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Is Lip Spray Brushed?

After Lip Spray Is Brushed? Lip Spray Should abstain from brushing How Many Days Is Right?

Is #DamiLamaBeauty here…. This article we still talk about the topic Lip tattoo spray and the taboos, should or should not after Lip tattoo spray Please. Specifically, in this article we come to the question as well as the problem that a lot of women ask that is: Can lip spray be brushed? And how long after spraying lips, how many days to brush teeth again normally?... Let's find the answer tree right away, just like the topic Can you wash your face after spraying??

Is Lip Spray Brushed? 1 2020

The secret to oral cleaning when spraying lips without brushing

One thing that is obvious and thorough about the beauty of tattoo spray beauty, namely Lip tattoo spray then #DamiLamaBeauty Always tell you that the results achieved after lip tattoo spraying definitely do not depend on the reputable lip spray address, the skill of a professional lip sprayer, but an extremely important factor, cannot. That is the lack of care.

So work Can lip spray be brushed? has nothing to do with the problem Lip spray must abstain from water or not? How long do you abstain from brushing your teeth after lip spraying and how to take care of your teeth to not only not affect but also contribute to a more beautiful color?

Is Lip Spray Brushed?

SHOULD NOT - It seems that brushing can not be done and is too simple, but no, this has a great impact on recovery and Lip tattoo spray results achieved. Brushing in addition to being Water sticking is a taboo in tattoo spraying Out, sticking toothpaste on the damaged lips will make you feel uncomfortable, painful, burning, painful.

Is Lip Spray Brushed? 2 2020

Should or should not brush teeth when spraying lips (Internet source photo)

And why do you have the above symptoms when toothpaste is on your lips? Because in toothpaste contains a large amount of antiseptic and whitening properties that affect the open wound area, the wound that has not yet healed creates the feeling and symptoms mentioned above. And that is why the dry, healed lips after tattoo spraying are hindered, thereby increasing the risk of leaving scars on the lips, lips not turning up as beautiful color as expected.

That's why brush your teeth after spraying your lips will be determined by the tattoo spraying specialist, the consultant should not, not until the lips are removed, the damaged lip ring is completely restored.

Note: You may answer this problem by being wet with wet water, then dry, clean and dry with toothpaste. But touching water and toothpaste many times before lips peeling will definitely cause a bad effect, increasing the risk of blisters, the possibility of infection on the lips also increases and obviously, the restoration of the lips will not. "perfect".

Lip spray for a few days is best?

The answer to this question in terms of a definite time is not available because it depends on the location of each person involved in the How long does a complete lip peel take. But it is best to follow the advice of Lip tattoo specialist did it for you and for the best then After spray tattooing, you should not clean your mouth with brush for at least 7 days.

Is Lip Spray Brushed? 3 2020

How to clean the mouth when spraying lips (Photo Source Internet)

But on average, the time not brushing with a toothbrush will vary from 5 to 7 days depending on the location. Although it depends on the location but the work proper lip care, scientifically follow instructions, regulations and advice from Lip tattoo specialist will greatly affect the recovery time after spraying lip tattoo long or short. And it is also what determines the impact time to be brushed again after lip spray.

And if you want to know the exact time about how often to brush your teeth then you should consult the specific specialist at the salon that performed for you. Then there will be the most accurate answer and advice.

Lip Spray Done Brushing How?

One thing that agrees with each other is that it is impossible to not clean the mouth even if only one day is a week, right? Nine so to ensure the compromise between Lip care after spray in the best way and the oral hygiene, you should refer to the following issues:

+ Do not brush your teeth with toothbrush and toothpaste but can use normal saline to rinse your mouth 2 to 3 times a day. (See also: Recipes daily dental care with pink himalaya salt)

Is Lip Spray Brushed? 4 2020

Need to brush your teeth gently after the lips are gone (Photo Source Internet)

+ After the lips are removed and the lips have recovered, but be careful not to overdo it "Bold, fast" in days, lips have just recovered. Brushing must be from gentle actions and avoid brushing on the lips as much as possible, but it is best to brush slowly, carefully so that the brush does not rub against the lips. And the brush should also choose a new type with soft bristles to avoid damaging the missed lip area.

Secrets of Lip Care After Spraying

It is possible that these considered confidential instructions came from our share #DamiLamaBeauty There are a lot of shared articles and reviews on the internet. But here is definitely the sharing from my own practical experience that has accumulated from specific instructions after Lip tattoo spray at Miss Tram beauty salon and a number of articles referenced on the Internet. Hope to bring the honesty easy to understand to everyone.

The golden time for the most careful lip care is almost in the first week and the time it takes to achieve a stable long-term result for the cosmetic tattoo spray service in general and lip-tattooing in particular is within the first month since the course.

What diet lip spraying?

#DamiLamaBeauty The opposite with all the other shares is that most of the advice would be What to eat lip spray? first. Here #DamiLamaBeauty Your emphasis is on needing to know about things Lip spray should abstain from what to eat first. From my own experience, it's important to avoid the bad before you know you need to do something good.

Is Lip Spray Brushed? 5 2020

Foods that should not be eaten if you want to spray your lips on beautiful colors (Photo Internet Source)

Then lip spray should abstain from eating? Best as mentioned above, you need to diet foods such as: Beef, Eggs, Water spinach, Seafood, Chicken, ... There are a number of other things depending on the allergic site of the each person. But basically, with a normal site, you should abstain from these foods.

Why should we abstain from the above foods?  Avoid the foods on it because these foods are easy to cause itching, discomfort, .. when your body is damaged and prone to blisters on the lips. Worse, it will leave scars, not beautiful color.

When I have an injury to my limbs, what's wrong with my body? When you are injured on the body except for aesthetic areas (lips, eyebrows, eyes, nose ... generally on the face) you can eat normally, because if there are phenomena such as mentioned above. It also doesn't affect your appearance much. So when it comes to aesthetics, you should abstain from the best.

Abstinence is a thing under control, so when eating but not on purpose, how to handle? Obviously, every problem has a bad chance of unexpected happening and the problem here is how to solve it. When you have to eat clear food list to abstain after lip spraying Then do not worry too much, you should immediately contact the salon, tattoo spray spa to consult, but if you eat and have complications, it is best to contact a specialist to be examined and have the fastest treatment and remedy plan.

What should lip spray eat?

Addressed questions and Lip spray foods should be fasted then, almost all of the food (except for allergens) is eaten. But in particular, the food groups that contain a lot of vitamins and minerals you eat a lot during this period will enhance the body's immunity and shorten the recovery time and the lips are the most beautiful and natural color.

Is Lip Spray Brushed? 6 2020

Lips are beautiful and color fast, so eat foods rich in vitamins (Photo Source Internet)

Specifically the food after lip spray should be eaten are: Broccoli, Tomatoes, Blueberries, Spinach, Raspberries,…. There are many ways to prepare a variety of dishes, you can search for recipes on the Internet. In addition to eating many of the above foods, you need to add fruit juices and especially need to fully replenish water every day from 2 to 2.5 liters of water per day.

The best way to maintain the lips

After Lip spray abstain from brushing teeth Just one part and you need to be more careful about a few issues to care for and condition your lips during this time for the best results. In the matter of lip balm, when you want to use a certain ointment, ointment, or lip balm, consult your doctor for advice on choosing the best cream and avoid choosing a different type of potty. effects and adverse effects.

The above article is only shared with the consultant for you to refer to should brush teeth after lip spraying or not from Lip tattoo spray experience of myself in Miss Tram beauty salon(said above). But it is still best to contact your advisor, lip tattoo specialist directly for you. But you can also consult and advise about Lip tattoo spray service at Miss Tram like I did. Contact me below.

Ps: You can refer to these General News other or word DamiLama blog about beauty articles, health care issues.

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Is Lip Spray Brushed? 7 2020

Abstract Post
Lip spray is not worth the teeth? SHOULD NOT
Lip spray should abstain from brushing for the best few days? About 7 days (especially after the lips are gone and recover)
Lip spray off and restore brushing how? Brush your teeth gently with a soft bristled brush
Secretly take care of lips after spraying + What diet lip spraying?

+ What to eat when spraying lips?

+ The best lip balm

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