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Causes Of Dengue Fever In Children And 7 Effective Ways To Prevent

Dengue Fever in Children: Causes, Signs, Leprosy and Effective Dengue Treatment

The sweltering summer is the time when dengue fever is developing the fastest and children with weak resistance are susceptible to illness. To know Causes of dengue fever in children, The best way to prevent and care for children at home is to refer to this article. With the knowledge we provide will help you take better care of your baby. It also helps prevent dangerous disease complications affecting the health and life of children.

Dengue Fever in Children: Causes, Signs, Leprosy and Effective Dengue Treatment

Causes of Dengue fever in children

Dengue is a disease caused by the Dengue virus, an acute infectious disease. The disease is spread by the spread of zoonotic mosquitoes from infected people to healthy people. The disease occurs year-round but the strongest outbreak is in the rainy season, the season of strong mosquito breeding. Dengue is a dangerous disease, especially for young children, due to weak resistance, along with the diagnosis and treatment harder than adults and progresses quite quickly.

Dengue Fever in Children: Causes, Signs, Leprosy and Effective Dengue Treatment
Dengue is a dangerous disease for children

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Symptoms of dengue fever in children

Dengue fever in children is why

Some symptoms are as follows:

  • Children often have high fever, sudden fever, fever from 38 - 39 degrees, but usually not accompanied by symptoms such as cough, runny nose.
  • When children give fever medicine, it only works for a few hours
  • Signs of bleeding, red spots on the face, skin, nosebleeds, vomiting, bloody diarrhea
  • Some babies may experience abdominal pain, pain in the right lower flank
  • For older children, there are signs of fever but mild fever, headache, eye aches, joint pains, body aches and also signs of bleeding

How to take care of a small dengue child at home is as follows:

When detecting that the baby shows signs of dengue fever, the mother should perform the following steps:

  • Reduce fever for babies properly: below 38 degrees should only be warmed with warm water to reduce fever. Do not use cold water to apply ice that can easily cause a cold and lead to more severe illness
  • When your baby has a fever ≥ 38oC, give Paracetamol antipyretic to the recommended dosage by weight, and still wipe off with warm water to avoid high fever complications, convulsions.
  • Pay attention to nutrition for babies: let them eat and drink with nutrients, give priority to liquid foods, rich in nutrients, easy to digest such as porridge, soup, milk ... can be divided into many small meals.
  • Add water to your baby as much as possible, drink more water: water, orange juice, lemon. Also give your baby more oresol solution to support rehydration and some electrolytes lost due to high fever. The supply of water, electrolytes and a significant amount of vitamin C, helps the walls of blood vessels to be stable, reducing bleeding situation in the body.
  • Monitoring and hospitalization in time: when the baby has fever for more than 2 days, the child should be taken to the health facility for diagnosis and treatment by a doctor.

Some things that moms should keep in mind when caring for children with fever

Paracetamol should only be given to children with antipyretic drugs at the right dose for children, do not use Aspirine or Ibuprofen

Children may have a fever with a variety of factors to help pinpoint the cause of dengue fever.

Children should be monitored and experiencing unusual symptoms, so they must go to the hospital immediately to be diagnosed and treated in time to avoid dangerous complications.

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7 How to prevent dengue fever in children

The best way to prevent a child from getting dengue fever is to take precautions as follows:

  • Do not allow children to operate under dark, humid environments or stagnant ponds.
  • You should let go of bed nets all day and night to avoid mosquitoes
  • Use some methods to kill mosquitoes such as using a spray bottle, lighting incense sticks, spraying mosquito repellent ...
  • Cover areas with water such as jars, jars ... this is where mosquitoes have conditions to reproduce and develop
  • Clear the dust
  • Clean and clean accommodation
evaluate ways to prevent dengue fever
Kill larvae to prevent dengue fever

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Dengue The disease is easy to treat but it can cause serious complications if it is not detected and treated early. Pay more attention to children when they have a fever, and pay attention to the symptoms of fever to identify the cause of the fever and effective interventions.

With the information we provide about dengue symptoms in children as well as home care. We hope that we have provided the best knowledge of children's health care. Thereby you will help children avoid dangerous diseases on hot summer days effectively. We hope that your children will be healthy and develop comprehensively and always accompany us for more information about better health care.

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