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How long does it take to keep lips hydrated?

Spraying Collagen lips abstain for how long and why must abstain from water after spraying?

What is Collagen Lip Spray?

Collagen lip spray is the most modern and advanced method of tattoo spray technology today. Collagen lip spray aims to increase collagen essence to help regenerate, color and restore the beautiful natural lips of the sisters.

Notes on Collagen Lip Lips

Because of this network, collagen liposuction has been chosen by many women to beautify their lips today. No matter how beautiful the lips are, whatever method you want, you want to have beautiful lips, lips that you want after your beauty, the most important factor is caring, "preserving" at home.

So, how long does Collagen Lip Spray abstain from water? What foods or foods should abstain? ... Together DamiLama See in detail below ...

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The specific nature of the Collagen lip spray method

A good method is the Collagen lip spray technique, which only affects the epidermis of the lips, has no impact and deep damage so the lip skin can recover quickly. However, it can also be considered as an open wound after tattooing, so you need to abstain from water. So the question is, how long will the Collagen lip balm abstain from water?

Address Collagen Lip Spray at tphcm

But first of all, why abstain from water talking about open wounds, spraying lips in particular, when the wound is in a dry state, starting to heal and we expose it to water, it will make the injury dry evenly, resulting in a longer, longer lasting recovery state. And worse if exposing the wound to dirty water, or after contacting with water, do not wipe it off, dry hygiene can lead to infection, greatly affecting health and aesthetics, causing should scar.

Therefore, how long does it take to stay hydrated or more specifically, how long it takes to know before and after beautifying your lips?

How long does it take to keep lips hydrated?

In essence, the answer to the question of how long the collagen-spewing lip balm is virtually impossible to be specific, exactly, it should be in the time span. Because based on reality compared to the method that is the basis of each person is different. And if taken into account a common problem, a perfect condition, the spraying of collagen lipids abstain from 7 to 10 days is the most standard.

Where is the most reputable Collagen Lip Spray

And as mentioned above, depending on the location of each person, according to the preservation and eating, Lip care after tattooing For each person, it only takes 5 days for the lips to peel off and restore completely. It also means that the time of abstaining from water after spraying your lips also decreases.

If it is short, will it be long? Of course there will certainly be cases that last longer than the ideal time mentioned above ie after 10 days. But, do not worry too much about this problem, if your lips are dry normally, there are no strange phenomena that happen to your lips, with your body, you should abstain for a few more days to avoid watering to color. When the lips are peeled off, it looks better and more standard.

How Is Spraying Hydrolyzed Collagen Water?

Water abstinence? How could this be? Not only spraying lips Collagen or beautifying lips by any method, you also need to abstain from water. So how to wash your face? How to brush your teeth? How to drink water? .... This is the question that will follow, not only in the long-term abstinence callagen spray? Here are some tips on how to get your hands on your lips clean:

Tips when choosing Collagen Lips

+ Do not use face wash and splash water directly on the face, but use a towel to dampen and wipe gently, carefully avoiding contact with lips after tattoo spray.

+ Drinking water you can switch from drinking directly to the use of reusable straws, straws to simultaneously protect the environment. 🙂

+ Brush your teeth this part you need to be more careful than, lightly, slowly and avoid the brush impact on your lips too much, too strong. After getting water on your lips, you need to take paper towels, dry towels to absorb water, not be wiped, hit hard, ....

+ Avoid makeup, lipstick ... (Can refer specifically to the article Spray lips after how long is lipstick)


After all, because of beauty, you should take a few days to get the perfect results.

Collagen Lip Spray In addition to Water Replenishment What Need More Diet?

Evaluation of Collagen Lip Spray method

Collagen lips spray abstained for how long, the above has answered you quite sufficient information about the time, right? So in addition to abstaining from water so that the lips can be restored better, the color is more natural and beautiful, what are the issues that need to be noted? Below will share some of the notes:

Avoid, avoid foods such as beef, chicken, seafood and spinach. (See why in the article What Dieting Should I Eat Collagen - This article will share and state in more detail)

+ Avoid direct exposure to sunlight on the lips;

+ Do not use stimulants, drinks with alcohol content;

+ Eat and supplement many fresh fruits and vegetables to provide more vitamins and fiber for the body.

Consequences Of Collagen Lip Spray

Not only the good side will be beautiful lips, sexy lips after tattooing but also the risks, consequences and the ability to find hidden when beautifying lips with tattoo spray. Because, for example, if the problem is atopic allergies, or irritation to foreign objects or objects when impacted, the lip tattoo is very vulnerable to injury, swelling or inflammation.

Lip Water Collagen Lip Balm For How long

Along with the physical problems of each person, the issue of lip tattooing is also the most important. You should choose a more prestigious facility instead of a cheap place to beautify. Because it is definitely more expensive in a reputable facility but that is their price from using genuine natural ink, genuine quality tattoo tools, sterilized and sterilized processes. to avoid bacteria "hiding", muscles afraid of spacious and clean infrastructure, eliminating the growth of bacteria in the air and in the environment.

So maybe the problem here is the answer to the question How long does Collagen Lip Balm stay hydrated and at the same time the article shares more about other abstinence issues, as well as the gain and the possibility of losing when using lip balm tattoo. If you have any questions, you can contact the information below for further advice.

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