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A smooth, smooth skin is always the dream of many women. The types of cosmetics currently on the market appear quite a lot and are favored by women to buy about skin care. But the problem is that even expensive cosmetics do not see the effect as advertised. So, besides the geographic problems, are there any other causes that we do not know?

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It is the dead cells, the dead skin cells have not been removed, so that the nutrients cannot fully absorb to promote the effect. And now, if we have found the cause, let's find a solution to them.

Why exfoliate on the body?

In daily skin care, exfoliating is considered extremely important, because the excess skin after removal will promote the new skin regeneration process faster, bringing ruddy skin. , full of life. Normally, this scrub removes about 4 to 5 layers of dead skin, you see, if you don't exfoliate, this layer of skin will thicken, making the skin aging process faster and come Skin will not be able to recover at some point. The exfoliation also contributes to the removal of melanin pigments that darken the skin, remove dirt, lubricants, prevent acne from forming and help the skin to be more open to receiving nutrients.

Exfoliation should be done twice a week for normal skin and for women aged 25 and over. If you are a sensitive skin type, you should do it once a week. However, do not overdo it because your skin will be more prone to abrasion, affecting the structure of the skin.

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4 formulas to exfoliate skin with easy-to-find ingredients

  1. Rice bran and fresh milk without sugar

The ingredients in rice bran and fresh milk contain vitamins B1, B2, E and lipids, proteins so in addition to exfoliating effects, the mixture also provides the necessary nutrients to help skin more smooth, bright and healthy. You only need to mix the mixture into a gelatinous mass and rub gently on damp skin, massage for 10 minutes and rinse with water. A week should do 1-2 times offline.

  1. Oats and fresh milk

Oats have a whitening and moisturizing effect on the skin, in fresh milk containing many vitamins. This mixture not only helps remove excess skin, it also works to balance the moisture, brighten the skin, give the skin a new look.

If you do not have fresh milk, you can also replace it with yogurt without sugar and after applying the mixture on your skin, you should rinse with warm water to promote the highest effect.

  1. Coffee grounds and coconut oil

You can take advantage of coffee grounds combined with coconut oil and then massage on the entire body. Coffee helps to clean up the dirt hidden deep in the skin, in addition, it also contains many antioxidants, helps skin stay fresh and coconut oil provides moisture. Besides, coffee also has a soothing scent, which helps to relax the spirit very well.

  1. Exfoliate with salt and olive oil

In the salt there are ingredients that help kill bacteria, antiseptic so when combined with olive oil will help skin soft, light.

You can also substitute sea salt with Himalaya pink salt. If the salt usually has a good antiseptic effect, the Himalayan pink salt will not only help clean the skin, but also contains 84 essential minerals that provide skin with nutrients. In addition, pink salt also purifies the negative energy in the body. You can both cleanse the skin and help cleanse the spirit of being swept away by the stresses and fatigue of life.

The "miraculous" effects of Himalayan pink salt rock researched and proven a lot, you can refer to more. Himalaya pink salt stone will help you change new clothes for your skin, helping your body healthy from the inside out.

The procedure is quite simple, just mix the salt and olive oil in equal proportions, then rub gently on the body for 10 minutes and rinse with clean water. Olive oil will also help provide moisture and smooth skin.

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The above-mentioned body scrubs are extremely safe and effective with easy-to-find ingredients that you can apply every week and should be patient. There are also some notes that do not overdo exfoliation too much, the skin will be prone to thinning and damage. Not recommended for skin that is showing signs of allergy or itchy rashes. When done, you should be gentle, especially sensitive areas. Exfoliation should be done in the evening, as this is the best time for the skin to rest after being purified.

I wish you success and own your own healthy glowing skin.

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