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Effective Asian Horn Disease Prevention from Himalayan Pink Salt Rock

Effective Asian Horn Disease Prevention from Himalayan Pink Salt Rock

Asian disease is a fairly common atopic dermatitis for everyone. Not only is it unsightly, peeling skin is also painful and affects the health and daily life of the patient.

What is mesothelioma??

Asian horn is an unfinished stratum corneum state, and the prokaryotic and prokaryotic cells have not yet been fully converted into horny layer. This poorly transformed horny layer is also known as the young, uncoated, and inferior horn. Asian horn disease Can appear in many different positions on the body but the most common is in the Fingertips, feet, heels. The area of the hands and feet Asian horn often dry, flaky skin, cracked, exacerbating pain, and if left untreated, the skin condition gets worse and worse.

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Asian Horn Disease
Asian Horn Disease - Photo Collectibles

In the summer, itchy skin area, blisters like in leeches, can even make rough, rough nails. In the winter, the more severe the crack, the more susceptible the skin splitting, bloody, deep cracking at the base of the finger is called a broken neck, causing pain for the sick

Causes of hyperkeratosis

Currently, scientists have not yet identified the exact cause of this condition. However, the reality shows that people suffering from the disease are mainly due to genetic factors in the family or unbalanced nutritional habits from the baby. Exposure to chemicals, soaps, detergents, as well as lots of medications can also trigger or worsen the disease.

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People who eat less vegetables and fruits lack essential vitamins such as A, C, D, E, Those who are constantly allergic to the environment, those with dry skin are more likely to get the disease.

Causes Of Asian Horn Disease According to Wikipedia

In cases of atopic dermatitis, the disease is thought to be hereditary and exposed atopic dermatitis, the disease usually begins or gets stronger while having the following favorable factors: Winter (cold climate) , dry), come into contact with daily detergents such as soap, fabric softener, washing powder, shampoo, dishwashing liquid, chemical skin cream, etc.

Asian cure horns

If you suffer from hyperkeratosis, patients should go to dermatological clinics for proper treatment. Asian horn disease should be treated with topical horn medications, such as salixilic acid, diprosalic, betnova Combining antibiotics if secondary infection. Patients should not treat themselves at home to avoid worsening the condition.

Effective Asian Horn Disease Prevention from Himalayan Pink Salt 1 2020
Asian Horn Disease - Photo Collectibles

Prevention of Himalayan rock salt

Asian horn disease It is completely preventable with a familiar material, salt. In healing and beauty, the order of salt is preferred Himalaya pink mineral salt, sea salt and finally, table salt.

First, we can add pink salt to our daily meals. This is an extremely pure salt that contains many healthy minerals. Typically as Sulfatecanxi, Potassium, Magnesium, Bromide, Bicarbonate, Borate, Strontium ... All have the ability to heal tissue damage, effectively regenerate new cells.

Every day, we can exfoliate the skin. Exfoliating with pink salt will not harm the skin, but will also help remove the barren cell layer, making the skin more beautiful, blood cycle Better and easily absorbed nourishing nutrients for the skin. From there, the moisturizer will be maximized for superior skin protection.

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In addition, we can also soak feet with salt water and herbs Every night, this helps detoxify effectively and intensify Blood circulation, sress reduction and tired. Herbal substances and salt absorbed into the feet will help smooth the skin, remove cracked heels, help the pinky heels, and treat skin diseases effective.

However, if the body is horned, we should not soak feet with salt water because it will make the skin dry and cracked wider. But if your body is healthy, soaking your feet in salt can be a great preventative measure against horns.

In addition to the use of rock salt, we should also note:

  • Enhance your intake of vegetables and vitamins A, C, D, E, ...
  • Provide enough water for the body
  • Limit skin contact with chemicals
  • Add moisturizer to the skin
  • If you have hyperkeratosis, contact a dermatologist for appropriate treatment and definitive cure.

Rock salt Himalayas not just prevention Asian horn but also prevent many skin diseases effectively, we should not ignore the real uses of the product that nature has given this mother.


Effective Asian Horn Disease Prevention from Himalayan Pink Salt Salt 2 2020

Uses Himalayan Rock Salt

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Effective Asian Horn Disease Prevention from Himalayan Pink Salt Rock 3 2020

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