Feng Shui Himalaya Salt Lamp

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Give the gallery a unique, impressive and practical health benefits, Feng Shui Himalaya Salt Lamp at the shop DamiLama popular with many people.

Outstanding advantages of Feng Shui Himalaya Salt Lamp

Feng shui salt stone lamps in a very unique decoration

Feng shui salt stone lamp at DamiLama

Rough blocks of rock salt with an angular appearance have the ability to create a special attraction. When lighting the lamp, soft orange light radiate cozy and gentle. This light does not cause dazzling to the opposite, but it is very comfortable and pleasant. Therefore, the lamp is very suitable to put in the living room, reading room or in the bedroom.

When heated to a certain temperature, the salt rock crystals emit useful negative ions, destroying airborne bacteria, balancing moisture, absorbing dust particles. Therefore, the space where the lights will be placed will become healthier, users' health will be significantly improved. Depending on the area of the narrow space, you can arrange salt stone bowl as effective air purifiers.

Himalaya salt rock lamp when using does not consume power, while ensuring safety for users, friendly with the natural environment. Just connect the adapter to the power supply, adjust the light to the appropriate level, this salt stone lamp will promote many of its effective uses.

Feng shui salt stone lamp in DamiLama shop Designed in shape the stone bowl of feng shui stone lamp (hollowed out in the bowl), helps to collect air and fortune from four directions. Therefore, in addition to health benefits, this lamp also helps people display prosperity, prosperity, and peace of mind.

Feng shui salt stone lamp will bring benefits to your health?


+ Useful minerals (more than 80 types of minerals) and negative ions emitted from rock salt crystals will help us balance energy, relax mental efficiency.

+ Filter out dirt, the space is polluted by smoke, cigarette smoke, helping the air more fresh

+ Suction electromagnetic waves emitted from electronic devices such as TVs, phones, computers, ...

+ Support treatment of respiratory diseases: asthma, asthma, pneumonia, sore throat

+ Promote effective immune system, help the body fight diseases related to season changes

+ The gentle light of the lamp is considered to have the ability to stabilize the mind, reduce anxiety, stress effectively

+ Improve the state of body weakness, help deep sleep and better sleep

Features Himalaya feng shui salt stone lamp at DamiLama shop:


Lamp weight:

+ Compact size, does not occupy an area so very suitable placed in many different spaces

+ Commitment of natural Himalayan pink salt rock, imported directly from Pakistan

+ Unique shape design, keeping the natural beauty of rock salt crystals

+ Solid wooden base, prevent oxidation of contact surfaces

+ Incandescent light bulbs, plugs ensure quality, durability and safety


+ Install a filament bulb, connect it to a power source and adjust your favorite brightness

+ Lighting lights day and night or at fixed times

+ Put lights in the living room, reading room, bedroom, office or any private space

+ When you see the phenomenon of "sweating", you just need to wipe clean with a clean towel

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Uses Himalayan Rock Salt

Contact Damilama - Himalayan rock salt You will be advised on Uses of pink salt and the most appropriate way to use feng shui salt stone lamps. At the same time if you care about feng shui then perhaps the article about the list feng shui rocks will make you satisfied, adding your general knowledge in a comprehensive way. And if you like feng shui in beauty, with the face up, with your eyebrows, you can refer to the article Feng Shui Eyebrows - Secret to Change Generals.

Feng shui salt stone lamps supply energy for the whole house

Feng shui salt stone lamp is the perfect choice for those who like feng shui and like decoration

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