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Discover Top 10 Uses of Little Himalayan Pink Salt

Steam detoxify, make an exfoliating mask, massage Treating aches and pains for food are the uses we know about Himalaya pink salt. However, there are still many other useful effects that this salt can promote for human life. You do not believe it? Let's DamiLama Find out right away Use himalaya pink salt through the article ...

Discover the top 10 uses of Himalayan pink salt for the body that everyone knows

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Uses of pink salt are especially good


Before talking about the use of pink salt, it is in essence Himalaya pink salt is also salt crystallized from sea water like many other types of salt. However, this salt has a very special formation mechanism. If sea salt is simply the evaporation of sea water under sunlight, pink salt formed due to geological fluctuations from 250 million years ago.

This salt is covered with outer layers of lava and dense ice of snow Himalayas majestic. Scientists have shown that pink salt is completely immune to bacteria, containing more than 80 different types of useful minerals. Currently, the only place one can find and exploit pink salt is Khewra, in Pakistan.

After exploitation, pink salt is circulated to many regions and countries around the world to participate in the fields of beauty, skin care, health, cuisine, construction, ... There are many easy uses recognizing this salt, however, there are still useful effects that we have yet to discover.

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Top 14 Benefits Of Himalaya Pink Salt

Pink salt contains many minerals, so it makes good use of pink salt

The uses of Himalayan pink salt are little known

1. Uses of Pink Salt Tinnitus support:

One of the uses of pink salt is, pink rock salt supports tinnitus very effectively. You simply roast the salt up, put in a cloth bag and sew on your ears. The heat of salt crystals has the ability to absorb moisture, diffuse minerals and useful ions, quickly reducing common tinnitus.

2. Uses Salt Salt Support Swelling

When you fall and have a swollen side, you can use pink salt instead of hot roasted granulated salt, and apply it to the wound. Bruises will quickly dissolve, effectively reducing pain.

3. Effects of Red Salt Supporting Bites of Insects

When bitten by a mosquito or a bee sting, remove finely ground pink salt, mix it with water or olive oil, and apply it to the affected area. The inflammation will reduce swelling, greatly reduce the unpleasant itching sensation.

4. Uses Pink Salt Supports Stop Nosebleeds

If you accidentally have nosebleeds or blood in your teeth, pink salts can exert an immediate hemostatic effect. Please dilute the salt with water Pink brine (Sole), then soak a clean cotton ball and stuff it in your nose. To increase the effect, you should drink some pink salt water and lie down, relax. For bleeding parts of the oral cavity such as gums, mouth heat, bone stabbing into the gums, ... we just need to suck a little warm salt water, keep for 2 to 3 minutes, or gargle 3 -5 times, love Bleeding will no longer.

5. The effect of Red Salt on Relieving Pain

Hot pink bag of warm salt is effective for abdominal pain, especially the pain on the "red light" of girls.

6. Uses Anti-Inflammatory Hong Salt

Pink salt also has the ability to support cleansing, anti-inflammatory armpits for girls. If using tweezers can thicken the hair follicles and cause serious damage, you can use a combination of salt and lemon and honey to create an effective waxing mixture. This method only need to use 2 times / week can make the hairs pale and shed gradually, armpit area smooth and whiter.

7. Pink Salt Helps Reduce Skin Irritation

People who have symptoms of skin allergies, itchy inflammation when exposed to pollen or insects often leave redness, if scratching can cause scratches and bruises. At this point, you can use gently ground pink salt massage up areas skin hurt during a shower. Once done, itching or inflammation will disappear. In addition, bathing with pink salt 2 -3 times a week can fade dark spots quickly and effectively.

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The above are the uses Little Himalayan pink salt is known. Thinking, with these useful capabilities, adding a jar of pink salt right into your kitchen is more essential than ever.

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