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Water Eyebrow Tattooing Few Days

Spray tattoo water abstain for several days? Do you know? This is the answer post about that.

Desires and needs beauty is more and more perfect, more and more perfect? Yes, that is the common pursuit of the vast majority of people today, of all genders. Because quality of life is increasingly improved, so eating, dressing and beauty is of course.

And obviously eyebrow spray, Eyebrow embroidery spray Or sculpting eyebrows is a trend, an obvious beauty trend today to help the face become more impressive, more attractive. And Spray eyebrow tattoo, eyebrow embroidery spray must abstain from water? Eyebrow tattoo abstain from water several days? Find answers with the information below.

What is the best time for spraying eyebrow tattoo for days?

Spray tattoo water abstain for several days

Sculpting eyebrows should abstain from water - Spraying tattoo eyebrows abstaining for several days (Source: Photo Collections)

What is Spray Tattoo, Eyebrow Embroidery?

The concept is a precise and simple explanation, so it does not need to be understood deeply, then, eyebrow tattooing, eyebrow embroidery is a technique, the method of using the device is a tattoo spraying machine. attach the tiny needle, use the needle to ink inside the skin to create stripes, lines similar to the natural eyebrow plus. But when implementing this method, it is necessary to measure, draw and create with reasonable pre-existing proportions. Depending on the trend, depending on the face, the results of the eyebrow tattoo spray will be different for each person, each preference, but the method, the procedure is the same.

The women are very popular today because Korean eyebrow tattoo spray technology is very hot and trendy. To have a beautiful eyebrow need a harmonious combination between professionals, aesthetic technicians, technology, genuine safe tattoo ink and proper care of your process after tattooing. And just like that, when you combine all these factors together, you have a beautiful, perfect eyebrow.

How long eyebrows abstain spray How to protect eyebrows LONG

Need to abstain from water for a few days after spraying eyebrow embroidery - Spraying tattoo eyebrows abstaining from water for a few days (Source: Photo Collections)

Eyebrow tattoo abstain from water for several days and yes or no?

Eyebrow tattoo spray is sure to abstain from water. Because spraying tattoos, embroidering eyebrows is an invasive act, hurting the skin to put tattoo ink inside and stored in the epidermis. For any invasive lesions on the skin, it is necessary to abstain from water because this is a necessity, in addition to the water, the ink will be damaged, your tattoo will be smudged, not standardized and made. Your eyebrows are not beautiful, not in the mold anymore. Moreover, the tattoo ink that is applied to the skin needs to be dry and self-peeled like that to create a beautiful and even color, but when touching water, sticky water, the drying time of the ink layer will be longer, the color The ink discolored, did not produce the desired color. Or even worse is that your wound will not heal because of water, which leads to infections and bad effects on your health.

Spray tattoo water abstain for several days?

For reasons of tattooing whether you need to abstain from water or not, it can be confirmed once again that it is necessary to abstain from water spray after tattooing. So how many days of water Eyebrow Spray?

Depending on the location of each person, the period from spraying the eyebrow tattoo to the ink self-peeling will be in the range of 5 to 7 days. Therefore, because of beauty, because of your health, you need to abstain from water for the first week after performing eyebrow spray to make everything perfect.

So water abstaining from you is enough? Not yet, besides water abstinence, you should pay attention to some of the issues that should be chosen addresses, beauty salons specializing in reputable beauty, with a team of experienced professionals. No scams to make the best. 

How long after spraying eyebrows abstain so as not to cause turning

Eyebrow tattoo abstain from water for a few days and Water after tattoo eyebrow to do (Source: Photo Collections)

Some other notes should abstain after eyebrow spray:

+ Use topical, oral medications if they follow the instructions of the cosmetic technician or technician to perform the procedure.

+ Do not eat foods made from sticky rice because it is easy to swollen wounds, seafood dishes, chicken hurt wounds, beef, vegetables, ... -> Diets within the prescribed time is best . Do not crave but stubbornly eat.

+ Limit or should not use coffee, alcohol and dark soy sauce.

Above are some additional notes should not be so, how about the person after spraying embroidery eyebrow aesthetic?

+ Eat and supplement a lot of fresh fruits

+ Drink more water and actively eat more green vegetables

Ps: Depending on the location of each person, the flaking, on the eyebrow of the eyebrow will be from 1 to 3 months. Therefore, you need to keep carefully, abstain and follow the instructions until the eyebrows are flaking off. Also need any advice on how to beautify the eyebrows as well as about the problem after tattooing what the eyebrow needs and how can contact Miss Tram according to the contact information below to be Consulting, answering in the best way.

Miss Tram wishes you all always beautiful and beautiful

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