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What is the use of Himalaya pink mineral salt?

How to use Himalaya pink mineral salt?


The regular use Himalaya pink mineral salt (used diluted to drink or as a seasoning seasoning) has caused any negative reactions to the body?

DamiLama A:

A teaspoon of crystals Himalaya pink mineral salt contains about 0.1 grams of salt. This small amount of salt has a positive effect on our bodies because it contains up to 84 different useful minerals. According to many studies, Himalayan salt Do not pose a danger when taken regularly. Yes, if you are experiencing problems with blood pressure and kidneys, and are concluded by your doctor because of daily salt intake, then you should consult your doctor before use.

However, pink mineral salt crystals are considered to support the metabolism of nutritional compounds for the body, help stabilize blood sugar, support the treatment of many diseases, so it is recommended. used in place of daily salt.

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What is the use of Himalaya pink mineral salt? 1 2020

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What is the use of Himalaya pink mineral salt? 2 2020

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Himalaya Salt And Body Detoxification

What is the use of Himalaya pink mineral salt? 3 2020


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