The current HQGANO Joint Stock Company is a place of cultivating Cordyceps in the natural success model in Vietnam. HQGANO cordyceps products are highly appreciated for quality and price. Do you know how HQGANO distributes cordyceps products in the market?

DamiLama will share to you top 3 things to know about HQGANO cordyceps. For more information about this cordyceps brand, let's take a moment to follow the article below.

Introduce a few words about HQGANO Company

HQGANO Joint Stock Company specializes in manufacturing and trading natural cordyceps, natural reishi mushrooms. Products of HQGANO Company are manufactured on completely closed lines and ensure food safety and hygiene.

Cordyceps HQGANO 1 2020

Cordyceps HQGANO has a firm position in the market

The raw materials are controlled and committed by the Company to standardize on the quality of inputs. With the goal of providing customers with a comprehensive health care solution. HQGANO company has increasingly proved its position and reputation in the market.

Products of cordyceps, HQGANO Ganoderma products are trusted by domestic and foreign customers. Until now, HQGANO Company is still at the top of the list of pioneers in cordyceps cultivation.

Types of cordyceps HQGANO distributed in the market

As we all know, there are many brands of cordyceps products on the market today. However, the HQGANO cordyceps still being sought by many users in the market are:

Dried cordyceps

HQGANO Company manufactures and trades dried cordyceps in a standard quality. Cordyceps are harvested in the right time, after preliminarily clean, use the sublimation drying system to dry medicinal herbs.

Sublimation drying method helps cordyceps retain the content of nutrients inside. The time to preserve and use HQGANO dried cordyceps is up to 1 year.

With HQGANO dried cordyceps, users can process in a variety of ways. In particular, when making tea, the cordyceps HQGANO can eat the whole.

Cordyceps HQGANO 2 2020

Dried HQGANO Cordyceps retains many nutrients

Fresh cordyceps

Currently, HQGANO Company also provides users with fresh cordyceps which retain 100% of nutrients inside. Fresh cordyceps before packing has been completely cleaned of impurities. Users can store fresh HQGANO cordyceps in the refrigerator compartment to use for about 2 weeks.

Just like dried cordyceps, with fresh HQGANO cordyceps, users can also process them in a variety of ways.

Cordyceps HQGANO 3 2020

Fresh HQGANO cordyceps with high nutritional content

HQGANO Cordyceps biomass

This is a cordyceps biomass powder product has been packaged into small packages with a certain amount. Cordyceps biomass products have many good nutrients for health, safety for users and relatively cheap price.

With this cordyceps biomass powder pack, besides dissolving the powder with hot water. Users can put flour in porridge, soup, soup or mix with milk powder, coffee to enjoy.

Cordyceps HQGANO 4 2020

HQGANO cordyceps biomass powder is cheap

Cordyceps cordyceps

The company also has premium cordyceps tonic wine with high nutritional value and delicious taste.

Cordyceps HQGANO 5 2020

HQGANO cordyceps has a delicious flavor

Effects of HQGANO cordyceps

According to research and evaluation from experts, the uses of HQGANO cordyceps are:

  • Strengthen blood, enhance blood circulation.
  • Regulate and stabilize heart rate, limit stroke, myocardial infarction, angina.
  • Support treatment of lung problems.
  • Participate in the treatment of liver and stomach diseases.
  • Restoring physiological function in both men and women.
  • Fight the signs of aging that cause aging.
  • Help women have smooth and youthful skin.
  • Contribute to cancer prevention.
  • Recovering health for newly ill people and people with physical weakness.

Policies that HQGANO company brings to customers

Payment policy

Currently, the Company receives payments in other forms such as:

+ Payment on delivery.

+ Payment by bank transfer.

Shipping and delivery policy

HQGANO Company transports and delivers goods across the country with time depending on the location of the customer.

Return and refund policy

In the following cases, customers can apply the return and exchange policy:

+ Products delivered by HQGANO Company are not right with customers' orders.

+ Products purchased but there are reasons that customers are not satisfied.

+ Product delivery error due to shipping, by the manufacturer.

Hopefully with the information we share about HQGANO cordyceps will help you understand more about the product. Thank you for following the article.

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