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High in magnesium, high in sulfates, Himalya's rock salt is a natural "medicine" that helps support the treatment of people with tendonitis to relieve pain and fight off germs without having to worry about surgery.

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Because where to get sick?

Cartilage matches ligaments which are not seamless, they are separated by synovial fluid. Not commonly mentioned, seemingly unimportant, but this is the necessary part that acts as an elastic cushion to reduce friction, reduce the pressure on the joints to facilitate smooth and flexible joints. be more active without causing your body pain.

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The synovial fluid contains a lot of nutrients, which are used to provide "lubricants" to the joints and surrounding parts of the joints such as muscles, tendons and skin to help the movements perform seamlessly and easily. easy.

Always supporting other organs, the synovial fluid is easily inflamed by many seemingly harmless effects. Excessive exercise and joint injuries are the main causes of the condition.

When consulting experts from big hospitals such as Cho Ray, Trauma, Orthopedics, etc., those who often do heavy labor, exercise with high intensity, those with a history of the disease Gout, diabetes, even due to advanced age is the main victim of the disease.

Tendonitis bursitis will make people suffer from pain when operating, even if only gentle actions. Usually the location of the joint has bursitis swelling, heat, redness, pain, stiffness of the joints cannot work. In severe cases, there are also bruising or skin rash on the sore joints. If complications into acute arthritis also cause fever, it is very dangerous.

Treatment like?

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Treatment of tendon bursitis has many ways, each of which must be applied in accordance with each stage of disease development. If the disease is at risk of causing serious complications, surgery is needed to remove all inflamed tissue.

However, as recommended by many experts, bursitis easily recurs if surgery does not take all of the legs, tie the neck of the condom is not tight, joints are not enough time, the movement is too soon after surgery. are some of the causes.

Therefore, the use of supportive therapies, such as Himalayan rock salt for massage, will help patients curb the possibility of recurrent bursitis, as well as prevent the risk of disease. In some cases, the disease can be cured without having to worry about inconvenient surgery.

What does Himalayan rock salt help?

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Rich in magnesium, there are many sulfates in the composition, through the skillful hands of man can be customized into many different products such as rock salt beds, rock salt foot lamps, rock salt massage, ... Himalayan pink mineral rock has can help support the treatment and prevention of tenosynovitis.

Because trace amounts of magnesium play an important role in the synthesis of lipids and proteins, the process of bone and tissue formation continues, ensuring muscle contraction and nerve transmission are sustained.Analgesic Relief of Bursitis 5 2020

According to studies done by scientists from the US, 50 - 75% Magnesium content in the human body is concentrated in bones and the rest is distributed in muscles, cartilage and soft tissue organizations. . A small amount is in the blood, always maintained at a stable level to ensure the body works normally.

Contributing to bone formation and turning bad cholesterol into harmless, sulfate in the composition of Himalayan rock salt is essential for the functioning of the nervous system, contributing to reducing the symptoms of arthritis, as well as bursitis.

It is worth mentioning that, thanks to the support of moderate temperature, both substances easily penetrate the skin, entering the body to quickly remove inflammatory tissue that repels disease. The principle of "hot hatch, cold shrink" when using these products also helps patients reduce pain faster, more comfortable.


Is It Good to Use Himalayan Pink Salt Stone?

Contact Damilama - Rock salt Himalayas You will be advised on the usage and usage pink salt the most effective.

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