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"Out Of Cold Health" With Himalayan Salt Rock

"Running Out Of Cold Health" With Himalayan Salt Salt 1 2020

"The Cold Out Healthy" - Protecting the Liver with Himalayan Salt Stone

Liver Protection - In winter, the temperature drops low, the body temperature drops very easily. But when the temperature is balanced, a cold body is a manifestation of many diseases. In particular, liver damage accounts for a very high rate. Because when the liver's metabolic function is unstable, nutrients are not provided in time, all the other organs are unable to maintain their function.

Natural evolution divides animals into two types of "thermoplastic animals" and "constant heat animals". The body's temperature does not change with the change of weather which is the basic characteristic of constant heat animals and humans belong to this category.

This is understandable given the fact that the human body temperature is always stable despite the changing weather temperature. In order to stabilize the temperature, the organs in the human body must act as a device that holds and generates heat.

Liver Protection
How to Protect the Liver

And to make that, the amount of food provided daily is very important. Of which 40% will become living energy, 60% will be converted into heat.

The calorific portion to maintain body heat is mainly generated by activity. But many people do not know, the liver is the part that provides 15% of heat to maintain body temperature.

Therefore, when the liver's ability to function is no longer flexible, body temperature can easily drop, creating chronic numbness regardless of changing weather.

Need to understand to ... protect liver

If you want to name each part of your body, "Universal Factory" is the best name for the liver.

At the same time operating, this department must perform more than 500 functions. Which is exocrine, which is endocrine such as serving the digestive system, conducting detoxification metabolism, immunity, reserve. Because the food will be synthesized by the agency, regulating essential nutrients, receiving and handling toxic substances into little toxic or non-toxic.

"Running out of Cold Health" with Himalayan Salt 2 2020
How to Protect the Liver

Thanks to the liver, the metabolism, storage and conditioning provide nutrients to balance the content of carbohydrates and fat proteins in a stable and continuous manner.

It is also the only organ in the human body that receives blood from two different sources including liver arteries and liver veins. Therefore it can be said that it is the main and most important dialysis plant.

However, the harder the operation, the more likely the error will be. A statistic conducted over the past decade, Vietnam has more than 10,000 people suffering from liver disease each year and is the country with the highest incidence of liver cancer in the world.

According to incomplete epidemiological investigations, it is estimated that in Vietnam there are about 20 - 30% of the population suffering from fatty liver.

Dr. Bui Huu Hoang, Faculty of Gastroenterology - Hepatology, University Hospital of Medicine and Pharmacy, Ho Chi Minh City also said that more than 90% of our country's population is infected with hepatitis A virus (HAV). The disease is usually self-limited with about 10% being chronic.

In which, the younger the child, the higher the rate of chronic viral infection. And of these 90%, 40% people have died from complications of cirrhosis, liver cancer caused by chronic hepatitis B.

Alarming numbers show that healthy liver protection is essential. But how to make the liver "robust" is not an easy task, need to comply and implement properly.

Protect the liver ... not to overwork

Alcohol is one of the drinks loaded with the most toxic toxins in the liver. For a long time the World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended, adults should only use a unit of beer equivalent to 270ml of beer or 270ml of beer or ml of spirits per day. Overcoming the threshold is abuse, creating a lot of harm to the organs in the body, especially the liver.

"Running Out Of Cold Health" With Himalayan Salt 3 2020
The Best Way to Protect Liver

According to the sharing of Dr., Dr. Le Thanh Ly - Vice Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City Hepatobiliary Association, when entering the body, toxic substances in beer are excreted 10% only through urination and sweating, while 90% of substances The rest will go directly to the liver.

It forces the liver cells to process and detoxify. But when the amount of toxin makes the overload of the liver, the toxin can not handle all penetrated into the liver and then transferred to other parts of the body.

The study also found that alcohol and other substances exist in alcohol will activate Kupffer cells of the liver, thereby stimulating substances Interleukin, TNF-α, TGF-β ... produce faster, attack liver cells more. , make a lot of damage, then die quickly. And sadly, the Kupffer cells' destructive liver damage is worse than the alcohol contained in alcohol.

Therefore, for a reason that can not limit the intake of alcohol and toxic substances from the food in the body every day, try to find ways to prevent the liver from working too hard. We can do this by excreting the toxins of alcohol more through the sweat and urinary tract.

Himalayan rock salt minerals protect the liver?

Similar to the way of steam, massage expels the evil air to penetrate the meridians creating diseases of Oriental medicine, the method of steaming or massage Himalayan pink salts with salt stones products set foot or lying on the bed Rock salt also promotes the body to flush toxins through the sweat glands and adipose tissue. Since then, the liver must not work hard when the body is loaded with toxins that are too "abundant".

“Running out of Cold Health” with Himalaya 4 Salt Stone 2020
Best Liver Protection

Research conducted in Germany, in 2003, was conducted by scientists from the Consumer Protection Agency Bayerisches Landesamt für Gesundheit und Lebensmittelsicherheit show that 15 rock samples distributed in this country have many trace minerals, electrolytes. In which there are up to 95-98% composed of Sodium Chloride, 2-4% Polyhalit (Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Sulfur, Oxygen, Hydrogen), 0.01% Fluoride, 0.01% Iodine along with small amounts of other minerals.

Under the effect of infrared heat these substances will disperse, penetrate through the skin, combine with water (acting as a solvent), with useful free radicals forming osmotic pressure, accelerate the process detoxing through the sweat glands gives the liver more time to rest, regenerating cell structure.

It is also found that the combination of minerals with the heat of the foot stone salt massage method, greatly affects the acupuncture points of the soles of the feet, especially the Dung Tuyen acupuncture points. And when it acts like that it will facilitate blood circulation, dispel stress, promote cell metabolism, limit the formation of free radicals, protect organs. . Including liver.

However, it speaks to the uses of saunas Himalayan rock salt This is not to encourage everyone to use this method to protect the liver. It is complementary and needs to be applied correctly. In addition, a healthy life needs a combination of a sufficient diet, exercise regularly, avoid intense stress.

*** Note: For those who drink a lot of alcohol, want to steam salt rock help detoxification liver should only be applied after the drunken, no longer tired. Because the heat of the sauna combined with the heat of alcohol in the body will cause blood vessels to expand, in many cases can break the blood vessels, leading to death.

On the other hand, the process of steaming or using foot massage stones or rock salt beds will lose water and when dehydration the electrolyte balance will be broken. Therefore, the inhaler should provide enough water when performing.

Uses Himalayan Rock Salt

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