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Dony Mask has many features that make it comfortable to use all day long

Because of the nature of work with many people, you must wear a mask all day to prevent the spread of the disease through inhalation, protect your health. In order not to feel uncomfortable wearing a mask, you can choose to purchase Dony Mask. With many special features, it makes it comfortable and comfortable even if you have to wear it all day long.

Check out the article below to know what are the unique features of this Dony Mask ?!

Features for the comfort of long-term use of the Dony Mask

Some special features help bring enough comfort to the user when using Dony Mask for a long day.

Dony Mask has 3 specialized layers

Dony masks are produced by the company according to the antibacterial standard process, achieving quality targets under Decision 870 / QD BYT 2020 of the Government. Accordingly, the product will have 3 standard classes including:

  • The outer layer has extremely strong water resistance to help prevent saliva, prevent virus from contacting directly with the opposite person, especially infected people.
  • The middle layer helps to keep dust and other harmful substances out of the air
  • The innermost layer possesses antibacterial properties that help disinfect the user's saliva.

Dony Mask has many features that make it comfortable to use all day long 1 2020

Specialized 3 layers of antibacterial fabric create a pleasant feeling to wear

Despite owning 3 layers, but Dony Mask is not too seasoned and frustrating, so it helps users to use continuously for many hours comfortably, ventilated and easy ... Dony Mask product reviews give them a feeling of wearing as not wearing, extremely comfortable even when doing heavy work, using a lot of strength, ... 

Dony Mask is designed to fit, snugly against the face and breathable

At first glance, you will see that Dony Mask has a design similar to ordinary fabric masks. But when wearing a Dony mask with elasticity, the product creates a feeling that fits snugly on the face. Especially, it is designed by specialized breathable fabric so it always feels easy to breathe and comfortable for the user during use.

In particular, the strap of Dony Mask is designed quite softly, giving consumers a sense of comfort, leaving no marks or ear pain when used for a long time.

Dony Mask has many features that make it comfortable to use all day long 2 2020

Wearing a Dony Mask that fits, snugly, brings comfort and comfort

Note: Dony's specialty fabrics are highly antibacterial. This is a fabric that is coated with antibacterial agents on the surface by different methods such as spraying, padding or coating. This fabric can kill up to 90% bacteria within 1 hour after exposure.

After 30 times of washing, Dony Mask still has good antibacterial, smooth and comfortable use

Unlike medical masks, Dony antibacterial fabric masks can be washed many times while still retaining the ability to kill bacteria and filter dust. With the careful production process of each stitch, adjusting from packaging to quality, Dony Company has produced antibacterial fabric masks that set the standards of the Ministry of Health.

Thanks to the optimized product quality, the Dony fabric masks can be reused up to 60 wash times. This has been tested with 60 wash times, the antibacterial effect still reaches 99.9%.

Dony Mask has many features that make it comfortable to use all day long 3 2020

Dony Mask after 30 times of washing still has good antibacterial, smoothness when using

It is known that Dony's antibacterial fabric mask can be reused up to 60 times, easy to breathe, does not cause ear pain when worn for a long time. This was widely recognized after the Dony Mask went through Intertek's testing.

Thus, even if you wash and wash many times, Dony Mask can still antibacterial, preventing the spread of disease well. In particular, the fabric is not worn, frayed or dry, causing discomfort and skin irritation when worn, ...

Benefits of becoming a partner / agent of Dony Mask

Because Dony Company does not retail in Vietnam and only distributes in Vietnam with the price support policy in times of instable domestic mask market. Accordingly, the unit will focus on supplying a large number of Dony masks for the export units.

Compared to other companies, when you become an agent / partner of Dony Mask, you will receive many attractive benefits such as:

  • Becomes the sole representative of Dony Company to exclusively sell Dony Masks in certain territories.
  • Get the best price policy and prioritize the production order.
  • Full support for sales and production team.
  • Transfer all customers related to the area under the management agent.
  • Information, images, ... posted by Dony Company on the official website
  • Free sample logo, label, packaging, ... at the request of partners / agents.
  • Support with documents and certificates required by partners / agents.
  • Exclusive protection policy for partner / agent.
  • Being Dony communicates, promotes on domestic and foreign channels, helps partners / sales agents more effectively.

Dony Mask has many features that make it comfortable to use all day long 4 2020

Partners / agents will get many benefits when working with Dony Mask

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