Stone Salt Lamp Drop Shape

DamiLama Water Drop Salt Light Lamp not only refreshes the air, effectively removes toxic gases in the air, but also makes the space shimmer and more pure!

Stone Salt Lamp Drop Shape - Gifts from Mother Nature

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Himalayan rock salt which is known as the Vitamin of earth and sky because of its strange formation and almost absolute purity. Containing more than 84 different types of minerals, and almost these are the important components that must be present in the human body, the mineral salt crystals are increasingly used in many fields. Not only has a beauty effect, aids treatment of disease or participates in cuisine, rock salt is also famous for its ability to purify the air. When placed rock salt in a certain space, especially if heated to a certain temperature, useful negative ions will radiate, trapping dust particles, while simultaneously absorbing positive ions, helping the atmosphere always fresh.

Outstanding benefits of Water Drop Shaped Salt Stone Lamp at DamiLama

Simultaneously meet the following factors: decoration, dehumidification and air purification, salt lamp shaped like a drop of water of the DamiLama Can accompany you in health care for yourself, your loved ones nearby.

+ Lights are crafted from Himalayan pink salt rock, direct import of pakistan.

+ When connected to the power source will emit a warm, pleasant light, helping to reduce stress, fatigue or anxiety.

+ When heating the lamp, negative ions will be released to purify the air.

+ Ability to eliminate harmful ions, dirt and bacteria.

+ Absorb electromagnetic waves generated from electromagnetic equipment.

+ Support for treatment of respiratory diseases, insomnia, poor resistance.

Not only have many practical benefits for physical and mental health, salt stone lamps also create unique accents for the exhibition space. Designed in the form of natural water droplets, the lamp creates a close cohesion. When displaying this lamp will help promote positive energy production, helping us to receive more luck in life and work.

Where should I put the Water Drop Shaped Salt Stone Lamp?


To achieve the aforementioned benefits, DamiLama suggests that you display the lights in the following locations:

+ In the living room, near the place where electronic devices such as computers, TVs, radios, etc. are located

+ Put in the bedroom for adults or small children

+ In massage, treatment room or Spa

+ Suitable lamps placed in areas with lots of dust, smoke

+ Or any private space you want

Salt stone lamp drop shape OK DamiLama Solid wood base design, high quality light bulb and extension cord, ensure product durability and user safety. When using you absolutely assured because the lamp does not consume much power, easily adjust the brightness increase and decrease as you like.

In addition, the water droplet symbol is the beginning of all phenomena. - Launching the water, where lighting the water drop symbol helps everything around is always fresh and rich.

With these outstanding advantages, Stone Salt Lamp Drop Shape of the DamiLama Will definitely make you satisfied. Quickly book yourself the "magic" lamp and experience life in the best way!

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Uses Himalayan Rock Salt

Contact Damilama - Himalayan rock salt You will be advised on the best use and usage of rock salt.

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