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Fabric Masks Recommended During COVID Season

Should use cloth masks instead of medical masks - The message is spread in the community

Vietnam has had to go through a lot of difficulties and struggles in the current epidemic era. Everyone agreed to use their best against the epidemic, especially those at the front lines .. 

We, every citizen, also need to always protect ourselves and ensure the safety of those around us. 

But for protective items like masks, prices are increasing due to the high demand for profits from this scarce product, so not everyone can buy medical masks. 

So many people today have chosen fabric masks to use. Even Vietnamese artists unanimously spread a message : "Not medical masks, use cloth masks to prevent epidemics"

Fabric masks - The perfect choice for the community

Fabric Masks Recommended During COVID 1 2020 Season

Vietnam has always been praised by countries around the world for its extremely strong and very successful fighting spirit. This comes from the community together to unite to repel the epidemic. And the contribution of fabric masks to the scarcity of medical masks is enormous. Not only that, fabric masks are recommended by many doctors and health sets.

Fabric masks can be prevent droplets from being shot, by people around like coughing, sneezing, nose mucus, spit clinging to spit. Therefore, if people cannot buy medical masks, they should not be too worried, but instead, people can wear regular fabric masks.

Not only that, fabric masks can wash over and over again according to recommended use. Ensure hygiene and avoid environmental pollution. Fabric masks compared to medical masks are much cheaper to use, ensuring economic safety for users.

Vietnamese artists unanimously responded to using fabric masks

Fabric Masks Recommended During COVID 2 2020 Season

In the current Covid-19 epidemic a very complicated development. MC Dai Nghia Together with all the artists and brothers and sisters, they called on people to use cloth masks as a substitute for medical masks to protect themselves. The calling has been known and responded to by many people. 

On Facebook, personal MC Dai Nghia wrote that:” Masks are not a medicine, but an object to shield and protect yourself to prevent disease. If you are using a medical mask, it's fine, but if not, don't panic, use a fabric mask because it's just as good as usual. We used fabric masks in our daily activities, how about you?

A key question written by MC Dai Nghia seems to say that you have used cloth masks, please use cloth masks like us. This meaningful message has been spread extremely strongly to the Vietnamese community as well as to the world today. 

Yes, not only MC Dai Nghia himself, but also very Many Vietnamese artists unanimously responded to the messageThis meaningful operation is so that the lead person who does not get confused can use the medical mask instead.

With hashtag: #khautrangvai, Many artists such as: People's Artist Kim Xuan, NSUT Huu Chau, Nhat Kim Anh, Van Trang, Thuy Diem, Quang Tuan, ... have posted this content to spread to everyone to raise the sense of using and protecting themselves. as the current environment.

Actor Quang Tuan also hoping that everyone will be like him, regularly using cloth masks and keeping distance from communication. Use an antiseptic solution and always follow all the preventive measures of the health department. It's okay if you don't have a medical mask, or use a cloth one. After using, wash and dry in the sun and use again. Quang Tuan's advice to everyone has also caused many people to follow.

Both actor Dieu Nhi also only need to spend 1 mask during the last quarantine season. Always wash over and over to use. When using medical masks that are used only once and then discarded, it means that we have to spend a lot of money, a day we spend at least 2.

Does The World Use Fabric Masks?

Not only is the temporary response of Vietnamese artists recommending the use of fabric masks. That the Ministry of Health in Vietnam and around the world recommend using cloth masks instead of medical masks. 

Recently, the press also reported that a unit (brand Dony Mask) in Vietnam exported tens of millions of antibacterial, splash-resistant, sterile medical-grade sterile masks around the world during this season.

Fabric Masks Recommended During COVID 3 2020 Season

The factory exports Dony Mask pages for overseas export (picture taken from the web Dony Mask)

The representative of this business said that our fabric masks have many different features compared to other types of masks, achieving high scores at international certifications, so organizations around the world rely on.

Through research, this is a high-end 3-layer fabric mask product with special features such as:

After 60 washing times, it still gives antibacterial to 99.9% (currently there is no mask with that certification).

Can be used immediately after opening the bag, no need to wash.

Skin-friendly - non-irritating: People with sensitive, allergic skin still carry well.

Comfortable for long wear - no ear pain.

Breathable - very easy to breathe, not secretive, suitable even for sports players who need strong breathing.

Filter fine dust, pollen, fur causing allergies.

Dustproof, deodorizing, anti-UV and especially resistant to COVID virus (French DGA certified).

The above features are certified by global inspection and certification organizations such as FDA, CE, DGA, TGA, SASO, 870QD, ISO 9001, ISO 13485, TUV Reach, CFS.

If you are looking to buy the Dony mask, it can be quite difficult. Because at present, Dony Mark does not officially retail in Vietnam, but focuses on supplying large quantities to exporters. 

Dony Mask Only distribute in Vietnam by price subsidy policy when the domestic mask market is unstable or this brand continuously organizes donating masks to community organizations in Vietnam and the world.

If you can't find multi-functional high-end fabric masks then a regular fabric mask is also a good choice. It is important to use a fabric mask as a habit to protect yourself. 

Currently, in large and small grocery stores, markets, supermarkets…. are selling fabric masks with cheap prices ranging from 10,000 VND - 20,000 VND. Having a modest amount of money spent on personal protection products is no excuse not to use a fabric mask. 

Fabric masks come in a variety of sizes from small to large, diverse and rich to help users choose easily. Fabric masks sun protection, dust protection, and body protection during epidemic seasons. This product also has many beautiful designs such as flowers, animals, caros,…. for all ages and user preferences.

In addition to using fabric masks as a habit, to prevent illness for yourself as well as those around you need to comply with all regulations of the health department. Seriously follow the issued directives. For a disease-free future, for a happy country.


The message of recommending fabric masks is being conveyed strongly today. Everyone together strived to fight the epidemic. 

Using fabric masks means that each of us protects ourselves to reduce the pressure on others and also protect our own health. Helping to maximize cost savings and protect the green - clean - beautiful environment.

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