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Carpal tunnel syndrome and treatment support standards

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome And Treatment


Carpal tunnel syndrome is one of the causes of hand numbness. This pathology is more common in middle-aged, female than male, especially in people who work with wrist-use like office workers, must use computer mouse and type keyboard continuously.

The cause of this pathology is the pinched nerve in the carpal tunnel. According to specialist doctors, for the definitive treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome, surgery is still the number one choice today, including less invasive laparoscopic surgery or conventional surgery. Although the surgery in this disease is not too complicated, the risk of complications can still occur.

Carpal tunnel syndrome and Treatment Support Standard 1 2020

The recurrence rate after surgery is very high

Research by doctors at the Department of Orthopedic Trauma at Hanoi Medical Hospital, the results of the operation of the carpal tunnel syndrome are still not satisfactory, about 95% patients still have symptoms of limb numbness after surgery and about 40% patients achieved poor performance.

The reason is that when the surgery does not completely release the ligament across the carpal tunnel, leading to prolonged compression on the middle nerve, so the symptoms of tingling and numbness will last. This complication is common in carpal tunneloscopy surgery.

Carpal tunnel syndrome and Treatment Support Standard 2 2020

Some people with protracted carpal tunnel syndrome may also experience numbness and tingling after surgery. The cause is a consequence of long-term compression in the carpal tunnel, leading to serious nerve damage.

The doctors said, after surgery, you may still have recurrence of carpal tunnel syndrome again. The risk of recurrence is estimated at about 10 - 15%. Although, after a relapse we can perform another surgery, but the results of the 2nd surgery will not be as good as the first.

Carpal tunnel syndrome and Standard of Treatment Support 3 2020

Care after treatment

According to Dr. Nguyen Xuan Anh - CK Orthopedic Trauma, Hand Surgery and Micro-plastic surgery, after surgery to avoid relapse, patients should have appropriate physical therapy to help the wound. The injury quickly heals, avoids scarring, scarring and stimulates nerves to quickly recover, reducing the risk of muscle atrophy and related complications that may occur.

In addition, you can also use Himalayan salt rock to support treatment to reduce hand numbness after carpal tunnel syndrome surgery.

You can mix Hiamalaya rock salt in warm water then soak your hands, rub, gently massage the wrist and fingers. Or place your hand on the heated salt slate to the appropriate temperature.

When massage with Himalayan rock salt will help diffuse the negative negative ions, these negative ions will affect the points in the wrist that go into the body to balance yin and yang, regulate blood flow, thereby reducing pain. soreness and numbness in the hands. Not to mention, the beneficial minerals in salt will help nourish, heal quickly.

However, if the numbness of the hand continues to recur after the surgery, you should go to the hospital to be examined by a specialist, determine the cause and recommend appropriate treatment. of the disease.

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Carpal tunnel syndrome and Treatment Support Standard 4 2020

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