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Health care by Himalayan rock salt bed Although it is a new trend in Vietnam, it has been well received and loved by many people. The salt stone bed is the favorite because this type has many outstanding uses. When heated to the appropriate temperature, the crystals form Mineral salts Himalayan persimmon radiates negative ions and many beneficial minerals, absorbed into the body.

Himalaya Rock Massage stone bed It is one of the most well-known healthcare therapies that not only brings a sense of relaxation and also helps users to treat many acute and chronic diseases.

Himalaya rock salt bed price

Product Himalayan DamiLama Pink Salt Bed

Health care by bed Himalayan rock salt Although it is a new trend in Vietnam, it has been well received and loved by many people. The salt stone bed is the favorite because this type has many outstanding uses. When heated to the right temperature, Himalayan pink salt crystals emit negative ions and many beneficial minerals, absorbed into the body, supporting the treatment of evidence:

+ Body aches, poor circulation

+ Reduce the symptoms of numbness in the limbs in the elderly

+ Help the body eliminate toxins accumulated under skin cells

+ Help sleep better, deeper and relieve stress, anxiety, depression

+ Prevention of stroke, myocardial ischemia, stroke

+ Stimulate blood circulation function, respiratory activity rhythm

+ Supporting effective treatment of aches and pains, degenerative spondylitis, cold symptoms

+ Bring positive energy, help you feel healthier and more comfortable

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Also, use Himalayan rock salt bed It also has the ability to support mothers after birth to reduce belly fat quickly, helping the body recover health

Why should you choose DamiLama Himalaya rock bed?


+ Damilama is committed to rock salt Direct import from Pakistan (at the largest Khewra salt mine in the world)

+ Bed frame made of natural wood, safe and firm

+ Beds have a compact design that meets high aesthetics

+ The accompanying accessories such as wires, plugs are high quality products

+ The product does not consume electricity, saves costs for users

+ High product durability, full efficiency over a long period of time

+ Especially, when buying the product, you will be advised by DamiLama counselors specifically about the best use and usage.

+ Bed design Himalayan rock salt according to customers' needs

How to use the Himalayan rock bed


+ Plug in the power for about 30 minutes before lying down and adjust the temperature of the bulb to heat up slowly

+ When the body temperature is suitable, lie down in bed for 30-60 minutes

+ Before lying down and after lying down, drink a full glass of water

Owning one Himalayan rock salt bed To relax, when tired or too busy or heavy rain, cannot come to Spa. Compared to the great uses that this bed brings, the cost to own it is completely inexpensive.

Please contact DamiLama To put yourself a suitable bed, optimal care for your health and loved ones next to you!

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The company specializes in the production of himalaya salt stone lamps Why rock salt bed is widely trusted Should rock salt beds not use Salt rock bed should be used for people with heart disease

Ps: In addition to the product of rock salt bed with high price of rock beds, you can choose another product which is equally good in quality and effectiveness to support treatment. Foot Massage Salt Box. And this is much more convenient, compact and just turn on the light to set foot on each day, for better health. And if you want to see more specific benefits, you can read the article Top 15 benefits of mineral rock health benefits.


Uses Himalayan Rock Salt


Contact Damilama - Himalayan rock salt You will be advised on the usage and usage himalaya pink salt and himalaya salt rock bed most effectively in beauty and health promotion.

+ You can view and learn more about the article Meaning of gemstones. If you really care about the rocks and its meaning for health, and for many other problems in life.

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5 reviews for Giường Đá Muối Himalaya Massage

  1. Meo Con -

    How old are you now?

    • Damilama - Himalayan Salt Rock -

      Please contact 0931 880 674 please.
      Because this is an order, so my side will follow your customers' orders.

    • Damilama - Himalayan Salt Rock -

      Depending on your requirements on the amount of himalaya rock salt designed and how the bed model, I will have a specific price for you.

  2. Ms. Thuy -

    This is made entirely from rock salt

    • Damilama - Himalayan Salt Rock -

      Yes sir.
      According to this bed model, my side is made entirely of himalaya salt stones with a thickness of 5cm.
      The product is really like the picture

  3. Truc Nguyen -

    Same day where you borrowed the oi shop

  4. Nam Hai -

    She looks so cute doing yoga in bed ... 😀
    Can I buy one but with less ice? Because like me, it seems bigger than the house

    • Damilama - Himalayan Salt Rock -

      According to your request with the number of salt stones and your size.
      By the side of the bed we will accept orders to suit each person's needs

  5. mai thuy duong -

    I want to know the price of rock salt beds

    • Damilama - Himalayan Salt Rock -

      What kind of rock bed do you want?
      My side only sells rock salt beds of 12 tablets only.
      And information about salt rock bed ban please see at https://damilama.vn/san-pham/giuong-da-muoi-himalaya-massage/
      For prices please give your phone number or contact our hotline 0931880674

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