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Content copyright - Content copyright Information article on the website, Any visitor when accessing and website means that you have agreed to the following terms on copyright content:

1. Copyright of Post Content:

- All information, article content, content sharing, product content available at the website are owned by DamiLama.

- All information about articles and sharing on the DamiLama website is for reference only, for the purpose of sharing information and knowledge for everyone about the process of learning and collecting information of themselves. . All sharing in all articles is aimed at providing information, the most accurate amount of knowledge based on authentic studies, or synthesizing references from experts, or other experts. Data from the world's leading reputable news sites.

- The articles shared at are news, knowledge about beauty, healthy living, support for treatment of diseases, ... Because of the reference nature and always aim to the most accurate possible because All content on the website may be changed by the administrator at any time without notice. Therefore, it is possible that with two visits, you will see different information. Therefore, DamiLama recommends that you access, regularly monitor article information, news at DamiLama to be able to update the content changes as quickly as possible.

- All articles have no content related to threats, violence, racial discrimination, religious slander, political distortion, content, sexism or any other individual, which organization.

2. Terms of Use Copyright Content

- With information on website, you have the right to measure and use for personal reference, study, collect,… ..

- DamiLama prohibits copying, posting our content on your website, personal blog or organization without DamiLama's permission or sharing without leaving the source of the article from DamiLama.

- Although the writing team, publishing articles has read and processed information to be the most accurate and accurate, but in the process of learning, drafting, posting, it is possible for a reason. Therefore, the information may not be accurate, so when reading, you need to choose the time and check before using.

- DamiLama will not be responsible for any use of information posted on your website

Above are all terms of copyright content at All of these terms may be modified by DamiLama at any time and at any time as appropriate without notice to you. Therefore, you need regular access to view and follow the updated status of copyright content terms at DamiLama.

DamiLama would like to thank.

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