Beauty, health care with natural ingredients and methods is the most popular trend in recent years. Among these, Himalayan mineral rock is increasingly gaining the love and trust of many people due to its outstanding benefits.

Beauty with Himalayan rock salt

Himalaya mineral rock - Great gift of Mother Nature

Surely you are wondering how this rock salt originated and what are the advantages that are so popular? Himalayan mineral rock mined from a salt mine Khewra Salt Mines (Pakistan) - second largest salt mine in the world. Geological fluctuations from more than 250 million years ago caused the entire ocean around the Himalayas to be buried. Over time, under the influence of temperature, salt crystals in seawater have combined with natural minerals in the ground to form precious rock caves. These rocky caves are protected in a sterile environment under the icy cold of the Himalayas for millions of years.

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Sea salt and Himalayan pink salt - Which is better?

Since being discovered, exploited and put into use, rock salt has been repeatedly explored about its uses. In front of many information flows, the scientific community and the organization WHO have conducted many in-depth studies on rock salt. The results show that the main constituent of the rock salt crystal contains up to 84/92 types of minerals beneficial to human health such as 85.62 % Sodium chloride and 14,38% other trace minerals including: Sulfate, Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium, Bicarbonate, ... These are perfect indices that no salt (including natural and man-made salt) can possess. Even after quarrying, manufacturing other items such as grilled rock salt, rock salt lamp, rock salt Spa, moreover where rock salt originated, the beauty salon also made in the rock salt cave ... then these products still retain their purity because of their strong ability of self-antibacterial. Therefore, we can say that mineral rock is the product created from the harmony of the elite of heaven and earth.

Rock salt has gradually entered human life in many aspects such as beauty, health care, cuisine or construction. And in any field, it has promoted its full function and demonstrated its special role.

Many scientific studies show that the use of Himalayan rock salt as a substitute for common table salt can help support the treatment of cardiovascular disorders, hypertension as well as a number of other common medical conditions.

When using products made from rock salt for health care (soaking bath, foot massage, ...) Will help the body absorb useful minerals, reduce muscle aches, reduce aches and pains in the limbs in the elderly or office workers.

In the field of beauty, Himalayan mineral rock Considered the secret to bringing youthful, vibrant skin for women. Just use mineral rock stone as an exfoliating ingredient or bath soak properly will help remove old skin layer, stimulate blood circulation under the skin, remove dirt and toxins accumulated, do The skin is smoother and radiant every day.

In addition to the above featured applications, currently mineral rock It is also very popular in fields such as cuisine, construction, decoration and even feng shui elements. It can be considered as a product of natural origin, high safety, suitable for every home.

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