What is cordyceps?

Cordyceps is a traditional medicine made from a combination of animals (Young worms) and plants (mushrooms). Specifically, Cordyceps is essentially the infiltrating, parasitic form of Ophiocordyceps sinensis (Ascomycetes fungus) on the immature body, or it is the larva of some butterflies in the genus Thitarodes Viette in the season. When frozen, Ophiocordyceps sinensis will eat up the nutrients in the caterpillar and make it die. By the summer the mushrooms begin to grow, growing out of the ground and becoming Cordyceps.

Names of Cordyceps In Tibetan: Yatsa Gunbu good Yartsa Gunbu. In Chinese is called: 冬虫夏草 - Can update and learn more about Cordyceps Wikipedia here.

What is cordyceps

Origin Of Cordyceps Cordyceps

Originating in nature, Cordyceps is mainly found in the summer, because of its hibernating properties. They are found in the high mountains of more than 4,000m in the Plateau Plateau (Qinghai-Tibet) and Sichuan (China). And in fact, scientists have discovered more than 507 species of cordyceps in the world, but only Cordyceps Sinensis is called Cordyceps, the remaining total is only called Cordyceps.

However, the increasing demand in the wild is almost exhausted. Therefore, researchers have researched and cultivated as an amazingly successful success, contributing to the improvement in health protection and human treatment from natural and pharmaceutical products. goodness.

Ingredients Are In Cordyceps

With many proven studies, Cordyceps contains more than 17 types of amino acids, along with many trace elements that are beneficial to health (Al, Si, K, Na etc.), D-mannitol , vitamins (In 100 grams of cordyceps, it contains vitamin K, 0.12 g of vitamin B12, vitamin E, 29.19 mg of vitamin A, 116.03 mg of vitamin C, ...); lipid, hydroxyethyl-adenosine; cordycepin; cordiceptic acid; adenosin. Especially containing active ingredient group HEAA (Hydroxy-Etyl-Adenosin- Analogs).

Dong Trung Ha Thao originated from

Cordyceps Has A Lot Of Minerals, Good Vitamin Body

Synthetic Top 10 Effects Of Cordyceps

Used as an herb in Eastern Medicine thousands of years ago and now in Western Medicine, the effects of cordyceps have also been studied, proven and accepted.

Anti aging skin

Anti-aging here will take place from two directions. That is, using cordyceps has an anti-aging effect skin from inside to outside and from outside to inside. Usage includes many ways such as can be used directly or in combination with other beauty products and herbs to increase and supplement the effects, mutual effects such as Ganoderma.

When taking Cordyceps, it helps reduce malondialdehyde and increase activity superoxide dismutase . The antioxidant ability is promoted, helping to increase the activity of purifying the whole hydroxyl, reducing peroxy lipid.

The components contained in cordyceps

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Support Kidney Disease

When using Cordyceps, it helps the body have the ability to naturally increase levels of 17-hydroxy-corticosteroids and 17-ketosteroid naturally. Thereby helping to slow the development and progression of the disease kidney Generally speaking. In addition, it stimulates the marrow to produce more red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets into the bloodstream, thereby helping the blood circulation to be better, more stable and the kidney's function is improved. . ( You should see post Preventing Nephrology Effectively With Pink Salt)

Cordyceps With Lungs

Cordyceps themselves contain substances such as Sinensis, cordycepin and adenosine, ... that stimulate and transport in epithelial cells of the airways and lungs. When used they will help improve the ability to transport and use oxygen throughout the body, therefore very good and suitable for people suffering from motion sickness, or altitude. At the same time helps support the treatment of some respiratory diseases: Asthma, Reduce coughs, lung diseases ...

The effects of cordyceps on health

Immune System Of The Body

There is a special active ingredient in Cordyceps that is HEAA. Or the abbreviation of Hydroxy-Etyl-Adenosin- Analogs. And Hydroxy-Etyl-Adenosin- Analogs has antibacterial, antiviral, protective effects on the environment from pathogens.

Cordicepin helps the immune system to be strengthened and supported in preventing and treating cancer. Cordicepin also has the ability to help the body fight inflammation, antibacterial and support blood sugar.

And even more amazing is the ability to increase the amino acid triphosphate and oxygen in the muscle when using the paste. Thereby making human health always healthy, optimistic forget the symptoms of fatigue.

Cancer Treatment Support

With the support of cancer treatment of Cordyceps, it has been proved by many researchers and research works in practice. May result in:

+ Memorial Sloan-Kettering Center has conducted research and gave very positive results. [Refer here]

+ In many studies, scientists have used cancer patients to use Cisplatin with cordyceps. As a result, cancer cells are slower to grow, grow less and spread, and infection-resistant lymphocytes are able to live longer.

The mistakes and myths of cordyceps with health

Diabetes Support

Why glycorrhea patient Using Cordyceps is good again? This is because their use improves blood glucose metabolism and helps activate insulin sensitivity. Helps reduce blood glucose concentration to a stable, balanced level.

Cordyceps With Heart

The substance adenosine, deoxy-adenosine, nucleotide adenosine, nucleotides will help heart patients regulate the heartbeat, limit and avoid the occurrence of uncontrolled heart rhythm disorders, dangerous to the patient's life. . And from helping to stabilize will improve the function and health of the heart as well as people with heart disease significantly.

Effects On The Liver

For Liver the treatment and support for fatty liver condition, phenomena and disease is very good. The active ingredient Hepatoprotective has been formulated to help improve and promote liver function. And thereby helping in supporting and treating diseases such as fatty liver, cirrhosis, hepatitis B & C ... ( Posts should see: What Is Liver Dryness?? )

Evaluation of cordyceps with health

Circulatory System and Blood Circulation

Active ingredients in Cordyceps such as deoxyuridine, adenosine, thymidine, Hypoxanthine help create energy and increase blood flow to all organs of the body. Especially, Cordicepticacid in Cordyceps helps stimulate red blood cell production, improve and improve resistance.

Supporting Treatment of Impairment and Improving Sexual Function

The problem of disorder and reduction of ability, sexual desire in both men and women is currently taking place quite a lot and is common. And with corycepic acid and deoxyadenosine being the key and core "factors" to increase desire, the desire to return to normal and become stronger.

When using cordyceps, men will maintain hard-working for longer and longer periods, because blood circulation is accelerated, stronger and more down to the genital area.

So the article above is the most general information about What is cordyceps? Their origins, ingredients and functional uses for human health. So through this article you see Cordyceps is an herb, oriental medicine and food needed, good for the body or not? Feel free to leave a comment with DamiLama and share more other interesting information to DamiLama Please.


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