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What Is Foot Massage Salt Stone Lamp, Is It Good?

What are rock salt foot massage lamps, is it good? Where does rock salt light box come from? The effect of pink rock salt foot specific sauna is like? Damn rock salt and the "Miracle" or the current rumor?…..

There are a lot of questions that are definitely you, the buyer, the people who have been inquiring about in recent days when television, the articles talk about them? Obviously, if you are interested in pink salt, surely the same question and want to find out more specific and comprehensive information? So the typical questions above are DamiLama will answer you slowly from below. Let's scroll down to see the following information ... ..


Salt stone lamp What is foot massage, is it good?

What is rock salt light foot massage box, is it good to use?

Let's answer the question about what a foot massage salt stone lamp is

What are rock salt foot massage lamps? is the question DamiLama choose to put in the first position to answer for you know, because of any matter we need to know the concept, know its origin and how it is not it? But the question above will have two about that What is rock salt lamp foot massage? And rock salt lamp foot massage really good or not?

Then comes the first side What is rock salt lamp foot massage? It is practical Salt stone lamp for foot massage Is a product box, outside is made of wood, inside will be pink salt stone, power switches and light bulbs. When using this product we need to connect to a power source so that the light bulb inside the box, namely under the salt stone will be lightened, because using a filament bulb, the heat will radiate and warm the pellet rock salt above, the user then touches the soles of the feet on the salt stone.

But why is it called massage? The word massage also has many semantics to put it into, but specifically to make it easier for people to understand and visualize the product. But if the name is more correct it is salt stone lamp set foot, salt stone box foot kick, .... However, here some users have come across to know if this product is a machine but DamiLama disagree with this name because there are no motor devices in this set, so we won't be able to call them machines.

Is Foot Massage Salt Stone Massage Really Good Or Not

What is the definition of a foot massage salt stone lamp?

Like that over here DamiLama answered and resolved for you questions What is a rock salt light box and foot massage? And is it good to come Monday? To answer this question, DamiLama please use another question? It is easier to understand and people answer will be more true, which is: Is Soaking Foot With Diluted Salt Brine Good? Certainly with this question DamiLama asserts that almost everyone can answer for themselves. Because essentially, brine in warm water or put your feet on Himalaya salt ice box are all my feet in contact with salt, is it warm?

But instead of having to cook water, make salt, mix with enough warm water, soak your feet in water, then start to collapse, ... In general, it will be a lot of steps, and for the salt ice box to set foot, you just need to plug up the power, wait for warm and then put your feet up, after setting foot for about 30 minutes, you can lower the light to preserve, or turn off the lights, wait until the stone is warm and then put in plastic wrap to preservation. So, these two processes are more convenient than people realize when reading here right?

These cases should not set foot Himalayan rock salt

What is rock salt massage lamp and where does it come from

Where does rock salt foot massage box come from?

Specifically talking about products at DamiLama for easy and practical. As mentioned above, in the salted ice box products including outer wooden box made in Vietnam, the inside will be salt tablets having dimensions of 20x20x5cm (length x width x height (thickness)) imported from Pakistan, electric sets (including electric switch, light bulb, light bulb, lamp cord) are purchased in Vietnam. Then calculate the source of salt ice box put DamiLama's foot will be available in both combined locations, Vietnam and Pakistan. You can view the product here.

What is the effect of the rock salt box lightbox legs like?

Specifically here and note for everyone offline, everyone pay attention to this issue. DamiLama Please share with everyone that the rock salt box works SUPPORT rather IS NOT Effective treatment, cure any disease. Because of himalaya pink rock is essentially a normal salt, Salt IS NOT Must be medicine and in fact(Except for salts used in medicine, that is to prepare, prepare, add, synthesize other active ingredients to be used as medicines, but the nature is the same chemical formula is salt, so it is called salt) There has not been any research work to show that salt can treat and treat diseases. And because with the product, how to use it can list the supporting effect The following:

+ Support pain aches and pains, cold hands and feet ...

+ Because you can set foot on rock salt and have the warmth possible support toxins in the body are secreted and dug body detox through the soles of the feet.

+ Support Reducing nervous tension because when you set foot on the salt ice box, you will feel more relaxed, then help you have a better, deeper sleep.

That's why I don't say far away but Salt ice box is a very effective product for people who work, walk a lot, women often wear high heels, ...

Decipher the miraculous use of Himalayan rock salt

What are rock salt foot massage lamps, is it good or is it rough?

Real Stone Salt "Miraculous" Or rumors?

In this question DamiLama will not share more here because DamiLama had a specific article shared with everyone before. Can review the information and content that article when clicking Here.

DamiLama Just want to add that is the problem when buying any product, customers should learn more about the benefits and harms of that product brought during use. And if you are sick, you must go to doctors, medical facilities, hospitals for advice, examination and diagnosis, treatment according to the map, but ABSOLUTELY NOT told to go and ask for illness in social networks, messages, phone calls. Because the disease needs to be identified, not DIVINE(because of this Admin status Fanpage DamiLama met a lot, so I raised it here for everyone to refer).

To the end for this article DamiLama Please share with all customers and people who want to find out about this product about some of the notes, use the following notes:

Notes on using foot massage salt box:

+ Should use set foot massage salt box feet only from 30 minutes, if anyone has varicose veins of the leg, the number of minutes will be less and gradually increase over time, because if the varicose veins sit a long position of blood will not circulate, causing severe numbness in the legs.

+ Only set foot on moderately warm stone With each person's foot, do not set foot when the stone is hot, because it will easily lead to skin rash.

+ Each can be booked 2 times but best every day Should use 1 time And from the time you start using feet on the salt ice box, you need to drink more water throughout the day, drink evenly, do not drink too much at a time before setting foot, because then you will have a urination.

+ Is not be allowed to set foot when there is an open wound.

So through this article, you can answer the question of what is rock salt foot massage lamps? And can be summarized salt stone foot massage is a product including wooden box, light bulb set, salt stone used to set foot. More specifically, if the above explanation is not satisfactory with the answer about what is a foot massage salt stone lamp, please contact us for further advice.

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