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Dony Mask is comfortable, economical and environmentally friendly

Why scramble, bear exorbitant prices to buy disposable medical masks, without trying to use antibacterial fabric masks - Dony Mask. Products with 3-layer design for optimal protection, comfort, cost-saving and environmental friendliness. Please refer to the article below to learn more about this product!

Dony Mask design brings comfort to the user

The disease situation of Covid - 19 in Vietnam and around the world continues to progress in a very complicated manner, with the number of cases increasing every hour. Therefore, using a mask anytime, anywhere is essential to keep you safe from infection.

Because you have to wear the mask continuously for many hours, besides quality, comfort, ventilation, easy breathing, ... is also what you care about when choosing to buy this product. Dony Mask with 3-layer design includes water resistance, antibacterial, maximum antibacterial. Specifically, the outer layer is the layer that has water resistance, respiratory splash resistance or a combination of antibacterial, the remaining layers are filter, antibacterial layers made from antibacterial fabric, nano silver, activated carbon or similar Although there are many layers, Dony mask is quite breathable, easy to breathe, does not create frustration even though you are active or doing hard labor ...

Dony Mask for comfortable, economical and environmentally friendly use 1 2020

Dony Mask brings comfort and comfort to the user

In particular, the strap of Dony Mask is quite soft, giving consumers a comfortable feeling, leaving no marks or ear pain when using.

Using Dony Mask is super economical because it can be reused up to 30 times

It is not natural that people encourage you to use Dony antibacterial fabric masks instead of medical disposable masks. Because, the Dony Mask can be reused up to 30 times, saving you a lot of money during this difficult season.

It is known that the microfiltration layer of medical masks when soaked in water will be damaged and lose its effectiveness. But for fabric masks, you can wash many times while still retaining the ability to kill bacteria and filter dust. However, after each washing time, it will gradually decrease the antibacterial ability.

Dony Mask for comfortable, economical and environmentally friendly use 2 2020

Dony Mask helps to save cost effectively with 30 times the enemy

With the careful production process of each stitch, adjusting from packaging to quality, Dony Mask produces antibacterial fabric masks that set the Ministry of Health's 870 standard. Dony antibacterial fabric mask is composed of three layers to prevent saliva, dust, and absolutely kill bacteria. With the optimal product quality that can be reused up to 60 washings, this has been tested with 60 wash times, the antibacterial effect of the Dony fabric mask remains 99.9%.

Not only with the smooth promotional information, Dony Mask has been officially recognized widely after the product undergoes the testing of Intertek worldwide. Moreover, thanks to the adjustment from packaging to quality, Dony mask products have achieved CE and FDA standards, allowing exports to the US and European countries. This is considered a remarkable strength of Dony compared to other types of fabric masks on the market.

The level of the eco-friendliness of the Dony Mask

If you compare it to the disposable medical respirator and the 60x Dony fabric mask, you can see how wonderfully friendly it is to the environment. That is, instead of using 60 medical masks, you only need to use 1 Dony Mask antibacterial fabric mask. If you count the 30-day period, you can reduce the amount of waste that is not small for the environment.

In addition, the Dony mask layer that protects the mask is used with virgin plastic to ensure high sterility and meets the standards of the health department, after using it is also easy to destroy without affecting the environment.

Dony Mask for comfortable, economical and environmentally friendly use 3 2020

Dony Mask is an environmentally friendly antibacterial fabric mask

Thanks to its outstanding features, Dony Mask can pass rigorous quality testing and is selected to give to the US government. Through that, the quality of Dony masks is increasingly appreciated by partners for the quality of international exports.

Currently, in order to accompany other countries to join hands to fight against Covid - 19, Dony has exported tens of millions of Dony Mask anti-bacterial fabric masks to US, France, Germany, UK, and Middle East. , Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Singapore, Japan, ... All Dony Mask products supplied on the market are certified by FDA, CE, Intertek, Reach, ...

Despite such good quality assurance, Dony Mask does not retail in Vietnam, but only focuses on supplying large quantities to exporters. If yes, the distributor only in Vietnam with the price support policy in times of unstable domestic masking market.

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