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How does Red Salt support liver enzymes?

What does Himalayan Natural Pink Salt do in helping treat high liver enzymes?

How High Liver Enzymes With Pink Salt Treat and Support

What Is High Liver Disease??

High liver enzymes - As we all know, there is a complete enzyme system in the liver to perform the activity of synthesis and metabolism, referred to as liver enzymes. When liver cells age and die, they release this enzyme into the bloodstream and increase liver enzymes. When the liver enzyme index exceeds 40UI / L, it is called elevated liver enzymes.

According to Professor, Doctor, Doctor Nguyen Khanh Trach - President of Vietnam Internal Medicine Association, there are 4 different enzymes that are AST (SGOT), ALT (SGPT), AP and GGT. Inside, AST (SGOT) and ALT (SGPT) are two important indicators that help reflect the condition of liver cells. AST doubling will increase 32% risk of death, 3 times or more, the risk can reach 78%. The same, similar, ALT increases 21% and 59% increases the risk of death if the index is doubled or more.

People who are most susceptible to liver enzymes are those who drink a lot of alcohol, who are infected with the hepatitis virus, who use long-term specialist medicines or who suffer from biliary tract diseases.

Why Say High Liver Disease Is A Dangerous Killer?

How does Red Salt support liver enzymes? 1 2020

High liver enzymes are warning signs of many dangerous diseases, including liver cancer. The 2012 world cancer survey indicated that, in Vietnam, liver cancer ranked second in the 10 most common cancers in both sexes after lung cancer only. The overall incidence of liver cancer in both sexes in our country is 24.6%, the death rate is 23.7%. This is an alarming number for everyone's health. In addition, elevated liver enzymes are indicative of hepatitis, myositis, chronic nephritis, cholecystitis, myocardial infarction, epilepsy, and many other serious medical conditions.

How Does Himalayan Pink Salt Help Treat High Liver Enzymes?

To understand the condition of the liver, patients should go to health centers to conduct routine tests, to early detect liver abnormalities.

How does Red Salt support liver enzymes? 2 2020

According to Oriental medicine, the period from 11 am to 2 am is the time when the liver is working hard to repair and recover, and to detoxify from the body. When the body has insomnia or sleepless sleep, the ability of the liver to function less, the liver can not fully handle toxins, new blood can not be born, liver damage will not be restored. At that time, elevated liver enzymes did not improve but were worse.

According to Japanese scientists, the amount of blood supplied to the liver when we lie on their back is 40% higher than when standing and 85% more than when exercising, so the detoxifying function of the liver is significantly limited.

Relax your feet on the Himalayan salt slabs, place your feet or body with a bed of rock salt, salt stones to relieve stress, relieve the aches and pains of the muscles, help the blood circulation in the body stabilize , help the spirit comfortable, fun. The foot or steam will help to expand the pores, release toxins from the body, affect the capillaries, help the blood circulation, refresh the mind, clear mind, and sleep. sleep deeper.

In your home or office, you can also add a salt stone lamp to balance positive ions for fresh air, very good for your health.

How does Red Salt support liver enzymes? 3 2020

Besides, adding pink salt to the body will help to improve the condition of insomnia and allow for deeper sleep, thereby supporting the liver's performance. Thus, not only supports the treatment of high liver enzymes but also contributes to protecting the liver effectively.

In rock salt containing magnesium, has a neurotransmitter effect to create a sense of relaxation, comfort for the body to gently and sleep better. Besides, Himalayan rock salt also adds Calcium, Potassium, Sodium and more than 80 types of minerals that are beneficial to the body, helping the body to be healthier. You can add Himalaya pink rock salt directly to your daily diet to improve health. In parallel with the use of rock salt, you need a reasonable diet and appropriate exercise, while limiting alcohol to maximum.

Himalaya pink salt stone not only supports the treatment of high liver enzymes, but also an effective way to protect the liver.

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