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Dony Mask Difference With Plain Fabric Masks

Dony Mask Difference With Normal Fabric Masks 1 2020

The difference of the Dony Mask and normal fabric masks

Sapo: Not natural Dony Mask can be exported to many countries around the world and is trusted by many domestic and foreign consumers. So what is the difference of Dony Mask with conventional fabric masks? Follow the shared article below, we will answer specifically for you!

Dony Mask differences from normal fabric masks

Of course, there must be a difference to be enough to convince users, in a period when the epidemic is extremely complicated and unpredictable.

Different from conventional fabric masks with only 1 layer, Dony masks are produced by the company according to an antibacterial standard process, which has achieved the quality targets under Decision 870 / QD BYT, which was added in early 2020. Accordingly, the product will have 3 standard classes:

  • The outer layer with strong water resistance, helps prevent saliva, prevents virus from contacting directly with others, especially infected people.
  • The middle layer helps to prevent dust and other harmful substances in the air
  • The inner layer with antibacterial up to 99,99% helps to disinfect the user's saliva.

Dony Mask Difference With Normal Fabric Masks 2 2020

Dony antibacterial fabric mask possesses 3 quality standard layers

Not stopping there, Dony masks are also sterilized by EO (Ethylene Oxide) gas technology, which has an optimal antimicrobial and anti-virus effect, widely used in medical fields such as mask production, protective gear and gloves.

After a period of research, the Director of Dony Company uses EO gas sterilization technology even on product packaging. This helps to ensure absolute antibacterial, users who buy and use do not worry about virus infection and can be used immediately when peeling the seal without having to wash again. Not to mention, each stitch stitch of Dony Mask is meticulously made to bring luxury and elegance right from the product's packaging.

Dony Mask Difference With Normal Fabric Masks 3 2020

Dony Mask packaging using EO sterilization technology is absolutely safe

If in normal fabric masks, after a few times, the antibacterial and aesthetic properties will be lost. The Dony antibacterial fabric mask can be used after more than 30 washings with soap. In particular, in a test of the Global Quality Certification Organization, after 60 times of washing Dony Mask, it still ensures good anti-splash and UV resistance with an antibacterial rate of 99.9%.

Thanks to the outstanding advantages mentioned above, Dony masks are considered as a protective device that ensures both the prevention of epidemics, while bringing convenience, saving and safety to consumers, along with the friendliness. environmentally friendly.

Dony Mask Difference With Normal Fabric Masks 4 2020

Dony Mask possesses many outstanding advantages and is safe for the user

However, in terms of style and color, Dony masks are not as diverse and rich as ordinary fabric masks. With 2 main colors of black and white, the product is suitable for all fashion styles, but in this period of fragile life and death, the user's priority is still a qualified mask. international medical standards.

The reason to choose Dony Company to import antibacterial fabric masks?

Dony is a company with many years of experience in the garment industry, able to produce a full package from raw materials to finished products. Currently, with a large factory scale and large human resources, Dony Garment Co., Ltd. can produce and supply to the market more than 300,000 masks a day, to meet both consumer needs. domestically and exported to all countries where Covid-19 is being epidemic.

Up to the present time, Dony has exported tens of millions of anti-splash fabric masks called Dony Mask to the US, Europe (France, Germany, UK) and many other countries such as Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Singapore, Japan, ... All Dony Mask products are certified by FDA, CE, certified from Intertek, Reach, ...

Note: Dony Mask does not retail in Vietnam, it only focuses on supplying large quantities to exporters and only distributes in Vietnam (with price support policies) in the stage of the domestic masking market. Stabilization.

Dony Mask Difference With Normal Cloth Masks 5 2020

Dony Company - a reputable and quality unit to import antibacterial fabric pages

Some of the benefits of becoming a Dony Mask partner / agent:

  • Became the sole representative of Dony Company to exclusively sell Dony Masks in the territory.
  • Get the best price policy and prioritize the production order.
  • Full support for sales and production team.
  • Transfer all customers related to the area under the management agent.
  • Upload information, images, ... on the official website of Dony.
  • Free sample (logo, label, packaging) according to customer's request.
  • Support for papers and certificates according to customer requirements.
  • Exclusive protection policy for customers.
  • Being Dony communicates and promotes on domestic and foreign channels.

Through the benefits introduced above, you must have an answer to the question: What is the reason to choose Dony Company to import antibacterial fabric pages? Hope that the article shared above will help you clearly see the difference between Dony Mask and normal fabric masks. As well as being able to make the right decision, in choosing which unit to import antimicrobial pages for distribution in your country!

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