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Salt stone lamp round... immerse yourself in feng shui

Not only promote the great use in eating, health care and beauty, Himalayan rock salt It is also a good feng shui item.

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Absorb the essence with heaven and earth

+ Formed thousands of centuries ago, deep in the foothills of the Himalayas, surrounded by layers of lava and ice cold from the plate tectonics of continental Asia - Europe - Australia, Himalayan salt rock near As exists in a sterile environment not affected by any water and air pollution.

+ Scientists have researched and evaluated that this salt is very pure and contains many good minerals and micronutrients, capable of helping the metabolism in the human body. Without stopping, people also discovered that, with the help of heat, Himalayan rock salt will produce negative ions.

+ These negative ions have a great effect to balance positive ions, eliminating the toxic particles of smoke, dust and bacteria that help detoxify and purify the air. The tremendous effect has partly helped feng shuiists find more feng shui articles for humans.

+ They have researched and manipulated salt rock into lamps with many different shapes such as round, oval, pyramid, buddha statues, ... arranged both in living space and working places for the purpose improve feng shui, produce more prosperity, positive energy resources, and take away toxins to turn into healthy.


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Salt stone lamp round ... cubes of luck and fortune


+ Round is the safe shape, luckiest because of the five elements it represents yellow onions and also symbolizes the number 6, No. 7. And from that, the Himalayan salt stone lamp is round. People love it, prefer it all.

If 6 is money ...

+ Chinese pronunciation of the number 6 is similar to the words "rich", "smoothly", "lucrative", so that it has become a number containing many peaceful things. At the same time, Western arithmetic holds that the number 6 represents sacrifice and support, showing a clear sense of genuine concern, ready to give away what has been received by man.

..., then 7 is the connection

+ Oriental Feng Shui considers that the relationship of the element Kim in the five elements is the unity and connection of friendship with other relationships in human life. Western learners, the number 7 represents the truth seeker. It is also a spiritual number, symbolizing those who do not care about appearance and always uncover the mysteries deep inside.

Uses Himalayan Rock Salt

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Contact Damilama - Himalayan rock salt You will be advised on the best use and usage of rock salt.

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