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Dony mask washed 60 times still ensures extremely good antibacterial

It's great, when Dony Mask is certified as a 60-time washable mask line, it still ensures splash resistance, antibacterial, anti-UV ... extremely effective. With this outstanding feature, Dony Mask is considered as an ideal choice for you to protect your health and save money effectively in the current difficult epidemic season.

Why is Dony mask still good antibacterial after 60 washes?

The reason, Dony Mask can still resist drops, prevent bacteria penetration and effectively resist UV rays after 60 washing times thanks to the product designed with a special structure. This is completely absent in conventional fabric masks and medical masks, ...

Here are some reasons why Dony Mask has this outstanding advantage:

Structure of 3 standard classes

Dony masks are produced by the company according to the antibacterial standard process, which has achieved the quality criteria under Decision 870 / QD BYT. Accordingly, the product has 3 classes of standards, namely: the outer layer with strong water resistance to help prevent saliva, prevent virus from contacting directly with others. The middle layer helps to prevent dust and some other harmful substances in the air. The innermost layer has antibacterial properties of up to 99,99% in the user's saliva.

Dony mask washed 60 times still ensures extremely good antibacterial 1 2020

Dony mask is composed of 3 layers of antibacterial standards

Sterilized with EO gas

Dony Mask is sterilized by EO (Ethylene Oxide) gas technology with optimal antibacterial and antiviral effect widely used in medical fields. Realizing the great benefits of this technology, after a period of research, Mr. Pham Quang Anh - Director of Dony Company applied sterilization with EO gas right on the mask of the mask.

This application ensures absolute antibacterial, no virus infection, and can be used right from the shell without washing. In addition, each stitch stitch of Dony antibacterial mask is carefully and carefully processed to bring luxury and luxury right from the product's packaging.

Dony mask washed 60 times still ensures extremely good antibacterial 2 2020

The Dony Mask is sterilized using EO gas

Perform manual processing, strictly comply with regulations

Dony Mask antibacterial fabric masks are made by hand, after packing, workers will conduct super-heat sealing and sterilize. In addition, the mask bag is also protected by Dony with a virgin plastic to ensure high sterility and meets the medical standards. Thanks to the use of standard ingredients, 100% of masks are clean, ensuring absolute health for the user ...

Dony mask washed 60 times still ensures extremely good antibacterial 3 2020

Always strictly follow regulations on the processing of Dony Masks

Along with the features outlined above and in a test by Intertek - Global quality testing and certification organization. Over 60 washing times, Dony's masks are still splash resistant, resistant to UV rays, especially for an antibacterial rate of up to 99.9% - on par with specialized antibacterial products that are used today. .

The outstanding advantages outlined above, helping Dony Mask ensure to prevent the spread of epidemics, bring convenience, cost savings and safety to consumers, and very friendly. environmentally friendly.

Some of the benefits of becoming a Dony Mask partner / agent (regional, national)

Because Dony Mask does not retail in Vietnam, but only supplies a large number of exporters. Therefore, you should only contact Dony if you want to import large quantities of antibacterial fabric for export ...

Note: Although not retail in Vietnam, if the domestic mask market is unstable, Dony will distribute it with the price support policy to make the market more stable.

Here are the benefits you will get when becoming a Dony Mask partner / agent:

  • Became the sole representative of Dony Company to exclusively sell Dony Masks in the territory
  • Get the best price policy and prioritize the production order when ordering
  • Dedicated support for sales and production team.
  • Transfer all customer information related to the agency area managed by the agent.
  • Post information, photos, ... of partners / agents on the official website of Dony.
  • Free sample (logo, label, packaging) according to customer's request.
  • Support for papers and certificates according to customer requirements.
  • Exclusive protection policy for customers.
  • Dony invests and supports to do media, advertise on domestic and foreign channels, helping agents to sell better.

Dony mask washed 60 times still ensures extremely good antibacterial 4 2020

Many attractive benefits when becoming a Dony Mask partner / agent

Possessing many outstanding advantages, Dony Mask fabric masks are a product line that is receiving a lot of attention from customers, amid the complex evolution of the disease. Therefore,

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