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Foot Bath With Himalayan Salt Surprise Effect

Foot Bath With Himalaya Salt –  Secret: How to Soak Your Foot with Himalayan Pink Mineral Salt Water For Optimal Effect

Foot Bath With Himalayan Salt Surprise Effect

Foot baths with Himalayan salt water are now used by many people as a way to treat and beautify effectively. But not everyone does it properly so that this method actually benefits its great benefits.

Foot Bath With Himalaya Salt

As we all know, the legs support the body and carry almost the entire weight of the body, so we need to protect our own feet.

At the human foot contains up to 60 acupuncture points, each acupuncture point corresponds to an organ covering the human organs. Not only that, the foot contains many nerve roots related to the central nervous system, so the foot has the ability to affect memory, or human emotions.

How to soak your feet with himalaya salt?

Use a pot of warm water about 40-50 oC, a little more Himalayan salt then put 2 feet in the pot so that the water flooded the ankle 2cm. Soak your feet for 15-20 minutes, so you can listen to music, relax, or use your hands to gently massage the soles and toes.

Foot Bath with Himalayan Salt Surely Effective 1 2020

Out saltYou can also add in soaked herbs such as: Ginger, turmeric, lemon zest, essential oils or other herbs.

Beauty With Himalayan Pink Mineral Salt

When the foot is soaked in hot water, the capillaries dilate, increasing blood circulation to all parts of the body, stimulating brain circulation. Combined with the massage of acupuncture points in the legs to help dispel joint pain, reduce headaches, stress and help sleep deeper.

Herbal substances and salts infuse the feet, smoothing the feet, eliminating the cracked heels, and effective skin treatment.

When soaking your feet, you should have a clean towel ready, when draining your feet from the water, wipe the feet dry, to avoid cold feet affecting health.

Foot soak with Himalayan salt Is a safe method, you can do it daily, very good for the body. However, for pink salt to promote all its great uses, you need to read:

Matters To Be Concerned When Storing, Feet With Salt

  • When soaking, note to avoid soaking after eating, which is easily affected by digestion
  • Do not soak in very hot water will cause skin swelling and each foot should only soak for no more than 20 minutes.
  • During the immersion process, if the water is cold, you can add more water to keep it warm

How to effectively massage Himalayan salt rock at home

In this method, salt plays a very important role, so you should use sea salt either Himalayan pink salt rock. This salt contains many minerals that can be directly absorbed into the skin, enhancing the healing effect. In addition, it is best to soak your feet in the evening, to sleep better, to wake up in the morning will feel refreshed, no joint pain or headaches, full of energy to start a new day.

Note: Present Damilama has released the product Salt ice box places Himalayan Damilama massage feet to help people simplify the process of preparing pink foot baths.

Foot Bath with Himalayan Salt Surprise Effect 2 2020

Uses Himalayan Rock Salt

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Foot Bath with Himalayan Salt Surprisingly Effective 3 2020

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