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Covid-resistant Dony Mask without washing for the first time

Normally, when you buy a fabric mask, the first thing you will do is wash, dry, then use. But with Dony Mask fabric, on the other hand, you can completely use it from the first time opening the package, while still ensuring the most effective level of Covid-19 antibacterial. Please refer to the article below, to learn more details about this Dony mask line!

The structural features make Dony Mask effective against Covid - 19 antibacterial

According to the decision of the Ministry of Health, standard fabric masks must meet the requirements specified in Decision 870 / QD BYT. Typically, quality fabric masks are distributed in pharmacies, or from official suppliers.

Dony antibacterial fabric masks have 3 layers. Inside:

  • Outer layer: Water resistant, preventing droplets from sticking to the mask right from the outer layer, which is still absorbent in normal fabrics.
  • Middle layer: Serving as a filter layer, during the breathing process, the air is continuously in and out, in case bacteria get inside, it will be retained by this filter layer.
  • Inner layer: Can antibacterial up to 99.9 %, destroy bacteria that are left on the surface of this innermost fabric, preventing infection for users.

Covid-resistant Dony Mask without washing for the first time 1 2020

Dony Mask is composed of 3 antibacterial layers that meet the standards of the Ministry of Health

In general, antibacterial fabric masks are similar in structure to medical masks. However, medical masks are for single use only. Dony Mask fabric masks can be used many times after washing with a maximum limit of 30 reuse. This has been tested and certified by Intertek Global, so you can use it with complete peace of mind.

Instead of using disposable medical masks, you can use Dony Mask for many times, both to save costs and to help protect the environment effectively.

Why can Dony Mask be used at the first time without washing?

As mentioned above, Dony Masks are not the same as regular fabric masks. Accordingly, you do not need to wash it before using it, but you can use it right after opening the package. This makes many people concerned about bacteria that can stay on the masks during the production process. However, Dony Company has foreseen that, the unit has used EO sterilization method.Therefore, Dony Mask products can be completely used right after tearing the package, ensuring safety. , not infected with bacteria or viruses in the first use.

So what is sterilization by EO gas? EO gas (Ethylene oxide) has the effect of killing bacteria and viruses and is widely used in the medical field: as disinfectants of masks, protective gear, and medical equipment.

Covid-resistant Dony Mask without washing for the first time 2 2020

Thanks to the E0 gas sterilization, the Dony mask can be used immediately without having to wash

In addition, Dony also focuses on the design and size of the mask, helping to bring a fit, snugly, and airy. Thanks to that, it creates a sense of comfort and comfort for the user, even if he has to wear a mask for a long time.

Instructions on how to wash the Dony Mask antibacterial fabric for longer use

The theory says you can reuse a Dony fabric mask 30 times, but if properly washed and stored, the antibacterial fabric mask can last longer and longer. Accordingly, you should not wash the mask with a washing machine, but only wash by hand, as this will maintain a better antibacterial effect. Note that masks should not be ironed. After washing is finished, they should be dried in a cool and sealed place to avoid dirt on the fabric surface.

Covid-resistant Dony Mask without washing for the first time 3 2020

Instructions on how to wash Dony antibacterial fabric mask properly

As such, it is completely possible to reuse fabric masks. Dony's antibacterial mask can be used after 30 washings or more. This helps to bring absolute safety of health, convenience, close-fitting fabric, breathable, easy to breathe and does not cause ear pain or facial markings when worn.

During a strong epidemic outbreak in America, to help people here can effectively prevent the epidemic from spreading in the community. Dony Company donated 100,000 antibacterial fabric masks worth 10.5 billion VND on the Day of the Ceremony of Medical Supplies.

During the rigorous quality testing, only the Dony Mask antibacterial, drop-resistant cloth mask passed and was selected to give to the US government. This has helped Dony Mask antibacterial fabric masks to be more and more appreciated by partners, meeting international export standards.

To accompany countries to join hands to fight against Covid - 19, Dony has exported tens of millions of Dony Mask anti-bacterial fabric masks to the US, France, Germany, UK, Middle East, and Arab markets. Saudi, Nigeria, Singapore, Japan, ... All Dony Mask products supplied on the market are certified by FDA, CE, Intertek, Reach, ...

Covid-resistant Dony Mask without washing for the first time 4 2020

Dony Mask passes the tests and is found to be a good antibacterial product

In order to join hands with the community to repel the epidemic Covid-19, Dony Mask commits not to produce low-quality masks, providing users with the best quality products at the cheapest price. For everyone, everyone to have a good mask to use to protect the health of themselves and their family in this dangerous epidemic.

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