Himalayan Salt Salt Basket

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Product Himalaya Salt Salt Lamp Basket:

+ Lamp Basket - Wooden

+ Himalayan Salt Rock

+ Control Light Set Dark

Himalayan salt rock basket Damilama is one of Damilama's exclusive design products that brings you a unique light, warm glow and effective air purification.

Himalaya 6 Salt Stone Lamp Basket 2020

Features of Lamp basket Himalayan rock salt

+ Lamp basket made of high quality natural wood

+ Elegant design, exquisite and unique

+ 100% rock salt imported from Pakistan

+ Supplied accessories: light control kit, plug, ...

If you like a unique, "handmade" rock salt lamp, DamiLama's Himalaya salt rock basket will be your perfect choice.

We have custom designed the lamp basket from natural wood, thoroughly treated by termites to ensure the quality of use. The design impresses many people because it retains the wild, natural look of precious rock salt blocks. A dark and light controller is placed in the middle of the rocky salt cube to create a warm, gentle light. When you want to increase or decrease the light, you just adjust it on the attached device. All operations are extremely simple and easy. The light emitted from the basket of lamps is very gentle, does not affect the sight of the people around.

- You can buy light baskets and put in the following positions to create the effect of detoxifying and purifying the air environment:

+ Put in the living room, bedroom, desk

+ Put lights near computers, electronic devices

+ Put in spaces polluted by dust, smoke

+ Or any space you want to create fresh air

Like Natural salt rock lamp, square salt rock lamp, this basket also performs ion exchange reactions, absorbing speed, keeping the environment clean. Light the salt stone lamp basket regularly, you will find it effective in supporting the treatment of a number of ailments:

+ Respiratory depression, ear - nose - throat infection

+ Weather allergy, pollen allergy

+ Poor resistance

+ Metabolic disorders, chronic insomnia

+ Brings relaxation, mental comfort, increases the ability to focus

DamiLama salt rock basket Suitable as gifts sent to relatives, friends on a special occasion. Believe, this will be the most unique and meaningful gift for those you care about.

Uses Himalayan Rock Salt

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Contact Damilama - Himalayan rock salt You will be advised on the best use and usage of rock salt.

Himalaya 7 Salt Stone Lamp Basket 2020

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  1. Nam Hai -

    Give me an hour to come this evening.
    Can this be used in sleep room?

    • Damilama - Himalayan Salt Rock -

      This rock salt lamp basket to be in your bedroom.
      You are at any address for your side to contact.


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