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Salt stone lamp square Make an impression at first sight because the product possesses a perfect square appearance.

Square salt rock lamp - Himalayan Salt Stone Light Massage - Cheap Feng Shui

Salt stone display square, strong family ties


+ Shapes in feng shui The square blown onions attracts sustainable energies related to relationships and families. If your life and relationships are in trouble and chaos, you should use the power from square feng shui salt stone lamps. It will help you quickly regain balance, help things become more prosperous, more convenient.

+ In addition, the lamp is made from rock salt blocks exploited at Khewra mine (Pakistan) - the largest salt rock quarry in the world, so it will have a soft pinkish-orange color. This natural color, when lit by an internal filament bulb, will give off a warm, non-dazzling glow.

+ Salt feng shui stone lamp Can be used as an ornament or act as an effective natural detox machine. When heated, the lamp disperses ions into the air, promotes a balanced charge reaction, absorbs harmful positive ions and emits negative ions to keep the environment clean. Besides, the product is also appreciated by its ability to deodorize, hook fungus, bacteria and pollen allergens.

+ Reference corner: Top 15 facts about rock salt

Product characteristics of rock salt himalaya DamiLama


The product possesses many outstanding advantages, quality commitment:


+ Goods imported directly from Pakistan, without intermediaries

+ Accessories with plug, light bulb, stand, ... made from quality materials, ensuring safety when used

+ Block of square salt, beautiful natural colors

+ Retail at wholesale prices

Square salt rock lamp suitable for all different subjects:


+ Office workers, who often come into contact with computers

+ People with a history of pollen allergy, weather allergy, breathing problems (sore throat, pneumonia, rhinitis, frequent cough, etc.)

+ Elderly, young children

+ People living in an air environment with lots of smoke, cigarette smoke

+ People with poor resistance, sleep disorders

How to use square salt rock lamps:


+ Put lights on your desk, living room, bedroom or space to purify

+ Plug in the light chain (note the stable power source to ensure the lamp's durability)

+ When the lamp has crystallized phenomenon (sweating), use a clean towel to wipe around

+ Do not place outdoor lights, wet areas

Next Natural Hiamalaya salt stone lamp good rock salt lamp basket, currently salt square lamp product of square DamiLama are very popular. Be the next to own this unique lamp, make sure you will be satisfied with the great benefits that it brings.


See More Of A Square Image Of Salt Stone Lamp

SQUARE SALT STONE LIGHTS have an additional design of the steaming tray of essential oils, which helps absolute relaxation, brings a sense of comfort and a healthy body. The Himalayan Square Salt Lamp is made from rocks extracted from the Himalayan natural salt quarry with shapes crafted by experts. Buy [Feng Shui Lamp] Salt Stone Lamp 4.6kg Big Size Square Import Genuine Himalaya good price. Buy online, reputable and convenient. Himalayan Salt Salt Lamp Square Pots. ... Salt Rock Flower Lights. Pricing. See details. Cylindrical Salt Salt Lamp Natural Himlaya Salt Lamp And What You Need To Know

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Uses Himalayan Rock Salt

Contact Damilama - Himalayan rock salt You will be consulted about the square salt salt lamp product in the most honest way. Regarding the lights, about the rocks, do you know the The meaning of natural gemstones is not? And in the present nature How many types of feng shui stone is not? If you know, please share with DamiLama as well as with everyone about this secret.

Square salt stone lamp with quality or not

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