is best. When absorbed into the water mechanism immediately the amount of moisture is released and dispersed in the air, helping the surface of the carpet always dry.
Size Japanese super absorbent stone carpet 60cm x 40cm x 1cm

Super-absorbent stone mats in Japan are light, bright colors, not only help your feet and floors stay clean and dry throughout the day, but also ensure a comfortable and luxurious bathroom space.

Ultra-absorbent Japanese Doormat 7 7

Stone carpet is easy and convenient to use

In particular, these super absorbent stone patterned prints also serve as a decoration, helping your bathroom to be more fresh.

Compared to all other types of doormat, the super absorbent stone mat in Japan has a variety of designs, more vivid in textures:

+ Stone rug pattern with flamingos pattern

+ The pattern of Japanese doormat with the pattern of Granite has words

+ Granite carpet pattern without lettering

+ Carpet pattern with tropical leaf motifs

+ Stone carpet pattern with rose motifs

+ Stone carpet pattern with fish motifs

You can see specific images of Japanese super absorbent doormat below:

How many types of Japanese super absorbent mats do you have? 1 2020

Stone rug pattern with flamingo motifs

How many types of Japanese super absorbent mats do you have? 2 2020

Pattern of Japanese doormat with granite patterned with words

How many types of Japanese super absorbent mats do you have? 3 2020

Sample super absorbent stone carpet Japanese patterned Granite without words

How many types of Japanese super absorbent mats do you have? 4 2020

Japanese hut stone carpet pattern with tropical leaf motifs

How many types of Japanese super absorbent mats do you have? 5 2020

Super absorbent, super beautiful carpet pattern with rose motifs

How many types of Japanese super absorbent mats do you have? 6 2020

Beautiful water absorbing stone pattern with fish motif

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    Super absorbent stone mat in Japan has the following advantages:

    Super waterproof

    Super absorbent is one of the most wonderful and outstanding uses of Japanese stone carpets. The ability to quickly dry feet water in just a few seconds, ie only to 2, 3 times moving feet on the carpet. In addition to automatically absorbing, it also incorporates the release of moisture into the air to ensure the surface of the stone carpet is always kept dry and airy.

    Easy to clean

    Completely different from other types of doormat, Japanese super absorbent stone mats are easy to clean and clean with a brush, soft towel with soap or dishwashing liquid. Therefore, it saves time washing, drying carpet.

    Prevent mold, odor

    Because the carpet is made of Diatomite material, it has high resistance to bacteria, bed bugs or bacteria. Especially, this rug has the ability to remove bad odors with its always-open surface.

    Safe for young children and the elderly

    Japanese carpets have high roughness and do not accumulate water, so they do not cause slippery and ensure the best safety for children and the elderly.

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    With many preeminent properties in Absorbency, Hygiene, Comfort, Safety and Aesthetics, Japanese Super-absorbent stone mats are the perfect alternative to conventional types of carpet.

    Super absorbent stone carpet in Japan is quite simple and easy to use:

    Place the carpet on a flat surface at the bathroom entrance. When you put your foot on the carpet, immediately the suction holes will completely absorb water from the surface of the foot, helping your feet feel dry in just a moment.

    Super absorbent stone mat in Japan will dry itself quickly in dry room condition. However, it is recommended to dry in the shade once a week in the summer, once every three weeks in the winter to make the carpet absorbent best.

    Rugs will have a typical smell of Diatomite stone, but after a period of use they will disappear quickly.

    Approximately after 3 months of use, the absorbent holes on the surface of the carpet are clogged so the absorbency will be reduced. At this time, you need to use rough sandpaper 400 to scrub the surface of the carpet to remove the outer layer, making the carpet absorb like new.

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    Instructions for preserving Japan super absorbent stone carpets

    • Do not immerse the carpet in water or leave it in a wet bathroom as this could quickly damage the carpet.
    • Because it is a stone carpet, it should be placed on a flat surface. If it is on a rough floor, it is prone to break or break the carpet.
    • Do not expose to direct sunlight or high heat, causing the carpet to lose its durability and be easily broken.
    • Avoid pouring colored water onto the carpet, as they will affect the color of the carpet.

    Although designed like ordinary carpets, with special materials and modern production technology, Japan Super Absorbent Stone Carpet brings convenience, hygiene and extremely safe for your family. In particular, with super absorbent ability, this product is considered a perfect alternative to the common types of carpet. 

    On the current market, there are too many addresses, stores selling super absorbent Japanese footwash products so where to buy the best quality?

    Many people know and want to use Japanese waterproof stone carpet but are afraid to buy online because they are afraid of not being able to transport. In particular, stone products should be very fragile if careful packaging and transportation. Therefore, choose reputable e-commerce sites, have clear shipping policies for each type of product to ensure maximum benefits. 

    One of the reputable locations for selling Japanese super-waterproof stone carpets, appreciated by users on forums you can refer to is the website.

    This e-commerce site has clear shipping and warranty policies for ultra-absorbent Japanese doormat products as well as the following:

    COMMITMENT All products sold are okay 30 day warranty.

    Customers are verified on delivery (peeling goods to check in place). Just Payment after checking goods and products No error, wrong model.

    Enthusiastic, professional consultants, record all customer feedback about the product. In particular, customers can complain if not satisfied with the service of staff.

    With the above policies, the interests of customers when buying will be guaranteed to the maximum. Therefore, you can experience the advantages that Japan Super absorbent stone mats bring.

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    Ultra-absorbent Japanese Doormat 8 8 2020

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