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Numbness of hands known as symptom also someone called diseaseMany people complain that when they are exercising a lot or are focusing on driving, typing on computers, their fingers are suddenly numb, unable to stretch, and even feel tired, ached and have to sit Massage for a long time before your hands work properly again. But few people care about this supposedly minor illness. However, did you know that this is a sign of a series of serious illnesses? This article DamiLama with you learn, dissect and answer this problem.

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The cause of hand numbness

The disease is understood in the simplest way because the blood vessels are pinched so blood does not flow to the limbs, leading to the phenomenon of numb fingers. Causes of pinched blood vessels that most patients often think simply that due to unreasonable posture, causing "need" of blood vessels, and will end when corrected posture. Does everything seem like nothing in the way we think? Do not underestimate to quickly ignore pathological numbness. The reason why blood vessels are pinched is really not just like what we feel from the outside.

Signs of hand numbness

  1. Itchy, numb palms

When the palms suddenly appear: numbness, itching, like an insect, think of hand numbness. Itchy palms appear on the palms, even a temporary loss of sensation, this symptom usually does not last but more often occurs later in the frequency.

  1. Numbness of the whole hand

This symptom appears in some patients when using hands to focus on something, the hand loses feeling, even there is no strength to hold, pain sensation appears, even more dangerous. if the patient is working with a machine or is cooking.

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  1. Numb fingers

As well as numbing the whole hand, here the fingertips suddenly lose feeling, causing difficulties, hindering the process of activities and movement. Especially for office workers, often use their fingertips to type computers.

  1. Numbness in the thumb area and spread to the middle finger

These signs often appear due to work habits, pain does not appear in the whole hand that appears in some fingers. Therefore, hindering activities is inevitable.

Is hand numbness dangerous?

When numb hands, people do not care if this problem is dangerous, how dangerous? People often ignore the unclear manifestations of hand numbness, because the pain is not persistent, even easily overcome by massage. Or they often confuse this disease due to the habit of making blood flow unevenly, causing numbness and tingling problems in the hands and will definitely go away when participating in massage or regular exercise. But consider it the most obvious warning for any serious illness, you may not have thought of it.

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1. This is a warning of a diabetic or that diabetes is not progressing well

Peripheral nerves, if damaged, will cause numbness in the hands and blood flow to the limbs. Peripheral nerves are affected by infections, trauma and diabetes, often with infectious conditions, so don't be subjective if you have a history of diabetes or suspect you have it. Do not ignore the symptoms of numb hands, but go to the doctor immediately for a health check before it's too late.

2. Warning of anemia

When the blood is not enough for the brain to reach the limbs, numbness in the arms is caused. The brain is an important part of the body, helping to supply blood to other organs. If the brain is short of blood supply for a long time, it will cause serious damage to the nerves or more dangerous than a stroke. cerebrovascular, even risk of stroke is very high. So, don't underestimate the early warning signs of illness, first of all, your hands lose feeling or numbness.

3. Peripheral nerve inflammation

Peripheral nerves are not related to the brain and spinal cord but are nerves that affect the movement of the body. So, when the peripheral nerve is damaged, the body's motor ability will decrease, even if severe condition will lose the ability to exercise, and numb hands are a warning sign of disease.

How to prevent numbness effectively

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1. Regular exercise, physical activity

Light exercises, especially exercising your arms, numb areas will help the body circulate blood better.

2. Control the amount of blood sugar in the body

For patients with diabetes, follow your doctor's instructions, good control of blood sugar in the body will quickly reduce the discomfort symptoms of hand numbness.

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3.Enhance the supplement of green vegetables and blood supplements

Beef, eggs, liver, jute, amaranth, spinach, broccoli, watercress, etc. are very good foods for patients with anemia, especially brain anemia. Make sure these foods are included in your daily diet to provide adequate blood flow to your brain, helping to combat unpleasant numbness symptoms.

4. Use Himalayan pink salt stone to massage to support the treatment process

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For a long time, the Himalayan pink rock has been known to contain a lot of beneficial minerals, completely pure that nature has bestowed on us, including negative ions to help convert energy. Especially, sodium ion will help the blood circulation in the body more effectively, reduce the pressure on the veins, help the hand numbness disappear or be relieved significantly.

In addition, you can also cook Himalayan pink ice for soaking hands, can add in a little ginger to keep warm. Pink salt water helps to dilate blood vessels, so blood circulation is also better, helping the symptoms of pain in the hands relieved. In the Himalayan pink rock salt, there are many minerals, so minerals will penetrate into the body, replenish the missing body substances, help increase resistance, fight disease.

Do not neglect with the hand numbness, there is a cure to ensure a great health to enjoy a happy time with family, relatives and friends. Hopefully, through this article, you will update yourself more useful knowledge about hand numbness and how to prevent and support effective treatment.

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Additional Knowledge Corner:

Hand is a part of man, having the function of holding. The hand is located at the end of an arm (for humans) or at the end of the forelegs of primates and some other vertebrates.

The hand is one of the most important parts of the human body. It supports simple operations (such as grasping a large object) or more complex operations (such as picking up a small pebble). The fingers are the dense concentration of nerves, the place that receives the most tactile feedback, and the largest position on the human body. Therefore, the sense of human contact is closely connected with the hands.

Like other organs (ears, eyes, legs), each hand is controlled by an opposing brain hemisphere. The right hand is commanded by the left hemisphere and vice versa.[1] Therefore, being ambiguous (the habit of writing, using your hands heavily in different activities) clearly reflects the characteristics of each individual.

Each human being has two hands. But monkeys are often known to have four hands because their toes are long like fingers. Such a structure allows monkeys to use their feet for hand tasks. In addition, some other primates have longer toes than human fingers.

According to the Anatomy of the Hand, There are Parts:
Skeletal system
Muscles and ligaments

Source see more here:àn_tay


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