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Lip Spray Is Done To Wash The Face

Along with a theme After spraying, whether or not the tattoo is done? Or you can see the article How Long To Stay Hydrated Collagen Lip Spray But in this article the subject of DamiLama Share would be: Can I wash my face after spraying? The following article is intended to advise you who are inquiring about issues after spraying the lips Aim after spraying to help lips turn up a beautiful color, the best color.

Lip Spray Is Done To Be Washed 1 2020

Lip spray should choose the most beautiful, hottest color today?

Can I wash my face after spraying my lips?

Should not - This is the fastest, most concise and most concise answer to this question. Because actually the question "Can I wash my face after spraying my lips?" is an answer question OK or Is not.

But surely such an answer is enough for you to know, but not enough to make you satisfied, right? Because there will be small questions like: Why should not wash face after lip spray? What will happen if you wash your face after spraying your lips?… .. Then go into detail why advise the sisters Do not wash your face immediately after spraying your lips Come on.

Lip Spray Done Having Washed The Face No 2 2020

Actual pictures before and after lip spray 3 days and 1 month

Because if after lip spray If women are active, exposed to water too soon, it will easily lead to the phenomenon of color change, which will affect the color results after spraying. And after lip spray is already impacting lips(Can be visualized as a wound)If you get wet and accidentally do not dry it, this may take longer to heal. Overall after spraying the lips then you should not wash your face for 3 to 5 days, more specifically you should not be active for 3 to 5 days. As for washing your face, you can use a wet washcloth to wipe your face (avoid the lip area) instead of flushing water directly on your face as usual.

And surely many sisters use face wash when washing their faces, right? But after spraying your lips, you should not use a facial cleanser. And as mentioned above, women should clean their face by using a damp cloth to wipe(Recommended to use towels dipped in warm water and squeezed dry).

Lip Spray Done Having Washed The Face 3 2020

Pictures before and after the lip spray Collgen

Wait until lips are gone then you can wash your face as usual without any diet. And with the lip peeling off depending on the location of each person quickly or long. Therefore, above DamiLama advises that you should only wash your face after 3 to 5 days, because this is also the average time when your lips will peel off.

(Attention: There are many cases where the site can take up to 7 days or more to come off. Women who fall into this case, after 5 days have not come off all, can go to the salon or spa where they sprayed their lips or take pictures of the situation and send them to them for specific advice, and be treated. Quick mind if there are any problems.)

So the above probably solved the question and the question as above "Should I wash my face after spraying my lips?" of sisters, right? And now need to know and add additional lip care step after tattoo spray. Read on ...

Excellent lip care after spraying tattoo


Why sanitation is shared first. There are many other articles that share first but for other factors DamiLama Cleaning is the most important and essential for the job lip care after tattoo spray.

Because the lip care after tattoo spraying is not inflamed, dry and cracked, the peeling of your lips will turn up as desired, with a beautiful lip shape. It is not advisable to wash your face, but eating, you cannot recommend eating 😀 Because you cannot not eat, eating also helps to add vitamins and minerals to make the process of peeling lips and coloring better. So you should pay attention that after eating, you get a towel to soak in warm water and then squeeze it out to wash your lips. If the process is rough and the gold secretions are secreted, do not worry, just take a dry tissue.

Lip Spray Done Having Washed The Face No 4 2020

Do not hesitate if you want to have beautiful and seductive lips

Use medicine

Depending on the location, each person may swell a little or a lot after the lip tattoo spray, but surely there will be swelling in the lips. This phenomenon only occurs during the first 1 to 2 days only and then "disappear" so sisters do not worry too much about this.

If you feel that the swelling in your lips during this time is uncomfortable and painful, then some pain reliever should be used, which will help you feel better. About how these pain relievers are in dosage, which one should be used, there are two ways for you to refer to them: first - You contact to ask the consultant at the spa, beauty salon you did. Monday - You can contact and get advice from your doctor.

Avoid impact from the environment

This is also a hygienic idea. But it is possible to separate here because after the lip spray is finished, you can not stay indoors until the lips are removed, because there are work and many other issues that need you out. So when going out there will be sun, wind and especially dust. That's why when you go out, you need to protect your lips from those problems by wearing a mask to cover it, wearing a helmet with a mirror down to the chin is better 🙂….

And here is the full article suggesting the answer to the problem Lip spray can wash the face right away?” for women in need. And also share some ideas on lip care after tattooing that are drawn from practical experience, practice.

If you have any questions for reference, ask more carefully, you can refer to the information of the salon that DamiLama has done below.(Free consultation, why not try?). Wish you have a beautiful lips, a satisfying lip color and an extremely seductive pair. 😛 (Hint: You can see more articles in the forum General News or Blog Share DamiLama - If the article is good and useful, don't forget to share it.)

Miss Tram Natural Beauty Center - Miss Tram Natural Beauty Center

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Oh! Forgot, Don't think that lip spray, lip tattoo is a beauty method for women. Men also need to beautify their lips, right?

Summary of Article Information
Is Finished Lip Spray Washed Immediately? SHOULD NOT
Perfect Lip Care After Tattooing + Sanitation

+ Take Medicine (if necessary)

+ Avoid impacts from the environment

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